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  1. O

    Can an Asus GTX 760 DC2OC fit into a certain motherboard?

    So I am torn between a Asus Z97-K and a Asus B85 Pro Gamer motherboard, can my graphic card which is Asus GTX 760 DC2OC fit into 1 of them? I am really on a budget and I only get to pick these 2 choices, of course the B85 is cheaper, but can GPU fit into it? Will one of them bottleneck my...
  2. M

    MSI z87-G45 gskill 2x8 ram compatibility

    Hello I'm helping my friend build a gaming PC. The ram is not on the compatibility list of the motherboard. And the motherboard is not on the ram's compatibility list. case: nzxt phantom - mid tower mobo: MSI Z87-G45 cpu: i7-4770K ram: G.SKILL F3-12800CL10D-16GBXL (2x8 16GB) ssd: patriot blaze...
  3. E

    Installed new RAM and just freeze on boot screen

    I bought a two new Corsiar Vengeance DDR3 1600Mhz 1.50V 9-9-9-24 and installed in my motherboard MSI h55M-E23(MS-7636). When I open my pc, It just freeze on boot screen and it won't go. My RAM had just two slots. My old ram is just 2GB. Thanks.
  4. 3hunna

    Looking for a 4th gen motherboard for my Corei5 4440 processor

    I recently got Corei5 4440 3.1 ghz processor & I've GIGABYTE GA-H81M-DS2 motherboard for it in mind , the price of this mobo is 60dollars, If yall have a better mobo in mind for the same price suggest it to me I plan on using the parts (hardware) that I used with my Core2Quad Q8400 , My casing...
  5. A

    Looking for KVM Switch with separate video control

    I have been looking at KVM switches to switch my monitor, keyboard and mouse between two computers. However, my main desktop has two monitors. I would like the second moitor to be able to switch between my desktop and my other machine. I figured I would use a KVM switch to do this. It seems that...
  6. J

    Windows Faulty Hard Disk Notification

    Earlier today I started getting this Windows notification telling me I had a faulty Hard Disk. So of course the first thing I do is make a back up of my hard drive, and then proceed to Google how to fix the issue without having to buy a replacement hard drive. One forum mentioned using HD Tools...
  7. mrgnex

    I cant't overclock

    I have a Gigabyte R9 280X and want to squeeze out every last drop of performance. But when I try to raise the core clock or memory clock by say 10 MHz my games and valley benchmark start to crash. I can't believe I can't overclock the gpu by as little as that. So there must be a problem ( I also...
  8. S

    Intel, A-data, or Samsung

    which is better for the 250GB range going to be used for gaming
  9. X

    AMD A10 6790k with ZOTAC GeForce GTX 750 Ti OC Effects speed?

    Hi everyone, I have question here. . . What happen if I will use ZOTAC GeForce GTX 750 Ti OC (PCI - E 3.0) with my A10 6790 APU (PCI - E 2.0)?. Will it effect my PC's performance?, and what GTX GPU would you suggest trying? thanks ::) More about : amd a10 6790k zotac geforce gtx 750
  10. G

    Help Connecting Microsoft Sidewinder x4 Keyboard to W8.1

    First post here. I appreciate any help I can get. I consider myself pretty tech-savvy but can't for the life of me get this keyboard to be recognized. I can plug in any other keyboard into a usb port and it works fine. I downloaded the keyboard and mouse software center and it will not...
  11. F

    Building a new pc

    Hello I am trying to build my friend a pc that costs around 1000 dollars. He wants to be able to play games with high graphics.He also wants to live stream while he is playing games with high graphics like bf4, titanfall,and watchdogs. Will this pc i have put together run games like that with...
  12. M

    Limited access, cannot connect to network

    I've been having problems connecting to my wireless network with my laptop. I have an Asus Republic of Gamers G51J and have no issues connecting to my work's wireless network, which is WPA2 enterprise. When I get home from work, I have to reset my wireless adapter on my laptop, as well as my...
  13. JMcEntegart

    Microsoft App Developers Can Respond to Your Reviews

    Microsoft's newest feature for Windows Phone developers is the ability to respond to reviewers. Microsoft App Developers Can Respond to Your Reviews : Read more
  14. B

    Why are Mac's thought to be better than PC's

    I don't want any fanboy stuff or fights here. I just want facts. I'm going to college for application support and i'm looking for a computer. Price doesnt matter here, I just want simple facts as to why Mac's are thought to be better than PC's.
  15. S

    My PC is not able to play game smoothly in any settings???? help me!!!!!!

    Hey guys In my PC all the games are stucking I dont no why but i checked in system requirements lab and in that tomb raider,assassin's creed 3,saints row 4 all are showing that it will in ultra but its not happening ???? please help me guys!!!!! i am in serious need!!!!! My specs are:- AMD...
  16. DireMe

    Upgrading, which Motherboard?

    Hey. I have an AMD FX-6300 on a rather new built pc but want to upgrade Motherboard. I Might be ordering tonight, which would be nice. But I currently have a 970-a chipset and want to get a 990FX that supports SLI for two 760s in the future. I am going between MSI 990FX-GD65 ASUS M5A99FX Pro...
  17. M

    Can't Load webpages while playing/downloading a game!!!

    I used to be able to do this just fine but now when i am playing /downloading any games i can not load a web page. Its really annoying and i want to get this fixed. Notes: Just put new graphics card in, and New hdd
  18. P

    BSOD and then a an echo of the last sound on the computer

    When i enter a game like Left4dead 2 or Lord of the rings war in the north,Then i get blackscreen followed by a echo of the last sound from the game.I have the Nvidia GeForce GT 220 with the driver version 331.82.I use windows 7 professional. procesor: Pentium(R)Dual-core CPU E5500 @2.80GHz...
  19. O

    Sony Vegas Pro 12 video is completely green.

    I have a video file that, when opened in Sony Vegas, shows up as completely green. I suspect that this is because it's a 10 bit video, which caused the same problem in VLC some years back. Is there any way to make Sony Vegas read the file properly? Here is the file information from Mediainfo...
  20. T

    h100i fit in my case

    Hello After a thorough evaluation Ive deciden to buy the H100i instead of noctua d14 and I want to be 100% sure tha it is compatible with corsair carbide 500r.If its not please be so kind as to suggest me one tha is around 100-130 euros cause that's my budget.also i want to use push and pull...