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  1. F

    Question Any good small cases for push pull 184mm Rad?

    So just curious. I already own a Fractal Design Node 304 that I’m slightly modding the front panel to allow for direct air flow into the case for the 184mm rad I got for the front in place of the hard drive bays. I was wondering if there are any other small cases out there that sport front or...
  2. aName123

    [SOLVED] Will this be enough cooling for my (future) specs?

    Hey, I am planning on building/upgrading my PC. I want to build my system inside a Cooler Master NR200P. I have planned to watercool the system with PETG Tubes, but i am not sure if it will be enough to cool my config (in the future..) Due to the current GPU stock i decided to use my old...
  3. ghintipas2


    I already have the EK-STC Classic 10/13 - Black , soft tubing , ek radiators and gtx 980ti g1 Nickel + Acetal waterblock and i want to know if the MSI MPG Z490 CARBON EK X is compatible with my system or i will have a problem like mixing metals or something
  4. Seppo96

    [SOLVED] Looking to build my first Custom Loop for SLI 1080ti's (Advice/ Required Components)

    3D Mark Benchmarks: https://www.3dmark.com/spy/12619830 Currently gaming at 4k my PC is PUNCHING out heat, all the components are at a quite reasonable temperature. I have an EVGA CLC 240 with two noctua radiator fans then 5 more noctua fans in my Lian Li Dynamic Case i have the radiator with...