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  1. M0ment

    Question PC gets stuck at VGA LED ?

    Hello! After a routine cleanup of my PC I can't seem to get it to boot. The motherboard's white light is on continuously, indicating a VGA issue. I tried inserting my graphics card (and another really old one, separately) in all PCIe slots, which didn't work. Tried reseating CPU and RAM. CPU...
  2. P

    Question Is the constant white light normal on my motherboard?

    I just bought an ASUS TUF GAMING x570-PLUS, and a Ryzen 7 5800x. Everything seems to be fine, PC actually boots and the monitors work as well (so the GPU is good), but the white light doesn't stop glowing (In the manual it says that if the white light is on, then there is a VGA problem). I have...
  3. J

    Question Black screen and windows not loading

    About a year ago I bought a new SSD and have been putting off reinstalling windows, well I finally got around to it and wanted to do a fresh start. I am using a USB with the Windows Creation Tool on it. When I completely finish the installation of windows where the setup asks to "Restart in 10...
  4. L

    Whats the best GPU I could pare with my AMD a10 5800k?

    -Thanks for any help, I know this cpu isnt the best.
  5. L

    If I overclock my ryzen 2700 to 4.1 ghz do I need to increase voltage?

    The ryzen 7 turbo boost goes to 4.1 ghz but what if I wanted that all the time? Would I have to increase the voltage?
  6. E

    Do M.2's make much sense for gaming PC's?

    I recently bough a 512gb samsung 950 pro M.2 SSD. My intention was to use to boot my PC and my games faster than my 500gb 840 evo. However, I'm not feeling like my money was well spent. I double checked everything with benchmarks to verify that all my speeds were as advertised and that I set...