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    Question Xbox 360 kinect not working for webcam pc

    Weird question but I tried to get my xbox 360 kinect to work for a free working webcam for my PC. I have the 1414 model for the kinect and I have all the drivers right connector (xbox to pc) and the camera doesn't work on it but the microphone does. I've tried everything. Trying different...
  2. Question ThinkPad T440 Integrated WebCam not working on Windows 10

    Hello! I am a proud owner of an older ThinkPad T440 unit. The laptop itself works great and is just what I need for my purposes. That said, I do have a problem with it that I was hoping some of you guys could help me solve, since most internet tips failed and I was thinking someone also had the...
  3. G

    Question C922 Webcam not working

    So recently I have been having issues with my c922 webcam when i try to use it. It doesn't light going into the g hub it seems to duplicate it's self and causes my games to lag when its plugged in.
  4. L

    Question Xiaomi Mi Security camera as webcam

    So I wanna buy a webcam, but the ones I have in the stores near me all have a res of 640x480, SD basically. However, I've noticed a certain camera, that has a 1080p res and isn't that...
  5. stuartfordfmai

    Question Phone Camera or Webcam (Which is Best)?

    I saw a similar post to this back in 2016 and wasn't sure if it had been answered better? I have tried numerous webcams since lock-down and haven't found anything better than my Galaxy A5 phone with iVCam. Below is a link to one of my streamed and recorded videos where you can see the large...
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    Question small cameras for apartment security

    Hello, I'm looking for some beginner advice on buying and setting up some cameras. The reason is the landlord of my apartment has been entering the apartment when I'm not there. I have no idea what it should cost for something that works. I'm looking for something fairly low-budget if...
  7. I

    Question Error 0xa00f4244 NoCamerasAreAttached - Latitude 5500

    Hello, I have a laptop with a built-in web camera. When I try to access or use it with the Windows camera app, I am greeted with the error in the title. When other apps attempt to use the camera, all I see is a black screen. Here are some details: I am on the latest version of BIOS and...
  8. Question Strange USB Port Issues

    Hi All! I'm not sure where to stick this thread. So please direct me if there's a better place. My Windows 10 PC has 6 USB 2.0 slots and 2 USB 3.0 slots. A few days ago I noticed transfers from my external HDD to my flash drive were incredibly slow. They only really worked when connected to...
  9. Question Old Webcam not working

    I have an old webcam that also has a microphone inside it somewhere. I tried setting it up with my PC but i cannot find the right drivers. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling it in device manager, I've tried using driver detection softwares. There is no serial number or any information...
  10. A

    Question Internal webcam not working ASUS UX430UA Laptop

    Hey guys, So I'm having an issue with my internal webcam on my laptop (Asus UX430UA). Basically whenever I use the windows camera app, skype or any other video service it just shows a black screen, also a white led turns on next to the webcam when using the apps possibly indicating the webcam...
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    Question Webcam only turns on when I restart my laptop

    Webcam only turns on when I restart my laptop Hey all. I have a Dell Inspiron i5559-7080SLV which for a while now has had a webcam problem. If I want to do anything with the webcam, like Skype, or using the facial recognition to log in, I have to restart the laptop and that’s only when it will...
  12. S

    Question wireless notebook cam for win 10

    Hi all, I am looking for a wireless notebook cam to be connected to a windows 10 computer. Purpose is that I want to support an elderly person from remote. For this, I want to enable him to take the cam and point directly on certain objects he is having problems with in his apartment. For...
  13. T

    Question Windows 10 camera vs. Imaging device classification

    Hello, I'm currently trying to use my iPhone as a webcam on my PC with iVCam. The actual iVCam app can successfully record and capture, but the app and other applications can't show live feed through the camera(what I'm actually trying to use it for). When I looked in Device Manager, the iPhone...
  14. B

    Question USB KVM Webcam Passthrough

    Hey all - looking for some help getting USB passthrough working correctly on my USB KVM switch. Here's the KVM: Here's the webcam: When...
  15. A

    Question Can I connect the Logitech Streamcam (webcam) into my PC without USB C?

    I have USB 3.0 and HDMI, but no USB C. What adapter do I need? Thanks!
  16. L

    Question Logitech external webcam video not working

    Hi everyone, Just posting here briefly - will elaborate tomorrow. I have a very annoying problem that I cannot figure out. I have had an external webcam by Logitech for years (HD C310) and until I reinstalled Windows 7 a few months ago, the audio has been working impeccably, but it only shows...
  17. J

    Question Does Logitech C920S and C922 webcams work with Windows 7?

    Do Logitech C920S and C922 webcams work with Windows 7? I am getting confused [link removed]
  18. kris_hm

    Question Logi Capture software will not launch

    I have a logitech 922 pro webcam and im running windows 8.1. When i plugged the camera in initially about a week ago windows detected it and the software automatically installed and everything worked. Now logi capture, (the software that comes with the webcam) will not launch. I click on it and...
  19. A

    Question Webcam that can be controlled via phone. Recommendations?

    Hi I am seeking recommendations for a webcam that I can control via my phone. This isnt for security. I am looking to use it to livestream my film shoots but I would like to be able to operate it remotely turn on or off, stream on or off. This is because I am kind of busy with other stuff...
  20. A

    [SOLVED] Razor Kiyo Webcam settings not saving

    I place certain settings on my webcam in order to have a clear view of my face. For some odd reason, every time I turn on my pc, and turn on my webcam, my gain setting keeps resetting to 0 (I place it on 200 and saved it on my profile). Any suggestions?