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  1. Question PC Freeze with weird sound from HDD ?

    Hello, My PC froze several times in recent days with a weird noise coming from HDD. It unfroze itself within several seconds, so I didn't care much. However, today morning it didn't even boot, but stuck on boot screen with the weird noise continuously coming from the HDD. After several minutes...
  2. N

    Question Weird Electric buzzing sound comming from my pc

    From the start i have a problem with a weird buzzing sound coming out of my pc, i can hear it if i get a lot of fps in games, i already tried 3 diffrent gpu's, got a new psu And nothing seems to work. Specs: Asus Prime Z390-P i7-9700k @ 4,5Ghz Asus RTX 2080 Super Rog Strix Oc Corsair HX 1200w...
  3. E

    Question GTX 1060 6GB making strange sound

    I found a video of almost the same sound I'm getting, Weird GPU sound . It only appears when GPU is under load usually while playing games. I also experimented a bit with MSI Afterburned and found out that this noise appears when GPU fans are spinning on about 60-70% If I go below 60 or above...
  4. T

    EVGA GQ or G3 for a 650W power supply ?

    i heard bad things about the g3 having production issues .. so should i avoid it ? as its anyways 30$ more than the GQ so i dont want to risk it and pay more
  5. ZenKoiDragon

    Added 2 8g ddr4 to 2 8g ddr4 uefi loads but windows doesnt

    Added 2 new sticks to my original 2.. Uefi recognizes all four so they are seated correctly and motherboard is compatible.. So what is the problem?
  6. K

    Computer slowly dying to some software bug or virus.

    My computer has a i7-7700hq and a GTX 1050ti, and I bought it 8 months ago. Im having alot of weird issues going on right now with my computer. First of all, this tuesday, my energy options just disappeared out of nowhere. I didnt think much of it and just ignored it thinking they would come...