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  1. Benri

    Question I bought a new GPU because i thought the old one was broken... problem NOT FIXED :(

    Ok so I had an GTX 970 in my Computer for like 4 years. I went to holiday, came back and when i turned on my PC the displays (1 DisplayPort, the other one is HDMI) stayed black. I was confused and changed the HDMI to my Motherboard GPU a Intel(R) HD Graphics 530, that one worked and i was able...
  2. S

    BSOD dump Windows 7

    How do I learn what to do? I download a program to read the dump file. It says: Critical Object Termination Crash address: ntoskrnl.exe+70380 caused by driver ntoskrnl.exe Is this a memory related issue? I ran the Windows memory checker, and I didn't get any errors. Every morning when I...
  3. S

    Looking to upgrade my card soon.

    My PC specs are: FX-4100 HD 7750 8gb RAM I'm looking at 3 cards. The GTX 750 ti, R7 265, and a GTX 660. Anyone have any advice? Oh, and also this will be the power supply...