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    [SOLVED] How to configure failover for Web server in case of ISP down?

    Hi Guys, I have been recently working in deploying Web Servers which requires 100% uptime. In my organization we have 2 WAN connections (say A and B), WAN A with 12 Static Public IPs (Leased Line) and WAN B with 1 Static Public IP (Broadband) and we have 1 Fortigate firewall where both the WANs...
  2. Z

    Question Ram help

    So I just checked in my PC properties and it says I only have 8 GB of RAM but I installed 2 8gb so shouldn't I have 16gb of ram I'm using Asus b450m-a for the motherboard and a and ryzen 3 with integrated Vega graphics and for the graphics card I'm using a Radeon rx570
  3. Y

    Should I upgrade my cpu or my gpu

    Hi I have a Intel Pentium dual core CPU and a Nvidia geforce G210 512mb GPU and 8gb of ddr3 ram should I get a better CPU first or a better GPU
  4. J

    Newest windows update makes game lag and run slower in general

    I've noticed that my league of legends and other games have been running slower ever since i updated my windows 10 to version 1803 build 17134.48 I have also noticed that whenever a full screen application starts up 3 beeping sounds are made as if windows has some other process running behind...
  5. B

    No signal on PC after changing monitors.

    Hi, I just changed out my monitor for a better one. Tried plugging it in the PC via HDMI but it's not working. Can confirm its not the monitor, or the hdmi plugin. It no longer works on the old monitor either. It just shows a "No Signal" screen. RX 480 CORE I5 MSI BAZOOKA B250 8GB RAM Vg245h...
  6. O

    New XLR Mic In sound card has bad quality output audio

    So I just bought a new Audio Technica AT2020 mic with XLR hook up (not usb) that is plugged into my Sound Blaster ZX sound card and I'm having issues with the mic sounding like I'm under water. Here's the set up: AT2020 > XLR female to male XLR cable > Phantom Power AC18v > XLR female to male...
  7. W

    Chrome keeps logging out

    Okay so i just got a new PC with with windows 10 Home edition. The problem im having is, whenever i exit google chrome it keeps logging me out of Gmail, Facebook, Twitch... and every time i must log back in. The synchronization works fine its jut when i exit and re enter chrome im logged out of...
  8. J

    Looking to build a 1080p 60 fps gaming pc

    Hello I would appreciate any help with building a gaming pc from Pc part picker. In my goal to be able to play games, any game in 1080p at about 30 to 60 fps,though I would like something closer to 60 fps if possible, even if that means lowering the video setting to something like medium, for...
  9. 3

    How to use PCI-E Network Adapter? Asus PCE-AC68

    I built a new pc and it has a PCE-AC68 network adapter from ASUS. I have downloaded the driver but I can't find the AC68 in my network adapters. Its installed on the 5th out of 6 total PCI slots on my Maximus x Hero Motherboard. I'm currently using a USB wifi dongle.
  10. A

    Wifi led and hdd activity led don't work

    I have bought a used very good condition thinkpad x230. It have windows 8.1 installed. The problem is that the wifi led and hdd activity led don't work, neither when I have set the power off button to shut down when pressed and neither the display when closed to hibernate. Could it be driver...
  11. H

    my HDD hard drive doesn't show up!!

    I have msi ge60 series.it include 2hard drive a SSD 256gig an 1T HDD it was working fine but now my HDD hard drive (D:) doesn't show up. and it's not even shown in disk management! I know it's there bcz it is shown in BIOS and Ubuntu but not in windows 10. Maybe it's a virus. How can I fix it...
  12. J

    Help picking parts for a PC upgrade.

    I want to upgrade my processor (and consequently my motherboard and RAM). Should I go for Ryzen or intel? My main purpose for this upgrade is gaming at minimum 60Hz 1080p max in game settings for now, and 1440p/4k for future and with a 144hz monitor. ( I know the res is mostly GPU reliant but...
  13. N

    league of legends

    can i play lol with nvidia sli ready pc2 6400 tnx
  14. E

    Help with purchase of a new laptop.

