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    Question Can I upgrade my my laptop RAM if it still has its warranty?

    I recently purchased a laptop with 8GB of ram however none of my applications and games seem to find it enough so I have a 16gb upgrade kit that I want slot in. Problem is I am not sure if opening the laptop will void my warranty. The manufacturer is Dell.
  2. V

    Question MXM RTX 2060 card burnout (under warranty)

    Hello, I need advice from technical specialists, employees of the PC and recommendations on where exactly I can prove my rights in the European Union, My Dream Machines RX 2060 laptop (manufactured by CLEVO) had a 3 years warranty but after 2,5 years has turned sometimes to black screen. It...
  3. Q

    Question Computer won’t POST after black screen crash ?

    Hi all, Long story short my computer has died and I’m looking for advice on which parts I send back for warranty, as I’ve been out of the game for a while and don’t really have the means/time to do a thorough investigation myself. ——— come up a sucker when my headset went ‘Brrrt’ as my computer...
  4. J

    [SOLVED] Choosing an NVMe SSD --- higher TBW rating or longer warranty ?

    Which one is better to choose, NVME with longer warranty or NVME with higher TBW rating ? Generally I have 3 choice of NVME SSD 2 years warranty but over 1000TBW 300-370TBW but 5 years warranty (lower cost than number 3) 800TBW and 5 years warranty (higher cost than number 2, Same price as...
  5. jellisellis

    [SOLVED] RAM beep code but think CPU is faulty

    Specs: Mobo: Aorus B550 Pro AC GPU: Aorus 6800xt Master CPU: Ryzen 7 5800x PSU: Corsair RM850x RAM: Corsiar Vengenace pro 3200MHZ SSD: Western Digital 1TB M.2 Hello all, My PC has been having some issues recently, I will start from the beginning. My games where stuttering and all my gpus...
  6. Question Dead card from water damage?

    Deleted due to legal proceedings.
  7. S

    [SOLVED] PC Weak link

    Hello everyone, I have a lot of information and even if it might be boring to read it might help to understand my problem. I have played World of Warcraft for a long time. And my pc could never handle it. I always had to lower the settings in order to receive an optimal performance. The final...
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    Question Question on Part Warranties

    How do Amazon warranties work? I’m looking to build this system: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/C8tD3y The Cooler and MB have been purchased through Scan, and I can see I have a warranty on both through them. however for items such as the RAM and 12700K cpu, the cheapest are on Amazon...
  9. InTakeYT1

    [SOLVED] PC Crashes While Editing

    while editing my pc either black screens or power spikes causing a restart. I believe this may be my gpu but maybe powersupply but everything in my pc is still under warranty if it may be other parts so any answer would be appreciated
  10. FoxyZey

    [SOLVED] Card came back from warranty but as if it was never worked on??

    So my gpu came back 2 days ago , i sent it back to gigabyte because the fans used to rattle when the start to spin (which they still do even tho they said they swapped the fans) My question is can fans be swapped with only removing the shroud of the gpu and not take the gpu apart?? This is...
  11. P

    [SOLVED] Adding gpu to pre-built PC?

    Is there any PC manufacturer would allow customers to add gpu to their new PC but still honour the PC warranty?
  12. JoaoPauluu

    [SOLVED] Really weird noise coming from PC

    I built a pc ~5 months ago. After 3 months I started noticing a strange sound coming from the gpu when the fans were above 50%; it was a RTX 2060 from Asus. I RMA'd the card, and this week my new card arrived. I ended up getting a RTX 3060 from Galax. The problem is that it makes the exact same...
  13. big2wat

    [SOLVED] Warranty for GPU

    I want to buy an RTX 3060Ti from a 3rd party seller on eBay (the card is New & Sealed). Will I still be eligible for a warranty if I buy it from there. I am wanting to purchase the ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Twin Edge OC Any help would be appreciated
  14. V

    Question Lap top under warranty's Gpu shuts off, service shop convinced its a software issue just returned it

    Im pretty sure the GTX 1050 in that lap top is acting up and they could be sure about that if they just swap it. When i met up with the person there he said that a 1050 is too old for warzone, but first he didn't know what warzone was and i checked, that's false. He told me he'd run some...
  15. [SOLVED] IHS and Cooler scratches.

