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    Custom pc advice

    I'm new to building my own PC and I was wondering what more experienced people might think of my current build. I feel like it's pretty solid but if there are any things that would make more sense to use please tell me. Here is my build...
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    Hd 4850 overclocking

    So I was using AMD autotune to overclock my graphics card and it came up with 830MHz (625Mhz stock) core clock and 1188Mhz (993Mhz stock) memory clock. This is the second time I've done it too, should I just go with it? I just think it's a way more than it should be, but it does run at 80C at...
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    Gaming pc for around 650$. Need suggestions.

    Hello I need help with few components for my budget gaming pc build. Im from Lithuania so I can't order from other countries. I was hoping that someone could help me chose from these online stores:http://tiptop.lt/ http://www.kilobaitas.lt/ http://www.skytech.lt/ Budget is 650$ (1700 LT) I...