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    Help me decide!!

    So , here are my specs: video card: nvidia geforce GT 220 processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 750 @ 2.67GHz ram: 4 gb hard drive: 500 GB 350 watts PSU motherboard: dell-0x231r So i want to upgrade my PSU and my video card. I am upgrading my PSU to this one...
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    HD6870 problems

    Hey. Just bought a new VGA - ASUS EAH HD6870 directCU, but am having problems with it. After I installed it, (after under load, like playing games for example) my pc either completely shuts down without a warning or the game freezes for a while and then it says in my task bar that the driver...
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    Is Displayport worth its price

    Hello folks, I was recently looking for a monitor and I noticed that monitors with Displayport are significantly more expensive than the rest. For example a decent 22' ASUS monitor without Displayport cost around 150$, but a 22' ASUS monitor with Displayport costs another 80$. Is the...
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    Who know IBM EGA Graphic card

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    How do I delete the pictures etc in my pictures in windows xp home ?

    How do I delete all the images in my "Pictures" site in my windows xp Home ?
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    What's a decent ~$200 1920*1080 gaming monitor?

    I'm currently using a 22'' BenQ @ 1920*1080, but I'm not super impressed by the colours, so something a bit more.. vibrant, would be nice. Size-wise 22-24, and definitely 1920*1080 resolution, ~$200, and it'll be used for gaming. Absolutely no 3D! (even though that's probably unrealistic at that...