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  1. J

    Question New cpu has a clicking fan, and it only makes this clicking noise when the fan has to speed up like when im running a game for example.

    I just bought a brand new computer, and i've noticed when the fan has to speed up like when im running a game for example it starts to make a clicking kind of noise and it continuously does this, and its light but super annoying. Does anyone know how I can fix this? It has one fan, and a liquid...
  2. K

    Question PSU making weird noise when under load

    Hello, so about a week ago I purchased components for my new PC. (Evga RTX 2080 XC, intel i7 8700k, MSI MPG Z390M, 16gb DDR4 3200, samsung m.2 9z0plus) I reused my practically new CPU cooler (Seidon 120V2) and about a year and a half old PSU (Corsair HX750 Platinum) and a couple hard drives and...
  3. V

    Question One of the three fans on my GPU has stopped working today - still safe to use?

    Okay, so today as I mentioned above one of the fans stopped working. My GPU model is a Gigabyte GTX 980 TI G1 Gaming card. I couldn't fix the fan by myself, I will pay for a repair, but I am not sure if it's completely safe to use it until then. It is magnetic, but it also has something else...
  4. M

    Question Weird noises from PSU

    Hi guys! As I was rendering a video this morning, I noticed a weird buzzing noise coming from my relatively new PSU. After the rendering finished the noise was almost gone but I can still hear it when i get really close to the PSU. View: (this is...
  5. TigranEkin

    Question strange drops in usage gpu, or power.

    Hi, If not this section I'm sorry. I have such a problem that during the game or even without gaming, just watching youtube for example I have strange drops in usage gpu, or power. In general, it's like everything just turned off for a second and suddenly it started to work again. During...
  6. C

    Graphic Card Brand

    What is the difference between AMD Ryzen GPU and GTx GPU?? What should I get if I want to record video, edit video and stream?? Why it is better and why should I get it??
  7. S

    Laptop for study and gaming

    Hello people, I'm looking to buy a laptop for school and gaming. I found 2 great deals but can't decide which of them I should buy. The first one is a hp power pavilion 15-cb030nd with a i7 7700hq, 8gb ram, 128 GB SSD + 1tb HDD, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 2gb. This one will costs €1000 And the...
  8. G

    intel pentium g4560

    can a pentium g4560 fit in h110m-d?
  9. M

    My laptop wont turn on

    When i try press power button it wont react but when im pressing random keys it will just show logo and then it shutdown. Sometime i dont even get to logo but just black screen.I tried unpluging charger and battery strategy.
  10. KiiDPoLo98

    Wicked TEMPS !! HD 6970

    I upgraded to windows 10 and all of a sudden my GPU (HD 6970) Temps are idling at 90-100F and under load 130F while gaming. I believe this is a false reading because I use my computer everyday for a few hours and when I took the case cover off and touched the heatsink & backplate on my gpu its...
  11. C

    Corsair H110i GT Mounting Question

    I have a NZXT Phantom 240 case, and after some trial and error, I was able to mount the radiator in the top of the case, and the fans on top of the case (exhausting out the top). There isn't enough room between the mobo and top of the case for me to mount fans inside the case. My question is...
  12. S

    I need help, I want to know If my laptop can handle GTA V.

    My laptop has : 4gb ddr3 ram , i5 (2540m) 2.5 ghz(3.1 ghz with turbo boost) processor, Windows 8.1 Pro , AMD HD7650M GPU and maximum resolution of 1366*768. Can it run Gta V? At least between 30 to 40 fps.
  13. OneBarWonder

    Will my system bottleneck a GTX 980

    My system CPU: AMD FX-4130 Zambezi Quad-Core 3.8GHz MOBO: MSI 760GM-P34 HDD: Toshiba 500gb SSD: SAMSUNG 840 120gb PSU: 600w
  14. T

    2 GPU system? Will this work and what PSU will I need

    I have a little below average rig with a Radeon 7850 and I don't really have anywhere to put it and I am making a new build and I was wondering if I can put it together with Gigabyte GeForce GTX 770, 2GB DDR5 Rest of the new build: CPU: I7-4790K MOBO: Gigabyte GA-Z97-HD3, Z97 Ram: Corsair...