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a laptop to use during my Masters next year. I want my new laptop to have and I5 processor and I am limited to a budget of around 500 euro. After browsing in my home country's market I have found two strong candidates for my next laptop: Acer Extensa EX2540...
  15. M

    Battlefield 1: Does it worth overclocking my 7700K?

    Hello guys, My system: Asus IX Hero, 7700K@4.5GHz, DDR4 16GB 3200MHz XMP, Noctus D15S, Gigabyte G TX1080 Xtreme gaming, Corsair AX750 PSU, BenQ 144Hz 1920x1080 Playing predominantly BF1 on my PC on my 1080p 144Hz monitor, ultra preset. No V-sync capped fps to 144. Average of 130fps. Does it...
  16. S

    Operating system support

    So I installed windows 10 on my laptop however when i turn off legacy support and restart, it says o.s not found. What do I do?
  17. M

    PC games clients are not working on internet

    Hi, I was trying to install COD ghosts by transferring all files from DVD to my external HDD, I couldn't install because, it can be installed only by iso file so I tried to download powerISO to convert the folder into iso file and install, I did this to skip the disk inserting process and for...
  18. A

    New Build, RAM too similar

    Alright so i'm building this new PC with the following specs: i7-6850k MSI x99 godlike carbon GTX 1080 Samsung 960 EVO 1050W power just to name a few of the components to get you a better idea of the rig I just can't decide on which DDR4 ram would be the best fit for me. I want to use this...
  19. A

    gtx 1070 with pci e 2.0

    I have a motherboard with pci-e 2.0. Will it be able to run the gtx 1070?
  20. Shaun98

    Windows 7 Wont install "A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing"

    Hi, I have a PC that shipped with Windows 10 and I am now trying to downgrade back to windows 7 however everytime i insert my Windows 7 Boot media USB flash drive it says "A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing" I have tried two USB pens both work fine with a Windows 10 boot media and...
  21. X

    Smell After Upgrading GPU To a GTX 1080?

    I noticed the past 2 nights after playing Rise of the Tomb Raider, that I could sort of smell my GPU get hot. I touched where the HDMI outputs are and indeed it was fairly hot to the touch. I have the recommended PSU and have read that this is actually normal sometimes at first. Is there...
  22. G

    [WTB] Full Build, Parts for Full Build, Budget 40"-ish 4k monitor

    I'm looking for parts to build a workstation. I'm open to any offers, but am looking for something in the range of: Processor: i7 6700k or 5820k Cooler: Anything, shoot me an offer! Motherboard: Anything, as long as it's compatible with the rest of the system Memory: 32 GB Storage: pm me your...
  23. S

    Toshiba Portable Hard Drive Problem: toshiba canvio plus 2.5(6.4) 1 terabyte

    Hi, I been using my TOSHIBA CANVIO PLUS 2.5(6.4cm) one terabyte portable hard drive for almost a year now and I recently formatted my laptop now having problems copying files from the hard drive to my laptop and from my laptop the hard drive, and just to be sure I've tried the drive on other...
  24. L

    Set accessible partition on flash drive?

    So I've made 2 partitions on my flash drive using Bootice. I wanted to have one small partition for Hirens Boot and rest to use as storage. So what I want to know is if there's a way to set accessible partition without using Bootice software ? Also if it's possible to set all partitions to be...
  25. H

    750ti in a foxconn G33M02

    Hey guys so the title kinda explains it all but the reason is i got two dell's for free with foxconn g33m02 motherboards and i put one mobo into a dell dimension 2400 case (more room) and i was hoping to put a gtx 750ti in it with a core 2 quad for a budget gaming pc. so tell me is there any...
  26. D

    Where to buy case thing for laptop

    Hey everyone! A couple of months ago I did my first PC build and now my sister says she wants one but there's a problem. She wants a laptop. So I have a question - where would I get the outside part of the laptop? Sorry if this is a stupid question! Thanks
  27. A

    Looking for help regarding Home Network situation

    Hey everyone. I'm looking for some advice regarding the network I'm about to setup at my new house. I did read the sticky **The Ultimate Modem/Router Setup Thread** by axxeon, so I have a fair idea on how to accomplish my goal but could use a little extra help. My new place is a three story...
  28. Z

    Getting the best drivers?

