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  1. S

    can i play pce 2016 football in AMD Radeon R7 M265 ?

    my computer is dell his graphics 5500 and it's AMD Radeon R7 M265 . I want to know it can play footbal pec 2016 or no. thanks
  2. L

    OEM windows 7, not sure how to tell?

    Hi and thanks for reading this! I am looking to upgrade my ancient windows 7 pc to a new one, it is a custom built pc from a small local pc store that I have and I'm looking to upgrade with a pre built pc from ebuyer website WITHOUT a windows key. I've read alot about weather I can use the...
  3. S

    I dropped my Seagate External Backup Plus

    I dropped my seagate backup plus and now it wont open anything. Its not getting detected as a drive, but the computer is detecting it as a device that it can eject, the light is turning on and it's making noise. Help?!
  4. D

    Building a Gaming PC

    Hi Everyone, I'm hoping I can get some insight and expertise on building a new Gaming PC I'm not that knowledgeable about components and its difficult for me to understand what is the major difference between certain motherboards of the same brand. e.g. Gigabyte Z170X-Gaming 6 Intel Z170...
  5. R

    New build won't post, won't beep, fans run

    Hi have recently bought new components for new build. Have assembled heaps of pcs and dealt with usual problems in the past. Parts: Gigabyte ga-990fx-gaming mobo Amd fx-9590 Ripjaws 16gb 2x8 ram Magnum pro 750w psu Asus rx480 gpu I've tried all troubleshooting I've bread boarded everything...
  6. J

    WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR when exporting on Adobe Premiere

    My PC restarts itself and has a WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR when I am exporting on Adobe Premiere. I can usually export smaller files, this has happened twice with the larger file. Intel i7 3770k Gigabyte GTX 670 Card Noctua NH-D14 Fan Gigabyte-Z77 Motherboard Corsair 650W PSU Those are my specs...
  7. shmu26

    what's a good Brother all-in-one printer for home use?

    I don't need color I don't need high speed but I need reliability. I print mainly 1-3 pages at a time. light to medium use. I print documents. what is a good model?
  8. K

    Advice on this pc

    Is this a good computer further price for some light gaming and doing some video editing and things like that https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01BI8USNQ/ref=ox_sc_act_image_13?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A3J1X31QWK2WN0#featureBulletsAndDetailBullets_secondary_view_div_1462761674458
  9. Z

    My pc keep turning off/on continuously!!

    well, i upgraded my motherboard, ram, and cpu and put it together. when i power up my pc, it started to turning off and on continuously. right now im gonna exchange my cpu and new ram. Method I tried use: 1. Re-seated everything. 2. use a power supply tester and power supply still work. 3...
  10. I

    CPU Water pump not starting every startup.

    it's an hydro cooler master seidon 240m. It's been like this sence day 1 with it. the motherboard works fine with any other fan. I know it's alittle air in it... It makes small clicking sounds the first 5min from start then it's all quiet again. Also it may be good to know It's completely...
  11. H

    Z97 ar digi+ vrm settings

    Hi i am trying to overclock my i5 4690k and im wondering if i should adjust any of those settings Cpu load line calibration(auto) Cpu VRM switching frequency(auto) VRM spread spectrum(disabled) Cpu power phase control(auto) Cpu power duty control(auto) Cpu current capability(auto)...
  12. J

    Graphics Card isn't recognized by PC. Won't Display. Please Help.

    I recently built a new PC with a 775W PSU, a radeon r9 280x, and an ASrock h97M anniversary Motherboard. The processor is an i5-4690, but I dont think it matters. The onboard graphics from the motherboard work fine, but I can't get my monitor to display from the dvi ports of the GPU (These are...
  13. H

    Motherboard for pc build with i7-4790

    So im looking to build a gaming pc for myself, ive never done it before and have limited knowledge on compatibility and other things. So far ive decided to buy i7-4790 ram : 16G Kit 1600 (8Gx2) Kingston Fury seagate barracuda 1tb Kingston HyperX Fury 240gb ssd 4G GTX 970 Gigabyte OC power...
  14. L

    Can my 225w psu handle this setup?

    Can anyone help me!!! I'm planning to upgrade my pc with this setup. CPU: i3-4150 Motherboard: Asus h81m-e Ram: 8gb ddr3 Storage: 1tb wd blue Gpu: zotac gtx750 1gb Can my 225w psu handle this setup. If not what psu should I get???
  15. kyd15

    Is it ok to have a cooling fan on the side panel above the CPU

    Is it ok to have a cooling fan on the side panel, because my CPU is below the side panel. I think the side panel is for the CPU fan to release air. So if i have a cooling fan on the side panel, there will be 2 fans. One the CPU cooler, other the cooling fan(intake fan) on side panel
  16. R

    Whats the best graphics card for my packard bell MODEL. imedia s2100.

    Hi Techies, I'm a livid gamer from PlayStation but have been turned to Pc though jealously of my brothers PC specs lol. OK lets get this started, id basically just like to know what graphics card my system can handle, heres a few details of what im working with: :Win 7 premium 64bit :AMD...
  17. X

    Will memory frequency ower 1600 improve built-in graphics perfomance?

    Hi all. Currently im running using Intel HD 4600 and single DDR3 8GB module with 1600 MHz. I want to switch RAM to 2x4 (or, probably, 2x8) 1800-2133 MHz. Will it be noticeable different in games? And, for sure, will i3-4330 support this frequency? There is different info over the internet...
  18. E

    I am connected to the Internet, but when wen I try to load the Internet it says it's stopped working! Does anyone know how to

    I am on my windows computer, and I am trying to load the Internet... A sign comes up saying " Internet explorer has stopped working " this is really bugging me since I carnt use the Internet on my computer. If anyone knows how to fix this please help!
  19. mgx42

    System fan control configuration tips?

    So I have a Fractal R4 case. I have two Cougar 140mm intake fans and one Cougar 140mm exhaust fan. All of which are 3 pin. My motherboard is a Gigabyte Ga z77x-d3h. My problem is, the mobo only controls system fan #1 automatically. The other two are always spinning at max. For the time...
  20. V

    HELP ME please

    holyrage what is a GPU