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  1. Mr3dPHD

    Question Static through PC speakers every time data is being transferred

    I've had these speakers setup for a couple of weeks now and haven't had any issues. All of a sudden, today, I noticed a bit of static noise coming from them. I installed an update for my printer, and the moment the download began, the static went crazy. What would cause static interference to...
  2. D

    Question My microphone produces this annoying white noise and I have no idea how to remove it.

    So recently, my microphone audio has begun to produce this strange, annoying wind like noise. I have done everything I can to reduce it, but to no avail. Even worse, when I mute myself over test recording, I can still hear the same noise, even though the microphone shouldn't be able to pick up...
  3. C

    Question about networks and connectoon

    Hello, I am a complete noobie when it comes to pc. I am considering getting a new PC for gaming and CAD packages. My computer is in my room and is a decent aways from my router and is a another floor above it. It has the worst connection and I have a very high ping... I wanted to get wired...
  4. Y

    Gameone or steelseries arctis pro wireless?

    Hi I’m confused and which one should i get the. 1. sennheiser gameone with astro mix/amp It will cost me about 350$ Or 2. Steelseries arctis pro wireless And this one 360$ I’m on ps4 only ( no pc ) Please i need your help guys
  5. K

    Computer problem with turning on

    So when i turn on my computer it makes big noice and didnt turn on or if it turns on its working for about 5 mins and then it turns off. Ive tryed to leave it for a few days and its still the same. And sometimes at night when im sleeping it tries to turn on and make that big noice and turns off...
  6. T

    Acer boot trouble

    Hello, i have a Acer Aspire E 15-571G, I have it for 8 months. Today i was doing my normal life and he went stuck on Acer loading screen. I read some fix articles but most of them say to reset my data or programs, but i don't want because i had a lot of work on this computer that i can't lose...
  7. arm1234

    Plex Media Server Build

    I am currently running a Plex Media Server on my Raspberry Pi 2, and I want to build an in home server to allow transcoding and the like. At this point, I have a samba share on my network that my 2 Windows machines back up to. On the same share is my media library, and that folder is mounted to...
  8. A

    should i buy black ops 3?

    as u can see from the title...should i buy it .... because i am seeing LOTs of negative opinion about this game than a positive one....i buying a game within this month and i have budget for only one game..... as fallout 4(never played one),ac syndicate and fifa 16 are also in the list.... would...
  9. Batguerra

    HDMI Audio Not Working

    I've installed the new amd driver and it causes an fail to install the hdmi audio error which makes me think if someone else is having the same problem? ANd If so, how do I fix it? My monitor sound is not working anymore plz help :(