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  1. _dawn_chorus_

    [SOLVED] 1/5 of reviews state early failure for HDD's..why?

    Just trying to find an HDD for mass storage in the range of 2 tb. Both the Seagate and WD BLue drives seem to have a large amount of 1 star "failed within a few months" reviews across Amazon and NewEgg. That seems pretty high.. Could this just be an effect of people with a bad product being...
  2. mihajlomiki190904

    [SOLVED] How to mount a HDD?

    So I just bought a new HDD, literally right now. There's a couple of problems. I got no experience with it. Someone please help. It's urgent. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First of all, can TWO...
  3. A

    radeon hd 6850

    can irun radeon hd 6850 in 450 w psu