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  1. XxJJH2000xX

    [SOLVED] does automatic OC void warrenty?

    so, in AMD Radeon Software, under tuning, there is an option for an automatic(by the software) overclock. if i do this, does it then avoid warranty if it breaks or is it still covered by warranty. thanks for help everyone!
  2. T

    [SOLVED] Should i buy hardly used prebuilt? How do component warranties work?

    I have been offered a used (just built in august 2019) Louqe Ghost S1 ITX build for £1350; I was initially looking to build a pc for around £1000. It has Aorus x570 pro WiFi motherboard, 3700x (noctua cooler), RTX 2070 super, 32gb ram (3000mhz), x2 1tb m.2 NVMe SSDs and 550W 80+ gold PSU. Is...