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  1. K

    Samsung QX410 HDD to SSD

    I currently have a Samsung QX410-J01 which I bought about 3 years ago. Recently, i've decided I want to change the HDD to SSD, looking at the Samsung EVO 840 250gb SSD. Should I be doing this, or would there be no benefits to my laptop because it's so old?
  2. D

    Which one is the best bang for the buck??

    My specifications on my PC Motherboard - GIGABYTE MA785GMT-UD2H Processor - AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black edition (3.4ghz) RAM - 2x 4gb(8gb) DDR3 PNY 1333mhz Power Supply - 520watt Graphics Card - AMD Radeon HD R6670 XFX Core Edition 2gb DDR3 Im wanting to upgrade my graphics card on my PC, I...
  3. D

    Windows 8.1 not able to start, black screen with cursor

    Windows 8.1 not able to start, black screen with cursor, today morning I saw my laptop with blue screen initially later it never started, pls help I am not able to use laptop now, it's not booting also, diagnostics test shows hard drive error
  4. C

    Is it bottlenecking ?

    I have an athlon 64 x2 5000+ 2.6 ghz,is it bottlenecking with my gt 430 ? Previously i had and 8400gs,and it made better performance than this.I mean i cant run most of the games.If it is it would be an improvement if i change it with an pentium dual core e5200 2.5 ghz ?
  5. C

    Is there a noticeable difference with i5k and i7k?

    I know it may seem like a stupid question but I'm knew to the whole computer building thing since my upstairs computer is completely outdated. Now I am trying to build a family computer, one that centers around storing photos, video and editing, software, gaming, and something to work at home...
  6. X

    prevent someone limit my wifi speed

    I am living in a hostel and I suspect that one of our user is controlling and limited others internet speed. Is there any software or any method I can do to prevent the user continue controlling the internet ?
  7. N

    Suggestions for gpu!

    I have got a budget of $240 please suggest me the best gpus
  8. J

    Hard Drive Failure?

    I've got a ide hard drive i bought a ide to sata converter to plug it in to my existing motherboard when i hit the power button the computer had power for 1-2 seconds and shut off and could not be turned on again until i completely removed the hard drive?
  9. B

    Upgrading GPU help needed. what to choose.

    I'm upgrading some parts in the next few weeks. First on list is the GPU I currently have an ATI radeon HD 5700.. i've looked around and found MSI Radeon R9 270X Gaming 4G.. what are your thoughts on this GPU or is there better for similar price? also will i be needing the 4G? Games I play: BF4...
  10. D

    Lenovo G510 or Z510, need your opinions!

    The Lenovo Z510 that I'm looking at is $579. The G510 I'm looking at is $629. It looks like the only difference between these is the G510 has an I7 and a 6 cell battery vs the I5 and 4 cell in the Z510. Oh, the G510 has win 8.1 and only win 8 for z510. It looks like the G series has buttons...
  11. G

    More 5.25" bays

    I am looking for a way to have more optical drive bays than my case has do I can have more fan controllers but so far have been unsuccessful Any help? Thanks
  12. Treeroy

    RAM not running at normal latencies

    My RAM is Corsair Vengeance Low Profile 1866MHz stuff, with supposed latencies of 9-10-9-27. I upgraded my motherboard today, and according to the program Speccy: - old motherboard was 9-10-9-27 - currently 9-13-13-34 Can I change this somehow? I didn't think you could manually adjust memory...
  13. T

    Raid + Scsi

    Complete Newbie question here. Is it possible to set up a RAID using scsi drives? I know there would be adapters and cards involved, but is it possible, and would I see any performance benefits from it. The way I understand it, RAID is a way to connect drives where scsi is a type of drive. RAID...
  14. G

    IBM Deskstar 75 GXP ATA 100?

    Greetings all! I recently installed a new IBM Deskstar 75 GXP drive and ran the included ATA switch utility. On boot my HD now says it is using UDMA 5, is this the same as ATA 100? Thanks in advance! Hardware Junkie
  15. D


    will my new graphics card sapphire radeon hd 6870 be able to run on this power supply ? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Aerocool-Strike-X-600W-80-Bronze-PSU-ATX2-3-14cm-Fan-Power-Supply-/170871508247?pt=UK_Computing_PowerSupplies_EH&hash=item27c8bc4d17
  16. K

    GTX 680 FTW+ Inconsistent Voltage

    I had made another thread a few days ago about FPS dropping, it didnt get any replies other than someone asking about fan speeds and temperatures which was not the issue I have traced the issue of my FPS dropping in games, they would go from 100-120, and drop down to ridiculously low levels...
  17. A

    Which M Card Is Best for My Needs?

    have purchased an aio workstation and would like to upgrade the card that came with it (quadro 1000m) without breaking the bank. the computer will be used for spreadsheets, photoshop, a little gaming, web surfing and possibly some light video editing and modest cad/3d work down the road. current...
  18. G

    ATA-100 cable length etc.

    Hi, I´ve just switched to a fulltower case and my IDE cables were too short. I bought new 36 inch cables (80 conductor) and after this my DVD-player works like crap, I get CRC errors all the time. I have two ATA-100 hard drives on the first IDE channel and my DVD and CD/RW on the second. The...
  19. ravndal15

    Guys where do I put my SLI connector?

    I'm almost ready to go . Probably a simple question. Seems I have two sets of pins on my gtx 580's for my SLI connector though . In my picture am I pointing to the right set of pins to connect them up with my connector ?the left side ? Regards Adam http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=f2n246&s=6
  20. R

    Graphics Card RAM Question

    Why do games have to use both your normal computer ram and your graphics cards VRAM? Why doesn't it just use the VRAM as it is faster?