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  1. StarBlazer457

    Looking for an HDMI Switch

    Hello, I am looking for an HDMI Switch, with 2 ins and 2 outs. I want to be able to set each input its output, but I've only found where one input goes to both outputs. I have a budget around $60 USD, preferably below, because it's for my PC and PS4. Thanks!
  2. A

    Will upgrading my GTX 750 Ti to GTX 1060 3GB increase my FPS?

    My specs are: Intel Core i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.4GHz 16GB Memory NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 1TB Hard Drive Dell XPS 8910 144 Hz Monitor I currently play Fortnite and my FPS fluctuates between 70-100 fps on average. I've tried adjusting in game settings, updating my driver, and...
  3. E

    Windows store download keeps increasing!

    So I am currently facing an issue (which has happened multiple times before on any given computer) in which the game I am trying to download keeps increasing its size on the windows store. I want to know if I can fix this without restarting the download. The game which I want to install is Ark...
  4. O

    What drivers do i need and how do i get them?

    I am looking to buy a new gaming pc that i am going to build myself. I am just wodering what drivers i will need to download when i am done building the pc and how i download them. Some people say that i only need to download the drivers and then im done. Others have told me that i have do...
  5. M

    What motherboards fit the Noctua NH-D15?

    What motherboards fit the NH-D15? I'm using an Intel i7 4700 (not planing on overclocking) Under £200 would be nice.I
  6. B

    Which GPU Should I Use?

    Hey guys, Quick question. New monitor, 165 HZ refresh rate, 2560 x 1440 Resolution, 1MS Response time. (AOC - AG241QG). Anyway, I'm looking to play AAA titles on ultra settings and get at least 60 FPS, preferably around 100 - 120+ FPS if possible. What GPUs should I be looking at? Dual 1070s...
  7. A

    1060 Low GPU Usage

    Everytime I play GTA 5, the 1060 usage is around 70%-98% in small areas but when I go into the larger areas like the city, the gpu usage drops to around 40%-77%. Is this a problem with GTA or just bottleneck? Cpu is the i5 4690.
  8. D

    Gtx 1080 low fps in games

    specs: motherboard: b85m-E psu: corsair gs 600w cpu: i7 4790 (non k) mem: 12 gb (3x 4gb) gpu : gtx 1080 msi gaming I think my fps are pretty low in all games , I tried battlefield 1 on ultra with 100% scaling and i'm averaging 50-60 fps, dropping to high 40's (feels the same as my previous gtx...
  9. 2

    Overclocking Q9550 on ASUS P5Q Pro Turbo? [Total noob]

    Hi all, This is my first time overclocking and I'm trying to understand the basics, so forgive my ignorance. It's a pretty old build which I recently upgraded to re-use it. System specs : Q9550 w/ CoolerMaster Hyper212 EVO ASUS P5Q Pro Turbo 8GB DDR2 RAM OCZ2V8002G and OCZ2G8004GK, mixed 2...
  10. M

    adobe scratch disk are full

    I can't use my photoshop on laptop. It says scratch disk are full. i7 4th Gen. 128GB SSD 4GB Memory
  11. Jordsk

    Continuous beep coming what seems like motherboard? CPU fried?

    Hey, I don't post here often anymore since I built my pc its been around 2 years trouble free.... but just today I have noticed that it has a continous beep about once a minute coming from somwhere near the motherboard. I have done a bit of browsing and am led to believe it is either GPU, RAM...
  12. S

    Looking for a motherboard with AGP 8X and Sata 3 gb/s

    I'm building a PC which I plan to use for capturing video from old VHS-C tapes. From what I researched, an ATI All-In-Wonder card produces the best quality for capturing analog SD sources. So now I need a motherboard with an AGP 8x slot and SATA 3 gb/s slots. Any recommendations? So far I...
  13. C

    Can IPS diplays develop white lines?

    I currently have a HP Pavilion laptop with a screen that has developed white lines. I will likely need to get my screen replaced. I am wondering if laptops with IPS displays can also develop this. If so, would they have a less chance of developing this? Secondly, What is the cause of white...
  14. K

    Background processes overloading

    I currently am running Windows 10 on my pc and recently, I've been booting my computer to find extreme lag. I was wondering what was causing this issue until I came across the task manager to see that my computer was running over 10,000 background processes (no joke). This issue has been...
  15. P

    some camera files unreadable in camera and pc

    I'm using a Canon 1200d DSLR camera, along with SD/microSD cards. something strange is happening. When I take a few pics/videos, all is fine as expected. However somewhere along the way, after a point, the remaining pics/videos I take become "unreadable". I know the files are intact, as the mb...
  16. M

    Need help for 3D modeling Lian LI pc07s pc case

    Hey guys I need some help, I live in India and planning to build a budget gaming PC/Work Station for about ₹46K ($700). The Lian LI pc07s is my dream ever since I saw it on Internet, unfortunately this PC case doesn't ship in India from Taiwan so I'm going to build it myself!! here is my...
  17. M

    Logitech g402 vs Steelseries rival 300

    I have been thinking about getting new mouse and i found these two as ones of the high grade mice, so which one would you prefer and why ?
  18. G

    Would I benefit from upgrading to a Intel i7?

