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  1. P

    Question Is the Ryzen 5 2600x or Ryzen 7 2700x better for gaming on a budget?

    I am on a budget of about 500 Pounds for the entire system. I want to buy a cpu that will play my games and do office work great, i don't do much multitasking on pcs. If i'm not wrong, games only use 4 cores so is it better for me to get the 2600x? I'm really confused and new to this. Thanks for...
  2. P

    Unable to use RGB on this motherboard (ASUS ROG Strix z370-g)

    I've looked and looked for solutions to this but here I am asking you guys for any viable options for RGB. As far as I can tell (and researched) there are no RGB headers on this board and I wasn't aware during purchase, since then I have bought multiple Aura Sync compatible gear (fans, aio...
  3. K

    Bush soundbar wont connect to Samsung TV with RCA cable

    Hi, so I have just got a brand new Samsung 6 series MU6120 4K TV & a brand new Bush 100W 2.1 Channel sound bar with bluetooth and the soundbar has either RCA connection, AUX connection or Bluetooth. My tv only has a Componant in or AV in port or a digital audio out (optical) but the AV in is a...
  4. B

    my pc is high powered but low gaming performance

    hello i have 16 gb ddr3 ram geforce gtx 730 windows 8.1 thr monitor ia 16++ inch but my gaming things is shait
  5. A

    Middle Button Issue

    Hello, I just recently acquired a problem with my two year old G600 where the scroll wheel will work fine on the mouse but my middle button will sometimes not respond unless I use a lot of force to middle click, and being a big MOBA player it takes sometimes multiple efforts to click and drag...
  6. C

    Best settings on Vizio sound bar connected to Vizio Tv and Directv

    I have Vizio sound bar and smart Vizio Tv along with Directv. It works. However, I’m struggling to se the audio settings such as bass and treble. Also I see people talk about having both the tv and sound bar volume on together stimulating... how does that work? Do they both match at the same...
  7. QwerkyPengwen

    Suggestions for a PC case?

    I'm looking into getting a new PC case for my build because the one I've got (while fantastic) isn't laid out well enough for the type of airflow I want/need. So suggestions for a case that's anywhere from $50 - $100 USD is appreciated. You can offer me a suggestion for a case that's more than...
  8. V

    Can't install windows

    I bought new computer parts and built it myself. When I try to install windows it won't find hard drive or when it does then it won't allow to install on that drive (gives some error, windows cannot be installed to this disk). I checked bios many times and sometimes it can recognize hdd and when...
  9. W

    Need help buying a budget home printer[urgent]

    So, I have already picked out three HP printers and they vary in prices ,all of them look good on paper but they might not meet my budget/requirements expectations . I want a all-in-one printer with copy,scan and both colour/black printing capabilities . Scanning documents and printing accurate...
  10. alexandrugalu0

    Best i5-8600k Gaming build under $1500?

    Title says it all.
  11. C

    Ryzen 1800x with a X370 MOBO?

    Is it worth to buy a Ryzen 1800x and still overclock it with an X370 MOBO?` I am thinking to buy a 1800X but then I don't have a lot of overclocking to do. So should I get a B350 MOBO instead?
  12. P

    Question on the 8700k speeds.

    From what I've read, the 8700k base speed is slower than the 7700k, and roughly 4.2 in "turbo mode" and 4.8ish from OC. My questions is: Does Turbo Mode happen passively or does it require some tweeking by the user? Also, can a new builder like myself achieve the 4.8GHz OC speeds easily or will...
  13. A

    Both displays turned black and won't turn on anymore, GPU broken????

    Is my gpu or motherboard broken?????? My 2 displays RANDOMLY turned black -> no signal and won't turn on anymore. The fans have started running louder, after opening my PC case it turned out to be the fans of my GPU // 780 TI msi edition. This all happened while my friend was making some...
  14. A

    can i play gta5 at good fps

    can i play gta5 smoothly my pc specs- Intel core i3(6th gen.) , 8gb ram ddr3 and 2 gb amd radeon r5 330 graphics operating system windows 10
  15. L

    ddr4 2133 tweaks affect 3d modelling performance?

    Blender is wearing me down because it doesn't have proper support for my MSI RX 470 (should have picked nvidia cards) which leaves me with my 'sloppy' i5 6400 and a kingston hyperx ddr4 2133 while my gpu's chillin' its ass. Just wondering if I can improve my PC's performance by tweaking the...
  16. L

    Help me please

    Ok so I got all the pieces I need for my gaming pc. Now do I need to buy those cables that you need to use to hook up ur pc to a tv? Like hdmi and stuff. If so please tell me what I need
  17. B

    Motherboard Or PSU Problem Need Help

    Hi and thanks for taking time to look at my issue, i am having a problem with back usbs on mobo non of them are working, well working correctly i wonder if the motherboard has gone faulty or if its my power supply i have powercool 850auba power supply my motherboard is the 960GC-GS FX. the...
  18. D

    Why are 980ti's $800-$1000?

    Looking on newegg, all of the 980ti's are $800-$1000, anyone know the reason for this? Kind of a pointless post but it struck my curiosity after browsing around. Shouldn't they be cheaper than 1070's?
  19. S

    Is my Motherboard compatible with MSI 1070 Gaming x?

    I'm getting a MSI 1070 Gaming X graphic card, but im not sure if my motherboard is compatible, so I'm wondering if my motherboard is compatible with that graphic card. I have a: G1.Sniper Z97 Motherboard I like all answer. is it any way i can se if my mother board has a PCI port?
  20. G

    Upgrading gtx 750ti / £150ish budget

    Specs mobo: M5A97 LE R2.0 ram: ddr3 8gb cpu: fx 6300 gpu: gtx 750 ti psu: 550w tv monitor: 1080@60hz Hi I'm looking to get a decent gpu upgrade. I want to be able to play most modern games at medium/high settings and as close to 60 fps as possible but no higher. Which gpu would you recommend...