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    i7-8700k w/ RTX 2080, or R7 2700x w/ RTX 2080 Ti for 1440p 144hz gaming?

    I plan on getting a 1440p 144hz monitor and either the 8700k with a RTX 2080 or the 2700x with a RTX 2080 Ti (I can't get both i7 and 2080 ti, that would cost too much here). So can anyone please confirm if it is better to go for a higher end GPU than CPU at 1440p? Thanks
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    Artifacts and Cant Update Any Drivers (Fairly New PC)

    I have a computer that's only been used for about a month, but the pc is already starting to get damaged. As of now, I have artifacts, I cant update any of my drivers, and none of my softwares work properly because it either crashes or gets and error. However, my startups are fine, no BSOD...
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    Fan replacement for H115i

    Hello everyone, And yes, this is yet another fan replacement thread, but let's get a updated one here! I have a Corsair H115i with a i7-7700K, oc to 4,8 ghz. I'd like to replace the fans on it, either to Corsairs ML140 or Noctua NF-A14 or if you have any other alternatives. I want to...
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    decent PC build for streaming and gaming ..!!

    Hi.. m about to buy gtx 1070 And currently i have i5 4440k 8 gb ddr3 Gtx 960 2gb So in near future m going to buy new stuff i mean i will upgrade it So i was thinking that what will be a good build for streaming and gaming M not that rich so decent build will be I know that intel is...
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    Boot up bsod and games locking up then crashing system.

    Hey, i had just built my new gaming pc 3 weeks prior to any bsod or errors at all. PC Specs: I7 6700k Hyper 212 evo cooler 2tb toshiba hdd 120gb sandisk ssd Gtx 1070 ftw Msi 270 gaming m3 mobo 2400mhz 16gb ballistix sport 8x2 ram 750watt gold supernova evga psu The problems i first...
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    Refurbished Corsair AX1500i vs. AX1200i

    I'm planning on building a pretty wild PC, power draw would be around ~900W. I'm wondering if it's worth the headroom to buy a refurbished 1500i for the same price as a brand new 1200i. Thanks!
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    Cpu Temps too high?

    i have a laptop and my cpu is an i5-4210u i use HWMonitor and its gotten up too 73c (package)
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    Best PSU for this system

    Building a budget gaming pc What is the best PSU under 120NZD for this build i3 6100 GTX 770 (used) 8GB DDR4 2133 RAM
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    Game Debate Accuracy

    So I have a laptop, Intel i7 4600m cpu, amd radeon 8750m, 12 gb ram and I go on Game Debate and insert this info, and it tells me i can run gta 5 at 48.5 fps at medium settings, 1366x768 resolution seems like absolute bull shit to me, what do you think? p.s. system requirements lab says i...
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    Please help First Build

    So I have invested ~650 dollars in my very first pc build and so far it has turned from exciting in to too much problems for me to deal with. First I will say micro center was out of my first choice of mobo AND my back up choice (gigabyte z97mx gaming 5 and msi pc mate) so I had to go with...
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    computer went slow all of a sudden... please help

    Hi so my computer has been perfectly normal since early this year when I built it my specs on this pc is... NVidia gtx 970, i5 4690k (haven't overclocked yet), PSU evga g2 750w 80+ gold certified, 8gb ram g skill ripjaws, and I have a cpu cooler and a lot of fans... my temperatures are really...
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    Is the PSUs the same?

    Is Seasonic S12II-520W the same as Seasonic S12II-620W but with 620W?
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    Help mouse and keyboard stop working but the pc continues to work

    So I just finished building my pc I installed windows 7 and started to install the driver I left them to download 10-15 minutes later I comeback to find that my mouse won't move and the keyboard doesn't respond. I have a asus progaming h170 mobo.
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    Would doing this ruin WiFi performance?

    Would buying a good router with gigabit ethernet and a good 802.11ac WAP be better or worse than just buying a good router with fast ethernet speeds and 802.11ac? A WAP like this:
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    Z170 vs X99?

    Hi, I am choosing between Z170 and X99 because I need a enthusiast grade gaming pc. I will go for Asus. My budget is $2500~3500 and I will be using it for extreme gaming, some gimp editing, and some video editing on sony vegas, but I will be editing videos for my youtube channel. I might edit...
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    First Pc Build

    So, I'm 16 years old and have begun my first job, finally opening up the possibility of building a good computer. I love to game, and I already have a ps4 which i enjoy very much especially for having people over but I really want a PC for the mmorpg and rpg experience that consoles just cant...
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    Computer Power Surge

    Hello all, Recently, my computer has been randomly rebooting. The ASUS anti-surge program pops up, telling me it has protected my computer. I have tried disabling the program, but my computer has rebooted again, so I enabled the anti surge program again just to be safe. Is there any way to...
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    Is Using WiFi Really That Bad?

    A technician is going to come to my house and activate my Cable outlet on wednesday but until then, i cant use the internet on my new gaming PC My plan is to buy a USB WiFi Dongle from best buy, use it for the next couple days until the technician comes and then I will return the dongle and...
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    Gaming on a VR headset

    Just curious, what kind of hardware i require to play games on a vr headset like the occulus rift
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    Changing motherboard help!

    I just bought the motherboard asus m5a78l-m usb3.0 and km trying to put it on my hp pavilion p6733w but the cable to connect HP p/n:502216-001 9pins is all the way in the other side and my cable wont reach other there.. I need help please