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    Question i'm having black or white screen mostly when playing games

    hi , I've had some problems with my cpu temp as you can see them in this thread https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/my-cpu-temp-is-100-c.3700840/#post-22300655 . However, one of the problems didn't go away, the black screen one . Today I did see a white screen as well( when I was in google...
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    Question Having problems With GPU , I think

    So here is my problem every so often my screens will go white, Black, Green all of the above first few times complete freeze up so I reset PC , Other times screen will change and after 20 sec or so will come back , Once when it changed and came back my audio was changed to the monitor and not my...
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    Question LG27GK750F - B white screen

    Hello, I recently got an LG27GK750F - B with a defect. When turned on the screen turns on but the display is full white. The menu does not show up when you use the little nob on the bottom, but you can use the nob to turn the display on and off. The person whom I got it from said that he left...
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    Question ~2012 MacBook white screen on boot

    So I have this problem where a MacBook doesn’t boot. It is stuck on a completely white screen. No logo or anything. It plays the startup sound, the old classic one that’s been on macs for ages, but it never goes further than that. I’ve tried everything I can find, but nothing has worked...
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    [SOLVED] Program won't start

    When I was playing The Henry Stickmin Collection my laptop's battery died and it was shut down. After plugging in the power and booting up my laptop, when I started the game it showed a white screen and nothing happened. I tried several times but still nothing . I even left it for 30 mins but...
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    Question Samsung Monitor displays only white, even with no input.

    Hello Tom's Hardware, A year ago I bought the Samsung u28e590d monitor as it was a cheap 4k monitor. It worked fine for the better part of a year until one day it only displayed white. Now whenever I boot it up it only displays a white screen, not even the menu appears. I have taken apart...
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    [SOLVED] Reason why my GPU is crashing?

    So just like two days ago my PC starting crashing for no reason. I did some research and figured its probably my gpu. It doesnt make sense because even while im playing games my temps are only around 40c so it cant be craching due to overheating. Ive updated all my drivers. Also it doesnt crash...
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    Question Which CPU cooler should i get?

    Hey, im planning to upgrade my PC but im a complete noob when it comes to PCs. My goal is to overclock the cpu to 4.8 Ghz. I would like to get some recommendations. -Motherboard: ASUS STRIX Z390-H or MSI Z390 Gaming EDGE AC -Cooler: ? -GPU: MSI GTX 960 4GB -CPU: Intel i5 9600k -PSU: FSP Hyper...
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    Question Wifi connectivity issues at home

    I am having problems with my home Wifi connection. My laptop kept dropping out when I restarted the computer or turned it back on the next day. This happened for a while. But now I cannot connect to the Wifi at all. However the smart phones in the house are able to connect with no issues. I am...
  10. lipzi

    [SOLVED] S340 Elite vs H500i

    Hey guys, I'm currently looking at cases and the NZXT h500i and S340 Elite stood out to me. So now I've been wondering if I should go with the H500i or the S340 Elite because the S340 is only like 5 bucks more expensive for me. I like the quick VR features on the frontpanel of the S340 as I've...
  11. NightHawkRMX

    [SOLVED] Is there any way to get better framerates in a poorly optimized title?

    Hello. I currently have a decent budget pc, specs in signature. I love BeamNG Drive but my performance keeps bothering me. Some maps i get 60+ to hundreds of fps at 1080p low but in some dense city or texture heavy maps like tail of the dragon or west cost usa will run over 60fps but sometimes...
  12. S

    [SOLVED] Why does my allotted IGPU mem show up as less than I set in BIOS?

    So I have a Ryzen 3 3300G in an MSI Bazooka mobo with 8GB 3000mhz DDR4. I went into the BIOS to make sure the value for the integrated graphics memory was set to 2G but then in HWinfo and in the Radeon software, it shows 1G or 1.14 or something. I swear before I had a CPU OC mishap and had to...
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    Question M.2 pcie adapter not working

    so I bought the Samsung 970 pro and m.2 adapter for my pc and the ssd dosnt show up in disk management. my motherboard is asus maximus vi hero https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131989 Below are the parts I bought...
  14. jordvictini

    Computer on floor or desk?

    So, ive had this on my mind for a long while. is it better to keep your Computer on your desk or the floor? I am using a tiny desk that my tiny old monitor takes up 45% of the desk. Full on discussion!
  15. J

    Best mobo for i7-7700k & 32gb trident z 3000mhz ram ?

    Hello, I’m trying to finish off my build and I need help finding a good motherboard to buy. My base system components are as follows: i7-7700k 32gb ddr4 3000mhz ram Asus strix 1070ti binned 8gb Crucial Mx500 1tb ssd (Full specs and pics)...
  16. L

    [SOLVED] PC upgrade (gaming)

    Hi guys, My old graphic card (HIS 7950 IceQ X²) died after 5 years and i decided to upgrade my PC. This is my current build: CPU: i5 4670K CPU Cooler: Phanteks PH-TC14PE Graphic card: - Motherboard: MSI Z87-GD65 Gaming RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws 4x4GB DDR3 Power: XFX 650W Monitor: LG 24EA53...
  17. M

    What should I upgrade my Gpu or Cpu?

    I currently have a Radeon 7870 2gb and a i5 2400. Which one should I upgrade??
  18. D

    RTX 2060 pc build help

    I need some suggestions with a new build. I was about to buy a pc but i was $40 short so I have to change my build. *I already have an nzxt h400i and a corsair 650w semi modular psu For this pc I want to get over 100+ fps in most games on max and do some streaming. My plan before was to get...
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    keyboard and mouse not working

    my mouse and keyboard not working log in screen and i cant enter safe mode too it and working on bios settings my os is windows 10
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    I am totally confused with PSU calculation

    Dear all, I know there are dozens of threads regarding psu calculation. But, the more I read, the less I seem to understand. By now I am just confused and would appreciate some professional input. My system: ASUS P8P67 i7 2600k MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X 2x Kingston HyperX DDR3-2133 2x Samsung SSD...