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  1. H

    Question 250/500/1000 gb?

    I currently am planning a $1300 gaming build, and wondering how much storage I need. I don't really need that much space, so should I go ssd or a combination of ssd and hhd, and how much for each one?
  2. C

    Is there a website where I can put in a piece of hardware and it will give me a score?

    I've been on Game Debate and I've noticed that they score hardware on a scale from 1-10. How do they do this scoring? and is there a website where the scoring is more simpler?
  3. A

    What mobo and processor should I buy

    So right now, I found a deal of Core i7 2600 Asus p861 m le FOR 126$ + I have my spare DDR3 RAM (btw this is used but in good condition, and I have also bought from this seller and they are really great) On the other hand, there's also Intel g4600 Msi h110m or gigabyte FOR 137$ but I don't...
  4. T

    Boot up bsod and games locking up then crashing system.

    Hey, i had just built my new gaming pc 3 weeks prior to any bsod or errors at all. PC Specs: I7 6700k Hyper 212 evo cooler 2tb toshiba hdd 120gb sandisk ssd Gtx 1070 ftw Msi 270 gaming m3 mobo 2400mhz 16gb ballistix sport 8x2 ram 750watt gold supernova evga psu The problems i first...
  5. K

    Off of compiutwe

    When I am using Internet on laptop it suddenly hang and the off it doest actually off but it's screen become black
  6. V

    possibke dead board?

    I was recently attempting my hand at overclocking my Intel i5 3470 on my gigabyte GA-B75M-DH3 and it was fine then all the sudDen it shut off. I tried to reboot it and I dint get a BIOS screen or the Gigabyte logo at all. It went straight to a black screen with the cursor not moving in the...
  7. jakester9000

    Can you install Windows 8 on an External Optical drive?

    So im going to be building a pc and for the case i am looking at the NZXT H440. Little did I know that it had no optical drive in it. Would using an external optical drive be fine for installing Windows 8 on to a computer? If you can then can you recommend me one? If not then ill be looking at...
  8. C

    Password bypass due to keyboard letter not working

    Hi - - Is there a way to change the password on my lock screen? I can type in all but the last letter of my password but my "A" key does not work, due to my G-d damn dog spilling tea into it yesterday. As far as I can tell, this is the only issue from the spill, as it worked fine last...
  9. mikee6888

    VGA display and EMI

    How to get rid of EMI on d- sub monitors using VGA cable? my 5 year old monitor seems to be fine on DVI cable, but not on this new d -sub monitor, please help.
  10. S

    Anybody know of any good US to UK power adapters?

    I'm getting a PSU from the US and was wondering if somebody could link me a good US to UK power adapter for it on the UK and US sites. Thanks in advance! :)
  11. S

    recover files from hard disc

    Hi. My pc when turned on showed windows found your hdd faulty. So I formatted it. Now I cant re install windows. Now what I need is.. IS THERE ANY WAY TO RECOVER FILES FROM A INTERNAL HARDDISC WHICH DOES NOT HAV AN OS IN IT?? EASE HELP..MY OFFICE FILEA ARE IN IT
  12. M

    Finally getting ready to build my system. need a few pointers.

    Alright. Months of buying parts and stalling and I finally think I have everything. ASRock Fatal1ty 990FX Mobo AMD FX-8350 4.0GHz CPU 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR3 1600 SDRAM MSI R9 290 4GB GPU 64GB SSD 2TB HDD 1000 Watt PSU I looked at everything the other day, and for some reason it feels like I'm...
  13. C

    Does the the i5-2320 work for the Asus H61M-A?

    I want to upgrade my stock PC so I can play higher quality games. I am going to get an Nvidia 770 for my GPU but I dont want to bottleneck it. So I am planning to also buy the H61M-A by Asus. The thing is , apparently the i5-2320 wont support PCI-E 3.0 and I am wondering if this is true. Can you...
  14. V

    Need a new gaming router, $100 budget

    My old WRT300N router has finally bit the dust, so i'm looking for a new router. As the title says, my budget is $100, and I really have no idea what to get. I've looked at a few gaming routers, but they were all over my budget. If it helps at all, i'm using a Motorola SB5105U surfboard modem...
  15. D

    Reformatting clean/install question.

    Hello. I just upgraded my system from a duo core Intel to the amd phenom IIx4. I decided that I plan on just reformatting my drive and doing a clean install of windows 7. I currently have vista 64 on there and I have 3 partitions. If I format the C drive and reinstall the OS, my other...
  16. L

    Getting a new comp, plan to dual display

    So im looking at this comp right now: It has a 470 GTX. I've read that the 5850 is better for 60$ less. Now i plan to use this comp on a dual monitor setup and i plan to play higher end games like bc2 and crysis etc. So my question is, should i stick...
  17. S


    Hey guys, I just had "Windows Vista, Home Premium, 64 BIT", installed and it showed all 4 GB ram available. I just installed a fresh copy of "Windows 7, Ultimate, 64 bit", and my motherboard, an ASROCK G31M-S supports 8 GB ram, but its still showing only 3 - 3.19 GB available when i...
  18. G

    Cara upgrade ati catalyst hd 4770 sapphire

    :bounce: :bounce: ?????/ some body can help????? how to upgrade
  19. unRaveled

    MSI R7950 Twin Frozr Idle Temp Question

    I'm currently not doing much just browsing the web and downloading a game. I'm just worried about my idle temperature. My computer is fairly new because I had just built it. My MSI R7950 idle temp's is currently 43c. Sometimes it would go below 40c. Is this normal temperature for a MSI R7950? I...
  20. G

    Restore System

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.general (More info?) I have been trying to restore the System of my computer, but it always appears a message informing that it`s impossible to restore it nomether the date I indicate. What can I do to performe the system restaure...