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    Question Pc crashes during gaming & benchmarks

    Hey guys, for about a few weeks, my PC would constantly crash during gaming. While playing games like Overwatch or GTA V, my screen freezes with a weird pixel pattern.(Same for benchmarks)Then it shuts down and reboot itself. View: I looked up online what...
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    Long time before bios screen restarting/starting PC

    ■ When I turn on/restart my PC it takes 28 sec before BIOS screen pops up. UPD: 25 sec to BIOS yet. I have MSI B350-VDH mb, Win 10 1703 build, 2x8 RAM (100% properly installed in dual mode). Boot device is <UEFI here my HDD name>. Drivers are up-to-date, BIOS too. I think, HDD is ok, because...