    Going straight to the point: 1 - Is DeepCool G15 in the same tier as Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut? 2 - Does Thermal Grizzly have any warranty on this type of defect? I mean, change the batch i own. Hello, I had a MA610P and noticed something strange after removing it, the same i noticed in my 212...
  16. XxJJH2000xX

    [SOLVED] does automatic OC void warrenty?

    so, in AMD Radeon Software, under tuning, there is an option for an automatic(by the software) overclock. if i do this, does it then avoid warranty if it breaks or is it still covered by warranty. thanks for help everyone!
  17. A

    [SOLVED] Time to change CPU cooler? (Corsair H55)

    I currently have an AIO for my CPU which has hit the end of it's warranty of 5 years. I've considered changing it for a new AIO but I'm wondering whether I should actually wait until next year when I may get a new CPU. The cooler is currently functional as ever (apart from a rare occasion where...
  18. M

    Asus Zephyrus G14 spacebar/keyboard issue

    Hello. I was just wondering if it is just me or if someone else is having this issue. When I press the spacebar it only register like 50% of the time. I have to press it right in the middle for it to work 100%. When i press more to the bottom or the the left of the spacebar, the issue starts...
  19. ItachiMachi

    Question MSI second-hand warranty

    Hi there. (I contacted MSI through this online-ticket thing, but this was their reply: RMA process for components requires returning product to us through the distributor, aaand I don't know anything about the purchase)I bought an rtx 2080 ti(MSI) gaming x trio second-hand in December.The card...
  20. S

    Question Ram memory question backup

    Hello all! So I just made a new PC build that literally took me like 100 hour+ of research to be sure everything will be ok, but I missed only a thing. I bought 16x2 gb of 3200 mhz crucial ballistix but I did not know that it is recommended to buy ram as kit and I bought two separate sticks...
  21. N

    [SOLVED] Does the warranty gets void for.... ?

    Hi guys, I'm planning to build a desktop with a GPU: MSI GeForce RTX 2070 8 GB TRI FROZR Video Card. CPU: Ryzen 9 3900x I'm actually quite curious if I go gpu mining , or overclocking , will it void the warranty?
  22. A

    [SOLVED] Question about Seagate external hard drive warranty

    I have a Seagate Backup Plus 4TB external drive that recently stopped working. A lot of solutions online suggest that it could be a problem with the USB controller. I want to take it out of the enclosure and connect it via SATA to my PC. But, the drive is still under the warranty period. I tried...
  23. N

    Question AMD RMA: Wraith Stealth

    So, I recently got a Ryzen 5 2600, mount on a Asus TUF B450M-Plus Gaming and the cooler fan makes a high frequency electric noise, which annoys me. I have contacted AMD's warranty service (I sent them a video) and they have told me they will send me a new one and, here comes the crux of the...
  24. The Reaper Wolf

    [SOLVED] Do y'all know what Micro center's vendor warranty means?

    I bought a GTX 1080 Ti from Micro Center 2ish years ago and my GPU is having some problems like broken fan, coil whine, high temps, HDMI slot is easy to put in but really hard to pull out, and other minor things, and I just checked the Micro Centers website and it says the GPU has a 3 year...
  25. N

    [SOLVED] .

  26. yalhmr

    [SOLVED] Will opening Lenovo laptop void my warranty?

    Hello. So I bought a Lenovo IdeaPad 131(817h) a month ago from a certified retailer, and it worked fine until yesterday when it just halted and wouldn't start back on, and the left indicators wouldn't start neither, so I took it to that retailer this morning and he said that he was going to take...
  27. C

    [SOLVED] Hard disk disappearing

    Hello!Recently I bought a new PC! Specs: RAM:8GB Ram DDR4 2400MHz (One channel) Proccesor:I5 8400 2.8GHz Coffe Lake Graphics Card:ASUS Gtx 1060 6GB Dual (not two graphics cards, lol) Motherboard:Intel PRIME H310M-K R2.0 SSD:111GB KINGSTON SA400S37120G (SATA-2 (SSD)) HDD:931GB Seagate...
  28. T

    [SOLVED] Am I doomed beacuse of gpu without warranty?

