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will it fit?

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    [SOLVED] So my friend asks me to help him choose PC. Im wondering if i choose good components,

    So, my friend asked me if i could help him choose PC (for gaming and maybe a video editing cause he skate a lot) for a good price. I wonder if i choose right. (also sorry for my dumb grammar and spelling, im not speaking native english so i hope anyone can understand) Here are the specs : CPU...
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    [SOLVED] Does this fit and are this good components for gaming?

    Hi. I need help for a new PC. My first question is, will this fit? And my second is, woukd this be good Gaming Components? If you have better components than pleas say me. Thanks for everybody who helps me :) Components Motherboard: MSI MEG X399 CREATION CPU: Intel Core I9-9900k Graphic...