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  1. Florida_Man

    Question Spilt some water on mouse, now scroll wheel isnt working.

    About 2.5 hours ago i spilt some water on my mouse and mousepad. Thankfully most of it got on my mousepad, but some of it hit the mouse. I Immediately took it out of the usb and opened it up. I found a little bit of water in there, but not alot. Dried that out. But when i plugged it in about 30...
  2. V

    [SOLVED] Phanteks P400A D-RGB or NZXT H510i

    Hey guys, I am just about to build myself a brand new gaming pc and am having a bit of trouble coming to a final decision about my case. As the title suggested I am tossing up between the Phanteks P400A D-RGB and the NZXT H510i. I understand that cases and aesthetics are personal preference...
  3. B

    Question General Water Cooling Flow Rate Question?

    So I'm planning on going for a system that has these two components in a custom loop. Ryzen 3950x 16 core 4.3ghz 2x 1070 Gtx When it comes to radiators I'm planning on having two 3x120mm fan rads for general cooling, unsure if this is overkill due to hearing flow rate is more important than...
  4. C

    Question PC Stuck in Boot Loop after Water Damage

    I spilled about a 1/4 of a red solo cup full of water on my PC and some of it got inside through the top of the case. I turned it off immediately and unplugged the power, took the side panel off and dumped the water out from the bottom. I took out my graphics card, MoBo, and memory and let them...
  5. A

    Question Water spilt on pc tower

    Hi, so I had spilt a cup of water and around 1/8 of the water went into the top of the pc, I turned it off immediately and sprung into action, I took of the glass from the sides and dried everything I possibly could, everything is running, my graphics card turns on and glows, along with the fans...
  6. johnnyt020

    Question What is causing water/liquid droplets to form on glass panel of pc case?

    I've cleaned the glass panel at least 3 different times now and each time by the end of the day I can begin to see small droplets form again. Absolutely no water cooling components are inside my build, I have a 2080 super, Ryzen 7 3700x, no droplets found on any of the components, just on the...
  7. H

    Question First Custom Loop. Need help with components.

    Hello looking for help with what parts to buy for a custom water loop i really like the style and look of corsair and TT i need all of the below CPU Waterblock Pump + Tube + Top cover Pump holder bracket 480mm Rads 60mm thick Fittings Tubes Liquid some sites say plex some say copper some...
  8. J

    Question How much does intake / outake effect cpu water cooler?

    So I am looking at the Lian Li PCO11 Dynamic Case with the Corsair 150i Pro CPU Cooler (switching the ML fans for LL). However with this case & using LL fans it seems the only option is for the CPU Radiator to be used as outtake at the side or top. So wondering how the CPU cooling would be if it...
  9. A

    Question L9A vs 120mm AIO?

    Doing a mini-itx build in the FTZ01 and I am not sure whether an AIO would even perform better than a Noctua L9A. I am located in Australia where the L9A is $79 AUD. The cheapest AIO is the ID-Cooling Frostflow X 120 at $69 AUD but I haven't really seen anyone using that brand. A Corsair H55 is...
  10. M

    Question CPU Cooling fan stopped spinning?

    I have an Intel i7-6700k @ 4.00 GHz Skylake. It looks like the little fan that sits atop the processor on the water cooling device stopped spinning. Tried cleaning it, compressed air, q-tips with alcohol, removed the blade and cleaned the gunk where it spins, etc. It started running one day...
  11. H

    [SOLVED] Need help with Logitech Mouse not working after water exposure

    Its a G700 Mouse and it started to double click.. I was frusterated (did not know it was a known manufacturing issue) I decided to open it up to clean, then I sparayed some cheap cleaning agent made for electronics, It said " Evaporates quickly, Leaves no residue".. I Left it for an hour. Put...
  12. richiestang_78

    Question Copper Pipe Tubing?

    I know people have done copper pipe tubing and it can be a pain to bend the pipes. I know you can buy softer copper that is more malleable but even then it seems like more trouble then its worth. My question is could you solder on fittings for bends and such, or would the solder used cause...
  13. A

    Question Fix Water Damaged GPU

    Is there any way I can fix my water damaged GPU? I spilled water on it while running, powering off the pc. I immediately took the card out, carefully got as much water as I could off, and left it to dry for a couple days. No longer works as intended showing extremely low resolution and green...
  14. C

    [SOLVED] Spilled small amount of water on PC

    PC had small amount of water spilled on it and now it will turn on but will not display to my monitor specs: (if needed) EVGA 1060 3gb G4560 16GB 2133MHz ram
  15. jwcrellin

    [SOLVED] Open Loop Fluid Level Dropping

    Hi all, i need some advice. Last month I got an EKWB A360-G Kit and got it all installed and running great. Temps are stellar, especially GPU temps. Trouble is the fluid level in the res drops ever so slightly every week. Probably only a couple of milliliters at a time but over the course of a...
  16. Question Need help identifying custom loop tube size, fittings

    Hey, this is quite an amateur question but I want to upgrade this loop (done by a shop in 2013) to have a 2nd radiator and actually redo the tubing aso. I think the tubing is 19,1/12,7mm Tygon E3603 ? or something like a weird 16mm/10mm Tygon E3603 ? The 90° angled compression fittings seem...
  17. alexmchang

    Question I9 9900ks temperatures

    Hi guys Just finished my custom loop over the weekend for my i9 9900ks. Running stress tests such as aida64, at stock 5.0ghz, i was seeing temps into the high 80s. In prime95 it was mid to high 70s. Just wondering if this is a normal temp for this cpu with a custom loop. I've read it's a hot...
  18. Senortortilla829

    Question My cooler will not fit into my motherboard.

    My case is an InWin 703 Mid tower. I am using an evga closed loop cpu cooler which is 120mm. My motherboard is the ROG STRIX X570-F Gaming motherboard. I am having trouble putting the cooler in because it will not lock onto the backplate. The cooler will fit perfectly onto the motherboard screws...
  19. G

    Question Can Clean Cooling Components w/ Water?

    Silly question. If I remove my CPU Heatsink, VRM heat sinks, GPU Heatsink and fans and all my fans from my case. Then proceeded to run them under water and brush them gently with a toothbrush. Dry them with a hair dryer and some Q-Tips and let them set for a day or two. Would they all work...
  20. H

    Question Masterliquid awful buzzing

    Hey guys, i bought a masterliquid 240 lite and it is great and all but... WHAT the hell is This sound coming from the cooler? View: https://soundcloud.com/hugo-braga-346216624/untitled Is it because its new or its something broken?