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    Question First Custom Loop. Need help with components.

    Hello! I just registered here in order to find some help regarding my project. In a few days I will start to build a custom water cooling loop for the new PC of my brother. He has a budget of 4-5k USD, so I'm kinda free which components I am getting. So far I selected all components besides...
  2. T

    Question Spilled dip spit on motherboard, Help if you can, it would be appreciated.

    Pc specs: I5-6400 16gb ddr4 2400 rx 580 ( when it works I guess) Gtx 750ti ( when nothing else works) A stolen intel core 2 duo heatsink with some hydraulic bearing fan that is quiet unless temps go above 60c which they don’t Windows 10 Tried reinstalling, reseating, holding my thumbs in my...
  3. S

    Question GTA 5 wierd FPS drop turning water quality up.

    So I've been playing GTA 5 for a couple days and I recognised that when I'm looking at some exact things my fps drops down from the 80s to 37-47. This only happens when I turn up the water quality from normal to high or very high. Also my gpu usage drops down from 80-90% to 40-50%. PC: Vega 56...
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    Question Can I use a liquid CPU cooler with my motherboard

    I have a gigabyte H310M A and I was wondering if I could use a liquid CPU cooler with it.
  5. HydroDynamixx

    Build Advice First Custom Loop, High GPU temps, Stumped.

    Hello Everyone, As the title suggests, this is my first custom loop, and I am having temperature issues. To begin, the hardware is as follows: Case: Fractal Define R6 USB-C CPU: Intel i7-9700k GPU: MSI RTX 2080 Ventus 8G Motherboard: Asus Prime Z390-A RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengence RGB @...
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    Question High Temps on i7 6700k with h100i v2

    Hi everyone. My i7 6700k @ 4.2 GHz is idling at 35 to 45 degrees Celsius with chrome and intel extreme tuning utility open. This isn't very high at all, but when I benchmark it with IETU, it goes up to the high 90s and thermal throttles. It is only running at 4.2 GHz. Any ideas on how to fix this?
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    Question Is it normal to not feel the air flow on the other side of a AIO radiator while your fans are blowing that direction?

    Hello all, I just bought this AIO: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835214096&Description=liqtech%20ii&cm_re=liqtech_ii-_-35-214-096-_-Product I have my fans set up like this [>>>>>3-Fans Blowing Direction>>>>>] [360mm radiator] However, after I turn my PC on with my...
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    Question HP Z400 Liquid Cooling Replacement.

    Hi, I currently have the 6-DIMM version of the Z400 workstation. I also have the liquid cooling solution (LCS) inside of it. I was wondering if it was possible to change the liquid or whatever they use inside the LCS. And also the liquid inside of it is most likely over several years old. And if...
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    Question Water loop GTX 1080Ti + i5 9600k

    Hello guys, I was thinking about finally jumping on the water cooling train. I would like to cool both gpu and cpu However, I would need some advice. Problem n.1 is definitely space. Because I would like to have 280mm front rad (as a start, maybe expand it with some 120m back rad or 240m top...
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    Question Spilled a tiny bit into my pc

    I recently bought new motherboard, cpu and ram and last night my screens went black after i spilled some water. I looked through the case as much i could and found this: View: https://imgur.com/gxBBCTy I got a tip to remove it with alcohol and bake it in 70C/ 160f. Should i do as he Said or...
  11. J

    Question Pc won't post after little water spillage

    Hi, Let's start off by saying I'm dumb for having a water bottle next to my PC. Now onto my issue. I knocked my water bottle off my desk onto my PC's top vent and water spilled into it, it was a little bit but I panicked and shut the power off from the PSU. After a few minutes I thought hey...
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    Discussion Crazy Idea I want to work

    I live in Sri Lanka where high temperatures and higher humidity make cooling extra hard, I already have a h100i pro with 4 fans (push-pull) and my i5-7600k still sits around 80-85°C under load. (It revs all the fans up to maintain this btw) I want a quieter solution. My idea is to build a custom...
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    Question Spilled water.. on my PC.. first time.

    Yeah. I'm an idiot. I know. I was going to go downstairs from my room to help out my mom with moving a desk upstairs (because we were redoing my room) and I was playing on my computer on this tiny (nightstand?) and I didn't have room for my Club Soda (basically just carbonated water and it was...
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    Question Spilled soup on pc tower

    Case: Nzxt h400i Cpu: Ryzen 1600 Ram: 16gb ddr4 (2400mhz) Mb: Gigabyte Ab350m-Ds3h Psu: 500 watt evga bq Harddrives: 1tb, 250gb ssd (boot drive) Gpu: Gtx 1060 6gb Reccently today I had my soup on the edge of my desk like a dumbass, and some of it spilled at the top of my cases front io, and...
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    Can't set custom resolution in amd drivers

    Hello, I am using amd radeon 17.11.4 and I need to create custom resolution at 144hz for playing csgo, I need it to be 1280*960 stretched. I watched some tutorials online but in all of them when they open custom resolution option in their drivers they have everything filled with correct...
  16. Y

    can i run gta 5 on my dell laptop

    can i run gta 5 on dell laptop core i5 7th gen 4 gb ram 2 gb graphic card
  17. T

    need some help

    can I plug my phone charger in my USB and to my phone to watch videos
  18. V

    A good Processor for gaming

    Hey guys please suggest me a good Processorprice below rs10000.And I am living in India ,So try to give me amazon links. My specs :- Motherboard:-EG31M V1.1 Ram:- 3gb Processor:-Intel Pentium Dual Core E5400 2.7GHz GPU:-I am going to buy gt 730 or gt 1030 I am building this system For...
  19. J

    Any software that can take a system snapshot before and after a problem?

    Hi all, Are there any tools that can take a user-friendly snapshot of the system - running processes, programs, etc - and then when something goes wrong, take another snapshot and compare? Say for instance I know that randomly my audio stops working. I could then see what changed after my...
  20. R

    Is this a decent system that I just ordered?

    I just ordered all parts needed for my gaming system - Would like some reviews. I do a little web programming, work in blender, and want to game with some friends on battlegrounds. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/rXgg9W I am currently a network admin at FSU and use to be a technical support...