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    [SOLVED] SSD WD Black sn750 1tb not detected

    Got a new ssd wd black sn750 1tb, and im trying to install windows on it from a flash drive. I get to choosing the storage device and it does not show up. I do shift+F10 to use command prompts : diskpart, list disk, and nothing shows up beside the flash drive. I go into bios and can see what I...
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    Question Best SSD - ASRock B450 Pro4

    Good evening. I'm looking to add a new storage drive to my PC, an M.2 SSD preferably (mostly to transfer my games to, from my primary drive). I've just been having a bit of trouble choosing which drive to pick. My motherboard is an ASRock B450 Pro4 (not the B450M version that a lot of the other...