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  1. H

    Question Will My Corsair TX650M Run AMD Vega cards?

    Hi, I have a Corsair TX650M in my build that I bought recently because my last PSU failed. I saw it had really good ratings and the 650 watts is plenty for my current specs. However, I am thinking of upgrading my RX480 to either a Vega 56 or 64. I'm just wondering if it is wise to attempt to run...
  2. G

    [SOLVED] Will a higher Wattage PSU (Modular) Cable work with a lower wattage (Modular) PSU?

    SCENARIO: I buddy got a new GPU that requires 2 PCI-E 8/6 pin connectors but he lost the modular cables, I have a higher wattage PSU of the same brand/80+Rating/Same model I believe. His PSU is an EVGA 750 Watt 80+ Gold where mine is a EVGA 850 Watt 80+ Gold. Wondering if I gave him one of my...
  3. Trigg3rHippie

    Question PSU wattage for SLI

    Hi guys, I'm looking to add another Asus Strix GTX 1070 to my setup: Maximus Hero X 9700K stock 32GB RAM Cooler Master PSU calculator says 609/659W with 2 x GTX1070 (+ every bit included) I've got a Corsair TX 650W. As not everything is running at the same time I think I should be fine. Can...
  4. A

    Resolve ghost touching on touchscreen / Permanently disable touchscreen HP ENVY 24 Windows 10 64 bit

    Please help! My ENVY 24 all in one is constantly bombarded with "ghost" touching when the touch screen driver is enabled even though I've never used it as a touch screen and the screen is spotless. I'll be working and periodically dots appear on screen in random places like it is being touched...
  5. A

    Pc ram problem?

    So , when ever i turn on my pc it shuts down automatically then after pressing the power button again it create beep noises, then after third time it starts normally. After i changed ram slots the problem was solved, but it starts occurring after 1 month again! Can you tell me any permanent...
  6. JustOneAndDone

    What Part/Parts Should I Upgrade?

    I am fairly new to PC Gaming and i'm still trying to get a REALLY GOOD Gaming PC. I would like to know, what parts I should upgrade next? My current PC Specs: -Intel Core i5-4460 Processor -Stock Intel CPU Cooler -MSI H81M-E35 V2 (MS-7817) -4,096 MB G.Skill DDR3 @ 1,598 MHz (2 Ram Stick) (8GB...