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    Question WD hard drive on dock station goes sleep mode

    I have Orico docking station for Internal Western Digital 4TB Black hard disk drive . If i don't use the disk for 2-3 minutes the disk goes to sleep mode . I have disabled in power management setting ,set hard drive to turn off to "Never" and usb selective suspend setting to "Disable". I am not...
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    I just built a new computer, and I reused my secondary drive (WD Black 1tb). It's not being recognized in Windows 10 or the UEFI. I have tried switching the SATA cable, and it still won't work.
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    [SOLVED] Hard drive makes a clicking sound every time I save

    I recently (a week or so ago) bought a 2TB WD HDD Black. I did some searching and apparently the WD HDD Black is supposed to make some clicking noises. It has been doing so regularly and consistently, without any kind of issues whatsoever. I also read about some drive heads doing lubricant...