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  1. SilentHunterX

    Question How do I safely change from motherboard resources to Intel (R) WTD?

    Hey, I've been recently experiencing random game freezes and slower load-ins into games. The game used to freeze randomly anywhere from 4 - 15 minutes and would force me to exit out of it and restart the game, sometimes even freezing my Start button so I would have to restart the computer to be...
  2. H


    Hello! I built a system based on the Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming motherboard, Intel i9-9900, and 64GB G.Skill memory. For 5 months the system functioned great. About 2 weeks ago it became unstable, and unable to run in Normal mode, primarily with the dreaded WHEA_UNCONTROLLABLE_ERROR. It runs stable...
  3. I Josh I

    [SOLVED] Fractal Design Define S2 vs Meshify S2

    Hi all So I have been doing some case hunting for the last few days, and I have gone from this case to that case, was looking at the LIAN LI PC-O11 Dynamic but have eventually come back to the fractal design cases. I was originally looking at the Meshify C, but I prefer a little more room in...
  4. D

    Question PC front panel USB strange situation

    Hi, I just build a new pc. I have a strange problem. When i plug out a USB from the front panel hub, the PC turns on or turns off (depends if the pc is on or off when i plug out the usb). It could be some sort of short circuit with the front panel USB hub and power switch pin? Does someone have...

    Question RAM compatible with particular laptop?

    Is Samsung 4GB 1Rx8 PC3L 120000S 11 13 B4 RAM compatible with the Gateway LT41P06u RAM ? & How do i know this?
  6. I

    Question What CPU to upgrade to?

    PC: GTX 980ti 8gb RAM intel i5 7500 B250m Pro mobo Looking to upgrade my cpu as it's holding my pc back from pushing the higher frame rates in comp games such as Rainbow Six. CPU constantly sits at full usage and causes stuttering in games. Was wondering what a good upgrade would be? Preferably...
  7. D

    Question XMP stability

    Hi, i've had XMP enabled for a while and i haven't had a crash but got some stutters on Fortnite the other day and also when i started BF5 yesterday it was very laggy despite being on 130FPS. I've read that others have noticed stutters on Fortnite lately too so it's probably a game issue but...
  8. W

    Ssd asking a question

    im making my first gaming pc but I want to make sure everything goes well and I haven’t decdided on a storage would this one do just fine? Seagate - Barracuda 1TB Internal SATA Hard Drive for Desktops
  9. J

    Microstutter Issue 1080ti

    Hello everyone, I know there have been many threads about this topic, but I am here because I am pretty desperate right now. A few months back I built a pc with an 8700k and a 1080ti and was very exited to play any game I wanted on any settings. When I first built the pc everything ran fine, now...
  10. S

    [SOLVED] Budget PC help

    Hey everyone, First time building a PC and was looking to start off with somewhat of a budget PC. 1.I was just wondering if their were any slight upgrades that are worth implementing or even downgrading some aspects if it isn't worth it. 2. Do you guys think I would be able to use a 144hz...
  11. M

    [SOLVED] Mobo - quick information

    Is there any website that shows the release date of all motherboards in commerce?
  12. V

    [SOLVED] Thermaltake Riing 14 LED 256 Color Fan TT Premium Edition - 3-Pack - Fan Controller Problem

    Ok so im having a problem with my thermaltake fan controller everything is plugged in and i have tried pretty much everything to try and fix it. Anyone done something other than the basics to fix this? All fans connected, molex is connected, internal usb is connected. Things ive tried: -...
  13. S

    Motherboard won't turn on after weird behavior.

