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  1. LGuy

    [SOLVED] Would my psu be able to handle a gtx 1060

    gtx I have just orderd a few minutes ago the ASUS dual fan1060 3gb , on their site they recommend a 500w psu , my psu is a 450w ,not a very good but its still a branded one , my others specs are: I3 8100 and 12 gb ram in dual chanel (4+8 gb) , my motherboard is a mATX , link here if needed...
  2. Iver Hicarte

    [SOLVED] Can you buy the separate extra 4 pin atx connector for the motherboard?

    Good day, Motherboards nowadays come with the extra 4 pin ATX power socket together with the regular 8 pin ATX socket. My question is can you buy that extra power cable? Because my power supply originally does not include that cable and I upgraded to a motherboard with that extra 4 pin ATX...
  3. Seabass101

    Question 750w PSU Component Usage

    Hi, I have a EVGA Supernova P2 750w and was wondering if it is ok to have a power draw of 650w out of the PUS. I have read that you should have at least 20% from max watts the PSU can give. So is it ok to have a 750w power supply and use 650w of it or could problems arise? System: Ryzen 5 5600x...
  4. robsants

    Question Which power supply do I need?

    Hey, I am buying a new gaming pc and was wondering which power supply do I need. x470 aorus ultra gaming Ryzen 7 2700x RX 590 8 GB 16Gb (2*8) Vengeance ddr4 2933mhz win 10 i will not OC thank you guys
  5. Kayle_

    Question Recommend psu

    Hello how many watts should i need for my pc: I5-3470s 2x4gb ddr3 ram 2x sata 7.2k rpm Rx570 asus expedition oc
  6. 4

    Question How many watts do i need ?

    Hello, i need help with how many watts my psu should be. I would like a Corsair one so if someone can tell me the watts and the specific model i should buy. I’m confused on the models i don’t understand what the difference is. My specs: Cpu: i7-8700k Gpu: Asus strix 2080 Mobo: Asus z390...
  7. N

    Question x5675/ GA-EX58-UD3R OC with 500w Psu?

    Picked up the combo for a really good deal and planning to squeeze more performance out of it. The lowest wattage psu i've read some guy use was a 550w, so im wondering if i can get away with a Evga 500w white to get a decent overclock. Aswell the guy I picked this up from said it pulls 450-500w...