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Forum discussion tagged with Watts.
  1. OrdJk

    [SOLVED] Will this power supply be able to reliably power these components ?

    https://www.corsair.com/uk/en/Categories/Products/Power-Supply-Units/txm-series-2017-config/p/CP-9020132-UK CPU : ryzen 7 2700x GPU: rtx 2060 super
  2. N

    Question Looking for a good PSU to run an i3-9100f + GTX 1050 + 8GB RAM

    Hello everybody. I'm going to buy an i3-9100F soon to upgrade from my Pentium G4400; together with this Pentium I'm currently running a GTX 1050 and 8 gigs of DDR4 RAM. My current PSU is crap though, it's a generic Sentey BCP-500XS which was included with the case I bought. So far it has worked...
  3. R

    Question UPS for voltage regulation

    Hello, I am wanting to get a UPS for my home theater system. I know any UPS wouldn't be able to power a home theater for very long, what I am interested in is the power regulation, power info as well as the surge protection. Power fluctuations are not good for electronics and a UPS with AVR...
  4. A

    [SOLVED] EPS connector

    How many watts can suply only the 8 pin connector? In some websites I saw 235w and in anothers up to 336w.
  5. J

    [SOLVED] Power Supply Question/Backup UPC

    So, I'm about to buy a backup battery for my PC, I live in Florida so that means lots of very brief power surges, and I'm scared that my pc will get fried one day. So I have one already, but it's not enough for it to sustain gaming without beeping incessantly. I'm looking to get a 600w APC...
  6. N

    Question x5675/ GA-EX58-UD3R OC with 500w Psu?

    Picked up the combo for a really good deal and planning to squeeze more performance out of it. The lowest wattage psu i've read some guy use was a 550w, so im wondering if i can get away with a Evga 500w white to get a decent overclock. Aswell the guy I picked this up from said it pulls 450-500w...
  7. E

    [SOLVED] Will my Be Quiet Dark Rock 4 fit my corsair 275r case?

    Hey there! I am creating my first PC build and I am super excited about it. Here is a link to all my PC components I am getting if it helps https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/Z29qzY My biggest concern is that I am not entirely sure if my CPU cooler is going to fit into my case? and if it does is...
  8. M

    PC Restarting When GPU Is Under Load/Reaches ~70 degrees

    Hello, Recently, I've been having a rather annoying problem with my PC. It has been restarting randomly and as I decided to dig deeper into the issue, ran a multitude of benchmarks (Prime95 and Heaven Benchmark 4.0) and got a couple of GPU logs from GPU-Z, I came to the conclusion that the...
  9. S

    2.5'' ssd used with M.2.

    I have an Acer Aspire A515-51-50Y5. It's fitted with a 250gb M.2 SSD. I have a 2.5" 500gb ssd but there is no sata cable. I have found a socket for the cable inside. How do I find out if the socket is ''live''? Can I get a cable, plug the 2.5'' in and use it as extra storage?
  10. K

    Fire on Motherboard

    I have an aorus z390 and I have been messing around with the rgb functions with the fusion app. I had connected my 3 case fans which all share an RGB header to the RGB header on the motherboard and everything seemed fine. The fans defaulted to green and I went to change the color in the fusion...
  11. A

    What is horsepower, and how can I use this measurement to calculate if I can move something at a specific rpm?

    First, I'm sorry if this is the wrong subject to post this under, and for how long and convoluted the tile was. Let me explain. I'm building an electric scooter with my friends, and I was surfing Google for electric motors. This is the one I plan to purchase: http:// I understand torque is...
  12. N

    Nothing coming up on my monitor

    Finished with my build. Now I need to install windows. One problem, the computer is operational, however nothing is showing up on the monitor. Anyone know what’s wrong? Here is some information that may help. The monitor is connected to the motherboard via vga.
  13. D

    triple monitors different size crash when game is launched

    Hey guys! Everytime I start a game on my PC, my PC crashes and the monitor detect no signal anymore. I want to play the games (LoL, Assissins, Fornite) on only one monitor (ROG swift) . This works when I start my PC with only this monitor powered on. But if I launch the game with the other two...
  14. C

    Are nylon cable ties safe to use in PCs?

    I am looking at nylon cable ties on amazon. I googled nylon and electricity as well as static. Nylon by itself does not conduct electricity but it apparently can absorb moisture and this can allow it to conduct electricity. Also I was wondering about how nylon might create static which...
  15. G

    Upgrade Choice Overload

    Time to upgrade my trusted Asus P67 Sabertooth & heavily OC'd i5-2500K. The question is low end X299 or sweet Z370 bundle??? I'll need the next mobo to last about 4 years! Used for Gaming and mostly Arma 3, currently at 1920. Not bothered about RGB, but good audio needed and will OC as much as...
  16. M

    cpu i5 6500 false overheat

    I've developed a problem the past couple days. i5 6500 skylake can't overclock, don't game. Nvida Geforce 960 gpu. The ASUS (mother) software and CPUID HW software show it over heating. But its not any heat coming off the fans which are clean. System is running normal , no indication of...
  17. S

    Looking for GPU

    I am using long time pc with configuration motherboard- AMD M5A78L-M LX V2 Processor-AMD FX4100 Ram - 8gb slot Can I install GPU- GTX 1050 ti OC expedition? Is it compatible
  18. L

    1080ti low fps all games

    i have 1080ti sli ( sli diabled ) i97900k @ cpu3.30ghz 32gb ram i run at 4k issue is i have a i7 980ti running the same games smooth where is this pc seems to stutter on all games..... i disabled intel 3.0, ive re installed windows, as you see i disabled sli (as couldnt get any boost from...
  19. W

    2500 USD Ryzen 1800x build

    hello i need to build a pc for gaming/editing/rendering. i would like it to be with the amd Ryzen 1800x because it is 399 usd rigth now on amazon. i dont need monitor nor software and keyboard/mouse. i edit in 4k and play in 4k or 1440p. also i can only buy from amazon since neweeg and other...
  20. T

    5960x overclock big air vs aio

    Hello, I recently upgraded from a 5820k to a 5960x. I was wondering if an aio such as the x62 kraken, 115i, evga clc 280mm improve the thermals compared to a r1 ultimate which I have already. The r1 kept my 5820k oc to 4.5 w/1.275vcore at 78c during stress tests. With the 5960x, attempting a...