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  1. N

    Question Windows 10 hangs with loud static sound ?

    I have been dealing with an issue lately where my PC will randomly lock up completely while playing games. I'm unsure as to what the cause is, but it seems to happen during any intense games or activities (one time it just happened while I was watching Youtube!). When my PC hangs up like this...
  2. CoreIntelligence

    Question Computer Freezes while Gaming, sometimes sound Continues

    So yesterday I Installed Assassin Creed's Syndicate, after I went to play it. After like some seconds, a Computer Freeze just happened, sounds did continue but I couldn't press any button nothing worked even tried to ctrl + alt + del. Yet nothing alt + tab didn't work too. Had to manually...
  3. josejaci18

    [SOLVED] PC keeps freezing, how do I fix it?

    Hello, so my PC which I just built about a month ago has been freezing since I've built it. It will freeze for like 30 seconds and then resume with what it's doing and it's very annoying. I've tried everything, checking my ram, switching gpu's, messing with power settings, tried a new psu, and...
  4. C

    How does Fibre Optic Internet work?

    I will be installing Fibre Optic internet in my home in a couple of days. I already have Cable TV and DSL internet from another company. The other company said it wouldn't be a problem to have two ISP's in one house and that all I needed was a wall jack. The thing is, now I'm reading that Fibre...