    Hey recently I bought a rtx 2060 pny xlr8 for cheap price and it seemed like it's kind of new, when I got it it was still in foil. 2 Weeks went by and I realised that it doesn't have the proof of purchase-which means no warranty even though it says 3 year warranty on the box. Im really paranoid...
  29. ZuRriX

    [SOLVED] Corsair PSU Warranty (MediaMarkt)

    Once again I have a question about a PSU's warranty. I am going to buy the RM850x from MediaMarkt.de and I saw that they offer a 2 year warranty. Now, since Corsair offers a 10 year warranty on their RMX series, do I need to do anything like register the PSU on their website uding its serial...
  30. ZuRriX

    [SOLVED] Do you need a PSU warranty?

    I first have to say that I do not live in America or one of the EU Union countries, but in Serbia, a Balkan country. Why is this important? Because the PSUs I will be discussing are not produced or even sold here, but if they are, they are way too expensive and just not worth it. My first PC...
  31. Z

    Question Should I bring my Lenovo legion Y530 15" to warranty repair?

    When I bought my laptop there was an dead pixel It wasn't bothered me but recently I noticed that there one bigger and smaller one dead pixels near it. I checked some display warranty stuff but still I am not sure is it legit defect of display. Attaching Picture.
  32. F

    Question 2080 ti custom AIO cooling project

    Hi everyone I'm a owner of a 2080 ti FE. It's a good card but I want improuve : Noise Temps Performances So I was thinking about a project and I was wondering if is too mad (or stupid) or if is moreless sensed and safe I'm planning to buy a kraken g12 (should be compatible with a 2080 ti) and...
  33. Question Can anyone help me determine if this is a dead pixel or an internal crack?

    So I've had a Sony X7007f 55 inch TV for 3 months now. And just two days ago I noticed black spots on my TV. I tried wiping it but it seems that it's inside the TV and not on the surface of the screen. I'm thinking it's an internal crack but it could also be dead pixels. I've never hit the TV...
  34. G

    Question Can I upgrade the storage on a ironside computer?

    Hey all so I recently purchased a ironside computer it’s the minion Ultra ver. I was worried about my storage and wanted to know if I could upgrade it from a my 1 tb hard drive to a 2tb without damaging my computer.Also another question,if I mess with my ironside computers components will it...
  35. T

    Question Intel's Warranty Policy & Temperatures

    Dear Tomshardware community, I'm aware that according to Intel's policy, overclocking a CPU even if it's unlocked will void the CPU's warranty. But what about under volting? Usually, motherboards are giving by default way too high voltages for a CPU to run at stock settings and maybe...
  36. V

    Question GPU Warranty Registration

    Looking to buy a second hand card. I was wandering if you could change the account the card is registered to for warranty purposes? Cheers
  37. P

    [SOLVED] GPU not working properly after reapplying thermal paste

    Hello! I recently reapplied the thermal paste for my GPU (Zotac GTX 1080 Ti AMP! Extreme) and have noticed a multitude of problems since. Firstly, the fans on the card aren't spinning, well sort of and I'll say why in a second (even putting them on 100% in MSI Afterburner doesn't do anything.)...
  38. S

    Question Is scratched display covered by HP standard warranty?

    Hello, I have a problem with my HP Pavilion 14-ce0000nc. The problem is that my LCD display is damaged (there is a groove 6cm from the top of the display and it goes almost all the way across). It is caused by the edge where the lowered keyboard is coming up to the touchpad. My local support...
  39. R

    Question Buying used 1080 ti?

    Hi, I have two deals for Gtx 1080 ti's that I can go for right now. A Evga 1080 ti SC2 for $510 or a Zotac 1080 ti AMP [Not extreme] Edition for $500. My question is which one should I go for or is buying this a bad idea in general.
  40. C

    No Display to GPU

    Hello I just moved u i rooms and my wifi card fell out in transport i was stupid and tried putting it back in when the piwer was on it slightly grazed ny gpu and there was a light white flash, no burning smell or any smoking whatsoever but now i cant get any display to my monitor except when...