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  1. V

    Question Is this Koolance Chiller enough to cool my PC?

    https://koolance.com/ex2-1055-exos-2.5-liquid-cooling-system-aluminum I have a Z590 xtreme water force motherboard, 11900k CPU and 3090 GPU and an m.2 all being liquid cooled. Is this enough?
  2. foosto123

    [SOLVED] Cooling advice for i5 9600K?

    Hello everyone, I'm new here, but I know this is a good forum to get advice from. Currently, my PC has serious cooling issues under load (90 degrees and up )and I am finally able to fix them, but I lack the knowledge about cooling for PCs. What kind of coolers would you recommend? Should I go...
  3. E

    Question Cpu at 95°C in game with new thermal paste and watercooling !

    Hello everyone, I have a Ryzen 5 3600 and a MSI coreliquid 240 as watercooling And i just changed the thermal paste, because i saw bad temp for the CPU. The thing is that i'm still at around 55°C - 60°C in Idle and around 95°C in game ! So that's really bad, but i don't rlly understand why...
  4. [SOLVED] Water Cooling Loop Review

    Hey guys, I would like your opinions on my water cooling loop layout. Thanks
  5. Taisei.Y

    [SOLVED] Cleaning Corsair Hydro X radiators

    Hey, I have been planning a build for a few weeks now, and I have decided on going full custom watercooling using the Corsair Hydro X products. I have little knowledge when it comes to cleaning radiators. Will I need to clean the Corsair XR 5 radiators myself, or does Corsair clean them before...
  6. D

    Question Watercooling pump making hum noise

    My pump started making this noise randomly a week or two ago View: https://youtu.be/u1CUIL8n7o4 I can confirm that it's coming from the pump. I tried running the pump alone to bleed the loop for air bubbles for about 45 minutes but that didn't work. Water is flowing and everything seems to be...
  7. B

    [SOLVED] PC was working fine for about a month, but now randomly shuts off or restarts and even won’t turn on at times?

    Specs: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Bhuff34/saved/#view=LDXJf7 I don’t know if this is my CPU, Water cooler making it overheat, PSU, or even possibly my motherboard. The first time it happened a couple of weeks ago I got it to power up again. And it worked fine for about 2 weeks. Then...
  8. S

    Question I7-6700k overheating

    So basically, i ordered some new ram and when i swapped the ram, i also decided to apply new thermal paste (Arctic MX-4) to my cpu, i have the Corsair GTX h110i water cooler with the pre applied paste and never changed it for about 2 years so decided i might aswell clean and add new paste...
  9. D

    [SOLVED] AIO water cooler pump not running at rated RPM

    Hey all, hopefully someone here can help! So I've been overclocking my built PC that I've had for a while, like 4 years or something. This AIO cooler is consistently running at 1,300 give or take. The rated pump should run at 2500 RPM, aren't these suppose to run at 100% all the time for water...
  10. T

    Question Please could somebody help me with making my PC quieter.

    I have a budget of £90 to spend on making my PC quieter (it's literally a jet engine) and need help in deciding what is the most important thing to buy: I could spend all my money on a really good quiet case (eg. be quiet! Silent Base 600) or something. Or I could buy a better CPU cooler (eg...
  11. JaSoN_cRuZe

    [SOLVED] Which CPU is best suited for open loop!!

    Which CPU is best suited in a custom loop for best performance!! I'm confused since Intel overclocks better but AMD provides more value but does not overclock like Intel. So in a custom loop which CPU will take advantage of the thermal headroom and eek out the most performance. I heard that...
  12. Question GPU higher temp than expected, watercooled, help please!

    Side panels and top panel off, front panel on. During the Heaven benchmark, highest graphic setting, AA x8, 3440x1440. My numbers were as follows: ambient: 20 c fans: 1,600 rpm pump: 3,699 rpm (at about 60%) Loop temp: 34 c GPU: 53 c CPU: 37 c RTX 2080 TI,-slight overclock at 2055mhz...
  13. G

    Question Corsair H115i platinum vs pro vs NZXT x62 for i7 9700K?

    Hello, so I've chose 9700k instead of 9900k again, now i'm deciding between these 3 AIO coolers. Corsair's H115i pro and H115i Platinum vs NZXT Kraken X62. Which one is the best? Every site so far that i've seen reviews it's different. Somewhere is better kraken on the other sites corsair...
  14. Pizza PowerXYZ

    [SOLVED] Will this card work with the g12?

    The card I have is the MSI RTX 2070 GAMING Z Link to Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/MSI-RTX-2070-Architecture-8G/dp/B07J4VJX6L I would like to know if I could watercool this card via the kraken g12. The card says it uses a custom pcb but I dont know if it will still work. Here's an image if...
  15. PetrosPlz

    [SOLVED] I changed cooler and my temps are so high

    Hello! A few hours ago i upgraded from a stock AMD cooler to a corsair h100i rgb platinum for the R5 2600. I installed perfectly the cooler and when i opened a temperature program it said that the temperature was about 90C i thought that the cooler was broken or smth and i installed back the...
  16. L

    Question Need help choosing a motherboard for my build? rtx2070 ryzen 7 2700x

    So I just got an rtx 2070 oc, and I'm trying to build a pc over a ryzen 7 2700x. But I'm not too sure what mbo to get, I'm currently using the b350 gaming. And I need about the same amout of usb ports, I have an average sized pc case. Currently my psu is a Tx650M. What would be a good mbo for...
  17. H

    [SOLVED] Will an EK A240G Be Good Enough?

    My current PC has a 9900kf and a gtx 1080, do you guys think an EK A240G will be enough to cool it??
  18. G

    Bus Support PCl 3.0

    Hello, my Motherboard supports PCl 2.0 is it possible that i can connect GPU that is PCl 3.0 i have Asrock H81M-HDS and i want to buy GTX 780 because im planning to buy new MotherBoard
  19. E

    Wifi : Allow internet but block acess to local network?

    Hello guys, I come here because I'm a bit blocked to answer a question. I'm in internship in an entreprise, and I need to deploy Wifi with some access point. The main goal is to have 3 AP in three different parts of the entreprise. So every employee can connect everywhere with the same...
  20. K

    Connecting PC speakers to my tv

    So i have a pair of speakers from Creative that I want to connect to my tv for better sound, however once I connected them to the tv using this adapter: http://www.jula.se/globalassets/catalog/productimages/980841.jpg?width=1024&height=1024&scale=both&bgcolor=white I still only get sound...
  21. Y

    nzxt H440 v2 fan hub pwn cable help

    guys I just got my self an nzxt h440 v2 case. it has a fan hub there is cable labeled pwn cable coming out of the hub now I have an msi h170 gamimg m3 motherboard where do I plug the cable? I pluged it into sys_fan3. it did not display on the bios it shoes 0 rpm on all fans except for the cpu...
  22. L

    NO Internet RealTek

    trying to install Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller for Windows 7; I have no internet but the software will not let me modify; the only options are to repair which makes it go back to how it is working (NOT WORKING) or to uninstall it. I may have accidently uninstalled something. What can I do...