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  1. P

    [SOLVED] Is it worth upgrading from gtx 1050 to rx 570?

    And how do i know if it will fit and work on my pc ? Atm i have i5 2400 and a gtx 1050 8gb ram Mobo: Intel Motherboard DP67BG Also what psu is recommended for rx 570? 😩
  2. Gulbis20

    [SOLVED] How to fix my microphone buzzing/humming sound noise?

    Hello I have a problem with my microphone. When I touch the case it stops and I changed my power cables to other extension cord but nothing happens. I don't know what to do I have new motherboard and also when I connect my microphone jack into front panel of pc it doesn't detect it but when I...
  3. OscarMarrink

    Question GPU wattage

    Hello, I’ve got a question I have a power supply of 450 watt I want to buy a graphics card that uses 215 watt but it says minimum required PSU is 650 watt am I still able to get it because it uses 215 watt or do I really need 650 watt? inno3d geforce rtx 2070 super gaming oc x3 Unreleased...
  4. OscarMarrink

    Question Gpu wattage

    Hello, I’ve got a question I have a power supply of 450 watt I want to buy a graphics card that uses 215 watt but it says minimum required PSU is 650 watt am I still able to get it because it uses 215 watt or do I really need 650 watt? thanks for helping 🙏🏼 Oscar Marrink
  5. M

    Question is 500 watt good?

    is 500watt psu ok for this configur? https://pcpartpicker.com/list/mrdpyX
  6. E

    Question PSU Calculation

    When i try to calculate my PC's power consumption with OuterVision Power Supply Calculator it shows a value of 230 Watts. But when i calculate it by hand i get this: CPU(E5200):60W GPU(R7 240): 30W RAM(2*2GB):10W HDD(Sata 7200):10W Motherboard: 30W 4*USB2.0 : 10W In total i get 150W. Which...
  7. C

    [SOLVED] PSU for dead computer + future build

    Hi. My computers PSU (650W) died after 10 years of service, and I am thinking of upgrading said computer pretty soon. At E3 I saw that AMDs releasing a "2070 equivalent" in the RX 5700 XT card which will hopefully lower prices on the 2070 when it releases. The question is how big of a PSU I...
  8. D

    Question Any suggestions for a new PSU?

    Hello, I’ve bought an AMD/MSI Radeon R9 270X but my PSU is too weak for it, it has 570 Watt peak. I have no problems with it, but when I start a heavy game (Just Cause 3/4, Dirt 3, etc) I hear my PSU buzzing and my mobo and GPU become very hot, and then my shutdown and I get a message like ...
  9. M

    Question Power bricks for laptop max wattage?

    Hi, My PSU for my PC is only 300W, but it has a fan built in. I see power bricks for laptops at 200W and they have a plastic enclosed casing. No air ventillation! Is this even safe? How come they don't need any cooling like a desktop PSU? And what is the maximum wattage a power brick can have...
  10. T

    The screen went to a different language

    Trying to restore my laptop
  11. A

    New system build under $2000 AU (questions on performance)

    Would like to clarify that I'm still a noob in understanding more advanced stuff. I'm building my first PC but am still budgeting and finding the parts I'm gonna use. Currently going for an under 2k (AUD) mATX build. However I have a few questions that I would like to address as this is my first...
  12. M

    GPU fans don't spin

    In short, when I start my desktop nothing displays on the monitor. When I investigated further, I noticed that none of the fans on my two 970's were spinning. Below I'll give way too many details to be thorough since those are often lacking in these forums: My original build was as follows...
  13. G

    How to Play Overwatch's New Retribution Mode

    It's four players against a hoard of enemies. How to Play Overwatch's New Retribution Mode : Read more
  14. A

    Need help as my pc restarts after 10 to 15 mins ingame

    I have a Pentium G4560, 8gb ddr4 ram, Gigabyte H110ms2 motherboard, a GALAX gtx1050ti OC edition, corsair VS450 PSU this problem started recently when i plugged in my gpu into my system. I am unable to play any game cause my pc just restarts when i try to play, but when i used to run it on intel...
  15. C

    Bad fps with good pc

    Hello , i'm here because i am getting low fps ( cs go 20 - 40 fps ) with good specs . GTX 1050 ti , i3 6600 k , 8 gb ram , 750 w , and i play on 1366x768 . i think i have tried everything , a lower the graphic on my games to low ,bought ccleaner , look for virus with Bitdefender , had this pc...
  16. D

    Computer restarting randomly

    My computer keeps randomly restarting. While I play a game, browse the desktop, etc. Any fixes? I replaced the power supply already and still no fix.
  17. M

    PC Won’t start.

    I’ve just gotten an Intel i5 7600k for christmas. I put it in my Gigabyte H110M-A and when i started my computer it turned off, and back on, off and back on. I replaced it with the old processor and it started working again, i’m thinking the problem is the bios not being updated, does that sound...
  18. S

    Wi-Fi disconnecting frequently (WUSB6300, Win 10)

    I have been having these issues for quite some time and I have tried searching the threads and all solutions (even if they don't seem to match my issue exactly.) No success so far. My Wi-Fi connection using a Linksys WUSB6300 adapter comes and goes fairly frequently. Once the connection is lost...
  19. S

    Is this build good enough for its price

    Hi there i was wondering if this build is any good, i have spent a long time coming up with a build and am ready to buy the parts in a few days. Please let me know if there is any bottlenecks or better alternatives thanks. Case : BITFENIX BFX-NOV-100-KKWSK-RP MO: Asus Prime B350M-A AMD DDR4...
  20. B

    Which SSD NVMe M.2 Sata drive??

    Hello all. Having trouble finding a reasonably priced SSD M.2 drive. Already made the mistake of buying a PCIe version rather than a SATA. (samsung 960 evo) The drive is for the ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ Motherboard http://www.asrock.com/MB/Intel/H110%20Pro%20BTC+/index.asp#Specification Drive...