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    Question Can I put an All in One liquid cooler on a liquid cooled 1080 ti?

    Hey guys, So, just a brief inquiry. But, I'm looking to build another computer utilizing some parts from a previous computer. My major question is. I have a liquid cooled 1080 ti. (Gigabyte GV-N108TAORUSX WB-11GD AORUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Waterforce WB Xtreme Edition) I was curious instead...
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    Question High static pressure fan for 120mm radiator?

    Greetings. I have 3 radiators, one of them is 120 mm, 45mm of thickness and 12 FPI. I wondering, should i use high static pressure fan for this rad? Maybe the normal case fan such as Noctua will be enough? I want to underline, what for the rest 2 radiators I using high static pressure fans...
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    [SOLVED] Where can I find the parts for this Water Cooling CPU?

    View: https://imgur.com/a/6cSiAqF CPU is i7-3770, SR0PK, 3.40GHZ MB is in image Please, I need to know what parts would be compatible and what brand this is (For Heat Sink+Valve) and if possible a link to where I can make a purchase. You can see the brand on the sink. Left most valve is...
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    Laptop for school and non demanding games.

    Hello my name is Carson. And have been looking for a good laptop for on the go gaming and school. I want to be able to write books, play some games like , minecraft, Banished, sims, and warframe. But also a portable device that has good battery. I can take some comprimises. Also something 15...