    So last night I heard my computer start, it had happened a few times in the past randomly at night after I've put it into sleep mode. I thought it was just something that's accidentally hit my mouse or keyboard, not a big deal. This morning the computer was still running. So I pressed a random...
  14. N

    My CPU specs doesn't match manufacturer's

    Hello I just received parts for my new PC and I noticed that CPU (ryzen 7 2700x) specification is different from specs on manufacturer website: Specs should be: Total L1 Cache 768KB Total L2 Cache 4MB otal L3 Cache 16MB My BIOS shows ...
  15. crazykatlady

    [SOLVED] CPU compatible with MSI Z170A PC MATE

    I want to start by saying that I'm not all that knowledgeable when it comes to PC parts etc. I just know the basics so forgive anything I may not understand. I am looking to upgrade my CPU but hoping to keep it under £250-270. I currently have i5-6500 and I know its becoming pretty outdated...
  16. H

    i5 4690 70-80 degrees under load

    I was getting up to 90 degrees while playing GTA so I've just reapplied thermal paste but I'm still getting pretty high temps. It will usually peak at 79 degrees and rarely goes into 80 unless for a second. Is this ok? Specs: i5 4690 (non k) GTX 960 2g 8GB DDR3 RAM CIT Vantage Case Z97 Pro...
  17. K

    Ethernet connection disconnect en connects entire time

    I have plugged in my ethernet cable en now the light come on and then immediately goes of again I have tried reinstalling the drivers for the ethernet port but still having the same problem
  18. M

    [SOLVED] Can I Simply Replace my CPU with one that suits my needs better such as Ryzen?

    So my question is if i could just replace the CPU and maybe sell it to get a CPU that'll be a better fit for me? I want to be able to stream and game without any technical issues and perhaps even VR. I also enjoy drawing using pencil and plan to broaden my spectrum of art so i plan to get a...
  19. D

    Handwriting to text

    How do we convert handwriting to text so as to enable us to record handwritten journal entries into the appropriate programs such as Microsoft word, Excel and Accounting software such as Tally. Which software would be most powerful at such handwritten to text conversion?
  20. T

    Computer hard freezing while gaming

    My computer keeps freezing while i'm gaming, and only while i'm gaming. I'm not sure what is causing it. I've already used system restore, tested my RAM with memtest86, tested my CPU with Prime95 and tested my GPU with MSI Kombustor. System restore didn't fix the issue and none of the tests have...
  21. V

    Traceroute high ms on 7th/8th hop. ISP says it's not their fault.

    I am trying to trace the source of my high ping issues. With a single device hardwired to my router, and with wifi turned off, I am getting a ping between 75-100ms to My ISP came to diagnose the issue today, and said they had a ping of 35ms to so the issue is on...
  22. E

    [SOLVED] Is a logitech USB soundcard universal?

    I own the G430's which came with a USB sound card. Will this work with other headsets, as I want to upgrade to the HyperX cloud Alpha but they do not include a USB sound card. Thanks for any help!
  23. M

    Resolution stuck at 1080p for games

    Please Please help!!!! I have a ASUS R542U Laptop ####################### Specs: i5 8th gen GT 940MX 2GB 8GB DDR4 ####################### None of my game is showing resolution other than 1920 x 1080, here are images of two game's graphic setting menu Please check this images 1. Arkham Origins...
  24. M

    Hi there looking for a usb download for windows 10 for my new computer

    There is a lot of different websites offering same thing but huge difference in price... for example this website...
  25. T

    I have three different brands of 10 inch subs and they're all the same ohm I have three different brands of 10 inch sub and li

    Hooking up different wattage speakers to allow an amp to give proper wattage But they all are at different wattages how do I hook it up to a single channel amp to get the best Even Flow out of the amp
  26. M

    Can I use a Kicker amp on a Pioneer sub?

