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    Question Lubing squeaky T7 Wired Gaming Mouse - Use dielectric grease?

    Gaming Mouse Wired, Biijok Ergonomic Gaming Mice Programmable with 16 Million Colors Backlight, 7 Buttons, 5 DPI Settings Up to 7200 DPI Computer Mouse for Computer Laptop PC Mac Windows-Black : Amazon.ca: Video Games Pictek Gaming Mouse T7 Review | Technical Functions | Software MACRO BUTTON...
  2. Question Old Thrustmaster force feedback wheel

    So yesterday I managed to finally find drivers for this old beast, but I cant get it to work in Project cars. Yes the old project cars. before I would buy the new version of the game, I wanted to see if I still would enjoy racing enough to spent money on it. I bought this wheel 2nd hand, after...
  3. S

    Caster Wheels

    Hi, can i use the Vertagear Penta RS1's on a DXRacer FORMULA F08 chair? And if so, is the Vertagear Penta RS1's Lockable?
  4. S

    Question ISO mouse with "momentum" scroll wheel

    Hi all, I am looking for a mouse (or list of mice) that has a scroll wheel that will scroll normally until you spin it harder, and then it engages and scrolls fast (hyper scroll). I don't like the ones where you have to click a button to do this, as it slows me down and becomes a pretty frequent...
  5. Question Remove volume wheel+mic from USB headset wire

    Please help someone... Need to remove volume control from headset line completely cause no matter how expensive headset i'v got it still gets damaged after month or two, So I thought if i could just remove it?.. It's USB Headset 7.1 with lights. To test if I can do this i'm gonna use cheap...
  6. Litzkrieg

    About to buy - need yall's opinion

    I am about to pull the trigger on a new PC build and want to get some other eyes on it before I order tomorrow. It is primarily for gaming and some productivity work. This will also be the first PC I assemble myself. Here is the build: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/Litzkrieg/saved/v3qD4D CPU: i5...
  7. S

    Stuck on which to choose go with GTX 880m 8GB or 970m 3gb

    To sum this up quick im stuck between two gaming laptops specs on #1 I7 4700mq 8gb of ram 1tb 7200rpm drive 880m 8gb 15.6" screen No OS Price $948.00 laptop #2 I7 5700HQ 8gb of ram 1tb hdd 970m 3gb 15.6" screen Windows 8.1 $1299.00 Both laptops are new my question is will i ever use the...
  8. T

    i5 vs fx 8320

    Hi guys, just wondering if it's worth upgrading from an 8320 to an i5 4690k for gaming now/future. I only recently got the amd but it my friend had pretty much the same gpu and am i5 but gets more fps then me in pretty much every game, although benchmarks say he should get like 2 frames more...
  9. F

    Need help with ram

    I have 2x2gb 1333mhz ram and recently I bought 1x4gb 1600mhz.When I plug them, the PC starts normaly, but when I restart my PC it wont boot. I tried changing them with 1x2gb and 1x4gb and it is still the same.
  10. K

    Black screen on boot, overclocking failed when screen is on

    Hello there guys! So basically as the title says, my pc has black screen when I try to boot. I had my system overclocked before I changed to my new msi gtx970 gaming, but I reseted the CMOS to remove the overclock before the change. Now when I boot, the screen is completely black, and...
  11. A

    Can you tell me some Intel Original D102GGC2 Mobo compactible Processors?

    I have single core 3.06 Ghz processor on my D102GGC2 Mobo. I want to upgrade its processor. Can you tell me some cool options ? Also tell me if its a wrong or worthless idea...