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    Question What cpu should i go with?

    Hi, i recently got my laptop stolen, and im looking for a new one. The two laptops that im considering buying is the MSI GF63 THIN 9SC-233NE. Which has the Intel Core i5-9300H The other laptop is the MSI PS63 Modern. Which has the Intel Core i7-8565U. Im primarily going to use the laptop for...
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    i have some Q for my first build :D

    i have some Q to choice the best for me Q 1) IS there big different between i7 6700k and i5 6600k to add 100$ it is worth cuz i5 (240$) i7(340$ ) Q 2) is there big different between gtx 980 and gtx 970 to add about 200$ ? cuz gtx 980 (520$) and the gtx 970 (320$) so it is worth to add 200$ to...