    I have i5 4590 paired with a AMD R9 390 and 8gb Ram. So far I can run most games at high to ultra settings with toning down some settings a bit. Some games I still can't manage to run (watch dogs) even on low settings! So I wanted to upgrade to an i7 4790k, but not sure if I would gain any...
  19. R

    gskill ripjaws dont work

    hello there folks I recently bought a pair of gskill ram 4gb 1600mhz each although i bought it at the same time and both have the corresponding serial, one of the rams doesn't work although the other does. I have tried it on all of my four slots. my config is:- mobo= msi 970-g43 gfx= msi 960 2gb...
  20. C

    $800-$900 gaming, video editing, photoshop, school PC

    Approximate Purchase Date: Black Friday 2016 Budget Range: Reasonable. Like $800-900 after rebates. Less $ = better. System Usage from Most to Least Important: general shared home use with the wife(student), photoshop, gaming (FPS), school, video editing, website building. Parts Not...
  21. S

    if windows 10 is the latest MICROSOFT OS why it will suport it for 10 years only ?

    The company will offer "mainstream" support for its upcoming OS until 2020 at the earliest, and "extended" support until at least 2025. how can that happen if windows 10 is the latest 10 ? so after 2025 there is no windows anymore ?
  22. J

    having trouble deciding best cpu/mobo for the money

    hello all my current set up is an i5 2320 w/ pos motherboard that doesnt allow oc sli or crossfire, gtx 970, 750w corsair psu 80+ b cert, 1tb seagate sshd, and 12gb ram. My problem is that i would like to future proof my comp to be able to stay relevant with games that are super demanding such...
  23. J

    Is this power supply haswell compatible?

    http://www.frys.com/product/7947110?site=sr:SEARCH:MAIN_RSLT_PG will this psu work on i5 4590?
  24. S

    Windows 8 Installing Issue

    hey iam planning to bought a Windows 8 Key iam gonna install it through USB Drive for my computer, my question is, do i need Internet to do this or not ?
  25. F

    Buying a gpu, please help!

    I found a nice card under my budget which is the Sapphire Radeon R7 250 2gb ddr3 128bit. My pc specs are these: Intel i5-2320 3.2 GHz AsusTEK P8H61-M LE 4gb ram ddr3 Emaxx PowerLogic ATX 600W Intergrated intel hd graphics 2000 Will this one work well with my current specs? Im gonna use this...
  26. M

    I want to get my friend a GTX 750, but will it run on 300w?

    Hey guys. I'm taking a friend of mines shopping for a GPU. At a performance standpoint; the GTX 750 seems like it would be the best for him. However; I see that a lot GTX 750's have a power connector slot. Since the GTX 750's have a power connector; does that mean they won't run on a stock 300w...
  27. A

    Having issues with my cables

    I was going to go with a 650 PSU but at the last second I decided to switch to 750. This is my first time putting together a pc and I'm having some issues with hooking up the CPU cables. Is this a compatibility issue or do I just have no idea what I'm doing? Motherboard PSU I'd really...
  28. B

    My WiFi won't connect to my HP laptop after a factory system restore.

    My WiFi won't connect to my HP laptop after a factory system restore, it won't acknowledge the router or network, and I have updated all drivers and the network adapter specifically. I've followed tutorials on YouTube but nothing I have come across has yet worked. Currently accessing the...
  29. H

    hard drive clicking sound(not sure if it's the click of death)

    My Seagate hard drive(internal) started the noise when I dropped it 2 days ago and it made the noise. I is not like the click of death, but instead, there were a repeated static like sound when I boot. The noise reduced later. I heard that the noise may be caused by software as well. How do I...
  30. W

    Do these exist??

    Which of the following exist, and how much are they if they do? 144hz and/or 1ms 4k monitors 144hz+1ms 1440p monitors mITX mobos that can crossfire/SLI mATX mobos that can crossfire/SLI mATX/mITX mobos that have 4 RAM slots 5k+monitors 60 hz <5ms response time Just curious. thanks.
  31. AssassinsFilms

    2015 AMD Gaming build!

    2015 AMD and Nvidia Gaming Build! Its the start of 2015 and I would like to get someones opinion or things that i should change in my new AMD build here is what i have gathered. Note: I tried to keep it budget friendly without making stupid choices althought i dont know if some of my choices...
  32. S

    Building my first gaming PC (Please lend me your knowledge)

    Hello, everyone; I will be building my first computer in a few months from now, but I have been doing some research on which components should I use to do so. I know the basics and I have been watching a lot of tutorials, but I know there is a pretty good chance I can blow this up if I am not...
  33. C

    2133 RAM wrong timings

    I recently installed a set of Quad 2133 mhz ram with timings @ 9 11 10 28. After two sets of 2133 ram i realized my mobo just doesn't work with the xmp profiles the ram has. Without the XMP enabled I had to manually set the everything for a stable boot. My question is: Should I play with my...
  34. T

    Best PSU for multiple GPUs

    This might be the wrong forum, if so I'm sorry. But I'm going to be buying a PC off of my buddy, and it has a 4770k and a 660 in it. I'm already planning on throwing a 970 in there, and originally I was going to sell the 660 to fund it, but then I got thinking, what if I used it as a dedicated...
  35. B

    EVGA G2 750w PSU eco mode on or off?

    Hi guys. I just got EVGA G2 750w for my system which runs fx 8320 and AMD R9 290x. This PSU has eco mode. Should I turn it on or off? I am kinda scared of running my system on eco mode.
  36. P

    Recording camera laptop

    How i can recorder from sony dsr-pd150p to laptop. (firewire to USB)
  37. K

    Black screen on boot, overclocking failed when screen is on

    Hello there guys! So basically as the title says, my pc has black screen when I try to boot. I had my system overclocked before I changed to my new msi gtx970 gaming, but I reseted the CMOS to remove the overclock before the change. Now when I boot, the screen is completely black, and...
  38. fnmeo

    What Brand of 970

    I am getting a Nvidia 970 and I want to know which one is the best. I will be over clocking.
  39. J

    Cpu stuck to heatsink

    like the the title says my cpu is stuck to my heat sink im not worried about ruining it i ordered a new one i just dont want to have to buy a new heat sink