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  1. J

    [SOLVED] Student in Desperate Need of MacBook Air help

    I am a college student - have been working on a research paper for the past week that is worth 30% of my grade. So I am freaking a little and would very much appreciate any guidance. Kicking my #$%@ because I didn't back up on a jump drive, but I didn't. Now my hard drive appears to be...
  2. J

    Is this a good gaming PC

    I wanna get a gaming PC for intense graphic games and I think I found the one and just want to know what I should change about it. http://www.cyberpowerpc.com/saved/1JMRMU
  3. E

    Monitor No Signal, GPU Fan at Max speed

    Whenever I turn on my computer, the screen go asleep and say VGA no signal. Also my GPU's fan goes a max speed. I've tried taken out my ram sticks, CMOS battery, cleaning my motherboard and GPU for dust, making sure the CPU cooling unit is secure. With or without my GPU in, my motherboard...
  4. C

    BenQ XL2730 144Hz 27 Inch Gaming Monitor

    Im debating about ordering the BenQ XL2730 144Hz 27 Inch Gaming Monitor and i am just curious if anyone out there has any experience with or negative stories and anything to be mindful of thanks..running a i7 7700k and gtx 1080 si u wnna game in 1440p
  5. F

    Is there a board that can use the i7-4770k is better than the Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD5H?

    Hello all, After GA-Z97X-UD5H motherboard died on me and the warranty has expired, I was thinking of replacing it with the same model. However, looking at the newegg site, the board has a high death rate, which explained why mine died one me after two years. However, this mobo was one of...
  6. Svrco

    Automatic maintance problems

    So in last few weeks automatic maintance just keep running and running and it is slowing down my pc. when i manualy stop it few hours later it automatic start again. I even set automatic scheduler at 00:00 but in middle of day it starts. can you please tell me how I can stop that 4ever because...
  7. Astralv

    What format do I format USB drive?

    Hey there I have a drive that contains WEindows 10 installer and I want to format that drive to get rid of it. How do I format that drive? What format? Thank you.
  8. R

    Is this a good overclock?

    I've been overclocking my 6600k With My EVGA z170 FTW Motherboard. I am currently sitting at 4.6ghz at 1.304 Vcore. My CPU is air cooled by a Noctua U14S. Is 1.304 Safe for air cooling? And why are my temperatures only at 50c full load using AIDA64?
  9. H

    Screen goes black randomly but PC still running and has sound in the background

    This happened when I went into any games, the screen would almost instantly go black and a few seconds later with the "no signal detected" notice. But apparently it's able to do this even by using the system normally, I have the newest graphics drivers installed and made sure there wasn't any...
  10. S

    cpu vs cpu

    hello i would like to know if which one is the better option.. the i5-6600k or the i7-6400t(ES) in terms of performance... (i understand the risks of buying engineering samples and i am considering buying one)
  11. D

    Old 450W PSU w/ 1050TI

    I'm getting a GTX 1050TI very soon, and i don't know if i can trust my PSU. It requires a 300W PSU, and i have a 450W. But it's 3 years old, and goes for 10$ these days, http://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Ezcool-Atx-450-JSP-Super-Silent-450w-ATX-Power-Supply/1110270229 Will it still push enough or is it...
  12. A

    PSU and rx 470

    So I plan to buy the sapphire rx 470 nitro+ 4gb. I have a corsair VS550 550W PSU. Is this enough for this VGA? I also worry about the temperatures.. Should I buy this gpu from another manufacturer(XFX?)? I was going to buy the rx 480, but i heard a lot of negative things..so I don't know.
  13. D

    is this ok for a budget build?

    i3 6100 B150M night elf rx480 thermaltake 530 smart ram 8 1tb wdd storage
  14. Veriac

    H1Z1 Crashes at first startup, but not after

    Hey there! I don't really have a problem, but more of a question. When I launch H1Z1 like when I wake up or after some times since I last played it, the first game will always crash. No matter what, my game will crash when I load into the map. After that the game doesn't crash anymore unless...
  15. V

    I'm building a decent editing and gaming PC in 300 dollars

    Will this components work together? Motherboard---- Asus A68HM-K - DDR3 FM2+ Socket AMD MotherBoard (FM2+ Socket, A68H FCH Chipset, DDR3 2400+) Processer----- AMD A8-7600 Kaveri Quad-Core 3.8GHz Socket FM2+ Desktop Processor Ram------- Transcend 8GB DDR3 1600 Desktop RAM Case----- TECH-COM...
  16. S

    Upgrade to Media Server

    Hi (My first post), I'm looking for advice on upgrading my media server. I have two almost-identical PC's - one of which is my media server and the other is for other things. I have 4TB of media. I stream movies to my TV, and also have a new TV which is acting as a picture frame - fed with...
  17. H

    how to prevent external hdd to turn on by booting up the system

    Hi i have two WD external HDD connecting to my desktop computers in one pc when i turn on the system HDD will stay off and when ever i need i turn it on manually. however in the other pc HDD turn on as soon as i press the power button. how do i prevent this from happening? in both systems the MB...
  18. M

    Is the Sapphire Nitro RX 460 4gb good enough for BF1 HD Medium/ High settings at 50-60 fps?

    I like the RX 470 and GTX 1060, but it is clear that my wallet is not as thick as the others so I'm looking for budget solutions. My GTX 750 ti was on fire so I need a new GPU. People recommended me to upgrade any GPU that is 2 or three levels higher than the original one...
  19. J

    Reuse a product key?

    I built a pc and bought a product key to activate windows using the usb tool and now I'm having some problems with my pc so I want to start new reusing the usb tool. My question is ; Can I reuse the same product key ?
  20. P

    web site says cant validat identidy

    I send money to family and friends in mexico on the web all the time with out a problem but since i got a new computer and was not able to back up my browsing history when i tryed sending it say we are unable to verify your identy what con i do to help the web site know its me