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Forum discussion tagged with Wallmount.
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    Question Please help 240hz is gone

    So i mounted my 3 monitors to the wall yesterday and since then my main monitor (Acer XFQ250) can only go up to 120hz. Before that i could just play 240hz on it. Im using the exact same cables and everything but it doesn't go higher then 120. Ive tried diffrent cables, diffrent graphics card...
  2. K

    Nvidia 1060 vs. Radeon RX580 w Freesync

    I'm in the final stages of choosing parts for my first gaming build. I'm trying to make that final decision between AMD vs Nvidia, and wanted to ask the community to weigh in. FYI I primarily play Overwatch, so that's what I'm building the system to handle best. My generic specs are: -...