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    [SOLVED] whenever i boot my pc the wireless card stops wroking

    Whenever i boot my PC my WIFI card doesn't work and upon closer inspection through change adaptor options i have to "diagnose" it using the automated trouble shooter, then apply a fix as an "admin" it works until next power cycle, is there a fix more permanent that doesn't involve buying a new...
  2. K

    Question Why can't I find and even if I do connect to wifi

    When I try to find wifi connections it doesn't show any at all. When I reset my PC it shows my home wifi but I'm unable to connect to it. I have the Asrock x470 gaming-itx/ac which has built in wifi. I've tried updating the motherboard but I still have the problem. I've tried to update the...
  3. D

    Question Toshiba Satellite E55-A Not Recognizing it's Wireless Network Adapter

    My Toshiba Laptop is not recognizing that it has a wireless network adapter installed. Going to Device Manager > Network adapters only shows Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller. I've tried "Scan for hardware changes", tried multiple reboots/restarts, and the laptop is plugged in and fully charged...
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    Any new launch till April?

    I wanna buy a new gpu under rs10k! So any new launch which can support pcie 1.1 ?