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  1. OgArgo

    Question Monitor randomly started acting up?

    Hello, I own a Dell S2421HGF and use a dual monitor setup. Like an hour ago I noticed that my Dell monitor started flickering white lines on the display and it kept going away and reappearing. I have checked and it's not a Software issue since I only had the Power cable plugged in and it was...
  2. jakedutton24

    Question My monitor randomly completely white screened when turned on.

    A few days ago I was watching a tv show on prime video and my screen randomly went white. The monitor and pc at the time had been on for 12+ hours since I was on it all day and has been used a lot recently and I've had the monitor for around 3 years. the Problem is unquestionably to do with the...
  3. GamerLackingKnowledge

    [SOLVED] New built PC, flashing white when I change tabs

    Hey everyone, I am getting a flashing white screen and cursor looks weird. Temps arent maxing out, though are a little high I guess. Nothing went above 80*c as I had HWmonitor running in background and can check. When watching a youtube video or trying to open the video on the computer that...
  4. S

    Question ~2012 MacBook white screen on boot

    So I have this problem where a MacBook doesn’t boot. It is stuck on a completely white screen. No logo or anything. It plays the startup sound, the old classic one that’s been on macs for ages, but it never goes further than that. I’ve tried everything I can find, but nothing has worked...
  5. U

    Question Samsung Monitor displays only white, even with no input.

    Hello Tom's Hardware, A year ago I bought the Samsung u28e590d monitor as it was a cheap 4k monitor. It worked fine for the better part of a year until one day it only displayed white. Now whenever I boot it up it only displays a white screen, not even the menu appears. I have taken apart...
  6. saebgod

    Question Choosing a PSU for my current Setup (Ryzen 2200G + GeForce 1060 6GB OC)

    Hello, This is my first post so i would like to apologize in advance if I am missing or lacking any crucial or necessary information that would help resolve my problem. I've been looking up some answers myself online but couldn't come with a solution as I am not that familiar with computer...