    So I have a Kicker 43CXA6001 Mono Amplifier and I got a Pioneer TS-W253R sub for free from a friend and I am wondering If i can plug in the pioneer sub to the kicker amp
  27. T

    New build powers on without pressing power button; won't POST

    So I recently finished a new build, almost an exact copy of another PC I built at the office. I've built almost a hundred machines so far, but I always get nervous the first time I push the power button. This time, I had everything ready to go, then flipped the main power switch on the PSU. I...
  28. L

    Desktop turns off when playing demanding games

    So just recently my pc began to turn off after a few mins of playing demanding games. I have played hours straight of fortnite or league of legends on max and it never turned off however when i tried to play rainbow six siege for the first time in maybe 2 weeks, it turned off. I tried to play it...
  29. A

    Uninstalling games doesn't free up space

    When I go onto the storage settings on my PC, it says my 1TB HDD has only 3.65GB of storage remaining. This was true, however, even after uninstalling a lot of large and unnecessary games such as battlefield one and Battlefront 2, it still says it is almost full, although over 250GB of games...
  30. A

    A 320m hdv cpu over clocking

    How come ryzen master let's me over clock my cpu and gpu? Every one and there cousin says you can't. But it will hold the overclock on the cpu if I don't turn it off. Wtf is going on?? Please help me!!!
  31. B

    Used GTX 1050 ti or GTX 1060 3GB for a rendering PC with plans to upgrade to the next GPU lineup (30XX series) ?

    I'd like to know wich is the best option for now, since i will be using my PC for rendering aplications and some gaming as well. I will buy the GPU from the used market, and the prices between those 2 is kind of close, but not negligible, since the 1050 ti is 150$ and the 1060 3gb is 200$. I...
  32. D

    Gtx 1060 an mobo issues

    Everying was fine except on 1 game where my gpu usage would drop to 30%. Anyways.. i decided to upgrade my gpu from an r9 380 2gb to a gtx 1060 6gb which now is having the same problem except with every game and test i try out. Also went through the bios an found out that my mobo doesn't allow...
  33. T

    PC won't turn on. Any advice before ordering new motherboard?

    Hello people, A little back story about the faultiness of my PC. So for some time, I would try to turn on my PC and it would tell me to select a proper boot device every now and then when turning it on (it was usually more common if I'd not turned the PC on for a longer period of time, maybe...
  34. B

    Is there anywhere my PC will bottleneck while gaming?

    my system includes: Intel i7 7700k CPU EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 FTW Hybrid G.Skillz 16gb 3000 RAM Not sure if this is enough information, I wanna know if anything is overkill. GPU is mildly overclocked
  35. W

    16GB ram estimate 8-9gb ram but shows 90% ram usage (with picture)

    Currently running on Ryzen 2700x 4.1ghz x470 gaming plus MSI 16gb klevv 3000mhz gtx 1080 500gb samsung evo pro 800w psu I have calculated and its estimated to be only 8-9gb of ram usage but from task manager its constantly showing me 88-92% ram usage. its really slowing down my computer by...
  36. J

    Asus. Q504u won't power up and no lights

    My Asus notebook pc shut down now won't power up and no lights
  37. I

    should i upgrade to an 8700k ?

    i currently have an i7 4790, ive had it for more than 4 years and recently have been looking for an upgrade so, should i really upgrade ? my current system : I7 4790 (Non-K) 12Gb Ram 1600Mhz P81-D3 and a 144Hz monitor i usually play online games, and when i play singleplayer games i like to...
  38. X

    Can i upgrade/replace my GPU?

    Hello world, SO ummm guess ill start w my specs Intel(R)Core i3-7100u 8GB DDR4(single) Intel HD 620 U see i have a crappy integerated gpu. Some guy told me that u cant replace/upgrade the graphics card on my laptop/notebook. is this true? Im a guy without ANY...
  39. P

    Wifi repeater user name, password not admin

    I am trying to setup my wifi repeater but unlike all instructions, the user name and password are not 'admin'? It is possible that during one of my previous attempts i messed this up. Help!!!
  40. A

    No display, no post beeps, new x470 Asus prime

    Hi guys, just finished building my pc (my first time building my own, I've built a few office pcs for my girlfriend and work though) however I can't seem to get it to POST, I've tried waiting 10 mins, trying to boot with nothing but the bare minimum plugged in, dvi and hdmi slots, made sure all...