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  1. K

    Question Please help 240hz is gone

    So i mounted my 3 monitors to the wall yesterday and since then my main monitor (Acer XFQ250) can only go up to 120hz. Before that i could just play 240hz on it. Im using the exact same cables and everything but it doesn't go higher then 120. Ive tried diffrent cables, diffrent graphics card...
  2. P

    [SOLVED] How to use my old HDD in a new set-up?

    What do i have to do and is it even possible to be able to use my old 2TB HDD in my new set up as i don't want to waste money on a new HDD as it seems stupid to do so.
  3. vodka20022

    [SOLVED] My pc shuts down randomly but only if i play or start games

    My pc shuts down randomly but only if i play or start games it sometimes happens every time i start a game sometimes it doest happen at all for months. My pc 1070ti i5 6600k 8gb ram 2tb hdd 128 gb ssd 750 w 80+bronze psu
  4. L

    XFX AMD Radeon 7870 Ghz Edition DD overheating?

    Under heavy load, my 5 year old graphics card is finally getting much hotter than it was when I first got it. Using Open Hardware Monitor shows that my graphics card has run temps up to 91 degrees. About a year ago I re-seated the cooler and changed the thermal compound (the old stuff was...
  5. I

    Cant get overclocking to stick in windows (CPU-Z and coretemp)

    Hi I am trying to overclock my CPU for the first time and have spent a long time reading this forum and doing a fair bit of googling, but I cant seem to get it to work. My system : Motherboard : P67A-GD65 B3 CPU : I7-2600K CPU cooler : Noctuna NH-C14 Memory : DHX DDR 1600Mhz 8gb Bios version ...
  6. Henk13

    booting loop after bluescreen

    booting loop, shutting down before you can reach the bios. originally a response on this topic: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/edit/response/17613150 I have the same Problem here with my gigabyte z97 hd3 v2 motherboard in my PC. I had this problem one time before, then I tested everything...
  7. K

    Gaming Pc / wall mounted tv

    Right so I currently have a 5yr old 48" LG TV that I use for the front room with my pc hooked up. I am moving house soon and am budgeting for a new TV. I just dont know if to go for a high end hd unit with gaming features, low input lag etc. Being the Sony kdl-50w829b which is £750. Or I have...
  8. B

    Upgrading from 4770 to 4790 without changing mobo

    I have a 4770k that I believe may be a bit of a bad batch - can't get it to OC past 4.3 using the ASUS OC software (4 way optimization). I even get some BSOD when running at 4.2 which is barely over the standard turbo boost. I was toying with the idea of throwing in a 4790k instead and see if I...