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    Question Need a PC that can record three 1080 webcam feeds at the same time.

    Hi, I have a project that needs to record three Logitech Brio webcams at the same time. Ideally, the system would be able to the webcams in 4k but would be satisfied with 1080p feeds. The system only has to run some audio software, webcam software and record the feeds. It has no other purpose. I...
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    Question Could someone recommend a laptop with a good webcam?

    I'm looking for something in the ~500 USD range, and this Asus one seems ideal...
  3. Question Confused using temp monitoring software

    Hi all and thank you for reading my thread, and any help you may be able to offer. I am currently upgrading my set up and have an issue with monitoring some of the temps, using two pieces of software (HWMonitor and Speedfan) - in particular, the culprit entry is AUXTIN which seems to average...
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    [SOLVED] What specs should I use?

    Umm Hey hello guys, I need some help choosing my PC specs (I will buy it soon..) I have made some two builds please tell me the best one and thanks! Do you also recommend me replacing the 1050ti with GTX 970? I have...
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    Two way 780 ti 5760 cuda cores

    I got a 780 ti with 2880 cuda core and I have the posibility to buy another 780 ti very cheap. In this case im gonna have two 780 ti with the double cuda cores therefore 5760 cuda cores. What can you tell me about the performance? In tha case 3 gb vram is enough? I got sentey 1050 watts 80 plus...
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    Can I overclock gpu on h310m motherboard

    Can I overclock gpu on h310m motherboard
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    Power monitoring software

    I have a laptop that is being used to monitor the temperature and run webcams in a hut where a large tortoise spends the winter. I’m looking for software that will detect when the laptop is using battery and alert me by email as this will give me advanced notice of any loss of mains power and...
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    Need help about GTX 960...

    Hi guys, i need a little help... Im using some cheap, not quality psu of 500w, now i want to upgrade my hd 5770 to gtx 960. hd 5770 need 400w psu like gtx 960, both have 6 pin. My hd 5770 somehow working 2 years without any problems with external 6 pin adapter. So, can gtx 960 work? my specs...
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    Can all motherboards support switching OS disk from laptop to PC like my combo does? (i3-7100u >> i5-8400)

    I share an OS SSD with my laptop and desktop, I swap the disk back and forth between laptop and desktop. When I go out, take the disk and put it in laptop and vice versa. This works 100% fine, PC and laptop simply says "getting devices ready" on boot for a few seconds and then good to go...
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    I'm building a new computer but I'm worried that the motherboard coming in will have faulty DIMM or are DOA.

    What kind of motherboard should I get. I'm getting an Intel i7-8700k but i want a good motherboard that isnt too expensive, $250 or cheaper. And one that will be able to support a big air cooler, Noctua NH-D15. If you have any build info and/or tips on what brands to get please tell me. This...
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    Same issue in post

    Im having the same problem as this guy with the same specs he has would love an answer to the question above as i see no one has responded
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    I7 8086k overclock

    Hello i bought today i7 8086k and ASROCK z370 extreme 4..I want to overclock it to 5ghz..Is cooling maelstrom 240t enought for it,or do i need something better?My budget is 80euros
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    About AMD FX CPU

    It is worth to change my fx 6300 into a fx 8350, i wanted to change to intel but if i change the processor i need to change the motherboard obviously but it is worth? i dont want to waste too much money.
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    Speedtests 100 down, 10 up (as it's supposed to be) but I'm still lagging a lot

    Hey, I've got a weird problem going on with my current internet. It's supposed to be capped at 100 down and 10 up which I receive on a regular base but when I'm on Discord (similar to Skype) I start lagging. Interactions in a Game Client (League of Legends) make my internet lag as well (my...
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    [SOLVED] 1080 or 1440 2700ryzen with 1060 6g want to play ~100fps

    and how does it work with refresh rate (144hz) when i get less fps from pc performance?
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    Can I force my video settings to high/ultra and go beyond 2GB on GTX 960 without damaging my PC?

    Hi there, this is probably going to be a dumb question, but I am not good with video cards and stuff and that is why just wondering... Here is the computer I have with all the specifications in that link Couple questions: Im trying to make Far...
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    Questions about GPU and CPU Usage

    Specs: CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 OC @3.7 GHz GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 DT GAMING (GPU OC: 1900MHz----MEM OC: 5800MHz) 16GB of Gskill Ripjaws DDR4 Ram Msi B350M Pro-VDH Mobo 700W Bronze PSU (Waiting on a EVGA SuperNova G2 750W) Sandisk SSD (for windows, google, etc.) 2TB 5400RPM WD Blue...
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    $350 US HTPC Build in 2018

    Hi all, I'm currently putting together a small HTPC, upgrading from my tiny atom-processor PC. I know anything these days will be miles faster than the atom, but just would like to see if I had pieced together a good deal, so if there are changes to be made I can do so promptly :) The specs...
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    MS FreeCell & Mahjong Titans in Vista

    Elderly couple in rural area has dying PC w/Vista (NO internet connection) that they use for playing FreeCell & Mahjong Titans games. Since new computers come w/Windows 10 installed is it better to purchase a "basic" PC and reinstall original Vista to so they can play their games? Or is there...
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    Components for a quiet PC?

    So I'm sitting here in my 78 F (25 C) house which is competently normal for California with my FX8350 playing games while my CPU is hitting 56-60 C (the chip thermal throttles at 62 and is unsafe at 70 according to AMD) cooled by my Hyper T4 heat sink and considering the amount of games i will...