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    Question Windows Firewal block all exe traffic except one IP

    Hello, I need to block all trafic for one application except one IP but windows firewal takes block as a priority so whitelisting that IP doesn't work. Is there a some other way to do this ? Thanks in advance
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    [SOLVED] Will GTX 1070ti support Lenovo M81 desktop?

    hello guys, so recently i got Lenovo M81 (prebuilt )for almost free. it has i7 2600k and oem motherboard. Now lenovo motherboards have some GPU whitelist, and after little bit of research i found that most 10th series of gtx are supported. But there was no mention of gtx 1070ti, i was assuming...
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    My acer e1 422

    First of all,please forgive my end abilities since egish isn't my mother tongue. I just bought a new laptop acer aspire e1 422 with full upgrade 8gb memory and windows 10. And I try to play blade and soul and it's keep crushed.. I try to go for setting but still no solution. Anyone can help me...
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    Looking for new GPU under $380 Australian dollars

    Hi everyone i was wondering what would be the best GPU for gaming under $380 Australian dollars. PC specs: -8gb ram -1tb hard drive - i7 2600 -500w(willing to also upgrade if needed for better card)