    I built my pc a few months ago and recently changed out some parts to include a better motherboard and processor. Are the drivers that come with the equipment and windows usually good enough, or should I override the defaults with different drivers? I havent noticed any compatibility issues...
  29. C

    i cannot enter realtek can anyone help

    I tried getting realtek open so that i could enable the pop up for my acer (the pop up is the one that says whetheryou have a mic aux, headset aux etc). if anyone could help me out that would be great. ps. I have windows 10 if that helps
  30. U

    Budget Build Gaming

    I'm looking to run 5 World of Warcraft Clients at low video settings. Can this build handle it no problem? I have all the other parts. PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: Intel Core i7-4790 3.6GHz Quad-Core Processor ($299.99 @ SuperBiiz) Motherboard: MSI Z97-GAMING 5...
  31. B

    Does the MSI 970A G-43 Plus have onboard usb 3 headers for front panel connections?

    I am building a pc and need to figure out if the MSI 970A-G43 Plus has onboard usb 3 headers for front panel connections for an NZXT S340. Need to find out fast!!
  32. W

    edge tabs not recovering ofter restart

    Microsoft edge tabs are not auto recovering after a restart, I want them where I left off, how can I fix this?
  33. B

    Razer Mamba Mouse Won't Work in Wireless Mode

    I bought a Razer Mamba mouse but it wont work when plugging the USB to the deck only if i connect it directly to the mouse. I want to add that when the mouse is not connected directly to the computer the lights are not working and the buttons are not working either (and the movement itself of...
  34. L

    laptop hard drive enclosure, USB 2.0 or eSata

    I want to back up my laptop hard drive with a spare 320drive The laptop has two USB 2.0 and one eSata. What the best choice for a one time project? Is there an advantage to using eSata?
  35. N

    Should I upgrade my psu?

    My psu: http://m.imgur.com/gGxJy9O There is written 750 watt max but I'm not sure if that means it can run a card that requires fx 400 watt. I wonder if this can run graphic cards like r7 370 or should I buy a new psu, and any suggestions for a new one?
  36. D

    Rattling sound from the power supply.

    Lately my psu begun ta make a rattling sound, its not that loud and its stops sometimes for a half hour and comes back again. Is there any way to fix this?? Btw im not going to get the psu open in any way.
  37. C

    Ati Radeon HD 4350 says I have 244MB of Vram when I should have 512

    I have windows Vista 64 bit with 8g of ram. Its an Hp Elite e9107c This only happens when I try to install the most up to date driver. Ive rolled back to version 10-12 and it reads correctly that I have 512 MB. But I don't understand why the newest driver doesn't work right?
  38. B

    Where does my Cassett Player socket fit?

    I have an ancient cassett player which I use to play old tapes and it used to be plugged into the back of my ASRock H67M-GE. Somehow or other it got pulled out and I don't know where it fits. I can see some different colour sockets but I have no idea which one its supposed to to fit into. Can...
  39. K

    How Can I Upgrade My 32-Bit OS?

    So the holidays are coming so I would like to play games that support 32-Bit OS. Only problem is most of the games I want to play only supports 64-Bit. So how can I upgrade my 32-Bit OS. I need a cheap option but I am willing to spend more then I intend to. Specs: Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2...
  40. I

    If I have two 500 watt speakers with a 500 watt amp, does each one get 250 or 500?

    Speaker question I'm new to the bass scene If I have two 500 watt speakers with a 500 watt amp, does each one get 250 or 500?