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  1. E

    Question PLS HELP!! Water cooling power issue!

    Can someone tel me if i have to return the cooler or is there an adapter to connect my motherboard and cpu pump Pcpart picker said everything was fine but the pump power cord is 3 pin hole side and the mother board had 4 pins but it also has a little blockage, am i supposed to remove that. How...
  2. L

    [SOLVED] What to replace a Second AIO Pump with ?

    Hey I was counting on buying a a NZXT G12 kit with a NZXT x53 water cooling for my graphics card since my fans decided to stop working. But I already have a Corsair H60 for my CPU connected to the AIO pump on my MSI Z590 TUG GAMING Plus! Since the Fan of the H60 is on CPU fan header, and...
  3. RD89

    [SOLVED] Dropping water levels in resevoir

    Put together water loop 2 days ago resevoir dropping pretty rapidly with no signs of leaks at what point would you think it would level out after draining excess air first time ive done a loop in 5 years lol
  4. [SOLVED] Water Cooling Loop Review

    Hey guys, I would like your opinions on my water cooling loop layout. Thanks