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    Question WiFi Connections

    Hello all, First of all I was confused and classed the inbuilt WiFi as a component so decided to list this question under this section, secondly thanks for reading :) Let’s just get into this... I have a plan with NowTV WiFi and I have the Fab Finre plan. It says speeds up to 36mbps. On my...
  2. X

    [SOLVED] Need a wifi adapter

    Hi. I was building my new pc when I noticed after buying the motherboard that it only allows LAN. Connecting to the router via cable is forbiden in my house, so I'm going to need a Wifi adapter to have Internet in the computer. I've looked over the forum, but there isn't much about the matter...
  3. T

    Question WiFi is on and off only for some programs

    Hey, Im using an asus pce-ac51 network adapter. In games like Overwatch, and programs like google, they say I lost connection, but discord says I have internet. I can do google searches or play games, but I can chat on google. This is on and off and random moments in time as well. I tried...
  4. J

    [SOLVED] My WIFI not switching on!!

    I have an old HCL Me laptop with i5 3rd gen. I don't use it very often. Recently I upgraded the ram to 8gb from 4gb. During this time I somehow got a virus the TrojanDownloader:JS/Fakepack. So for safety reasons I removed the WIFI adapter (hardware). I have successfully removed the virus (it...
  5. M

    Question Ping Spikes every 10 seconds or so

    Hello, I am getting very large ping spikes (2000+ms) every 10 seconds or so as a pattern. I have no idea what has started causing this. I noticed it only happening the past few weeks and I cannot use anything that requires a steady internet connection as it will lag and by the time it...
  6. D

    Question Best cheap Wifi Card that supports 5ghz?

    The speeds i get upstairs is pissing me off. My wifi card only supports 2.4ghz and my Router supports 5ghz. I've been searching around and found a couple but not sure if they are reliable since i dont know much. For example there are some that support 450mbps and others that support 1200mbps...
  7. E

    Question New to PC and didn’t know I needed something to connect to wifi! Help!

    I just built my first PC and turned it on. Noticed I couldn’t connect to WiFi wireless-ly (only Ethernet), and now I need to find something to connect it to. Ethernet is not an option because my router is directly below (one story below) my setup and it’ll be a hassle having to run a wire...
  8. K

    Question Online Games Freezing/Slowing Down

    Hey, recently I have been having some issues with online games freezing or slowing down temporarily, then (also temporarily) speeding back up to normal speeds. I've downloaded the latest drivers for my wireless adapter, but am unsure what to do next. My wireless adapter is the...
  9. M

    Question Wireless network issues on built PC

    Hi Guys, this is a very specific issue I am having with getting stable wireless connection from my built PC - hopefully someone with technical knowledge can help me out with this. Before getting in to it, I thought I would just mention that I have a custom built PC as I believe this is a huge...
  10. aidfarrell70

    [SOLVED] How to set up wifi with B360 PRO

    I've just completed a build using the Asus TUF B-360 PRO gaming motherboard with wifi. However I don't know how to set up the wifi. I've screwed in the adapter into the motherboard but nothing has changed.
  11. U

    Question a WiFi adapter with long range?

    Hi, i been trying to find a wifi adapter for far range and speed for a while now because i am at a hotel for now but i have a Netgear AC600 WiFi USB Mini Adapter and it doesn't reach far at all because i have other devices that can reach far, if you guys can help me find a cheap far range wifi...
  12. Y

    Question Laptop only able to detect wifi further away when connected to a nearby wifi

    My Lenovo Y520 isn't able to detect my home wifi (further away) when I am in my room unless I am connected to my mobile hotspot. After connecting to my mobile hotspot, all wifi networks further away will show up and is able connect to them for about 10-20 minutes before it loses them out again...
  13. B

    Question Help - Stubborn Wireless Driver Problem.

    The problem started about a couple weeks ago and it evolved over time. Problem setup: Surfing the internet over my Lenovo Ideapad 520 Laptop via WiFi. Initially the problem spawned randomly, surfing the internet then the connection drops and the Chrome Dinosaur appears, even though the Wifi...
  14. M

    Question Wifi adapters. Which do you all prefer?

    I get that ethernet cables are the way to go in terms of speed and connectivity, but im not big on all the cables, especially when my wifi isn't located in the same room as my pc. So im asking, which wifi adapters would you all recommend? I was thinking about getting a PCIe wifi adapter but ive...
  15. I

    [SOLVED] How does wifi network cards work and which ones should I get?

    I already have this full build I want to get: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/cQPKtg (only 550w psu but they didnt have it on the list) but I'm a noob so I know nothing about network cards and stuff like that. I have WiFi in my house but its too far away to connect to the pc so I want to be able...
  16. E

    Question Ethernet Cable not Detected and Wifi Disconnects

    Greetings, I have a couple of issues with my laptop. I have a Aero 14 (GTX 1060) that I bought roughly three yeas ago. This past 7 months its had several issues regarding internet connection. Right now it the Wifi connection will go off and on sporadically throughout the day and it will...
  17. S

    Question Wifi Keeps Disconnecting After Initial Disconnect

    So I've been having an issue with my wifi connection for a few months now. It only occurs on my PC, others devices unaffected. What happens is my wifi disconnects once then after I reconnect it will keep disconnecting every minute or so. The only way I've been able to solve the issue is...
  18. T

    Question Can't Maintain Connection To Server

    Hello everyone, I built my pc about a month ago, and had no problems up until now. I logged on to CS:GO today to find that when I joined any game, I have awful lagback, freezing and I get disconnected awful. This happens in all online games including Fortnite, Apex Legends and Sea of...
  19. G

    Stress Testing - Is this a good result ?

    1. Hello there ! I recently had some problems with my PC and it turned out that a RAM module wasn't working properly and I will ship it to guaranty. But the guys at the PC Service told me that my Corsair Hydro Series 115i isn't working at all: the fans don't work, that the CPU stays at over 90...
  20. D

    Side panel gets hot

    Hello, I have a GTX 980 g1 gaming in my Corsair carbide 88r and my window side panel gets hot while gaming so I wanted to know if it's fine Thank you!