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    [SOLVED] Can i do a fresh Windows 10 Pro install, and STILL keep my files?

    Hello, Can I install a Fresh copy of Windows 10 Pro on my existing Windows 10 Home, and still keep my files the way they are? Programs? Shortcuts?? Thank You, Nick
  2. O

    Question Display problem on HP laptop

    I have a HP 15-r263dx laptop it has Windows 10 64 Home installed and the BIOS is F.46 dated 11/22/2018. It worked great until I installed Window 10. After installing Windows 10 the brightness would change from normal to dim about once every 30 seconds. If the laptop is running on its battery it...
  3. P

    Question PC keeps restarting / suddenly turning off and restarts ?

    Hi. Since a few days my computer keeps restarting and not sure why. It mostly happens when I turn on my PC in the morning. After a few seconds of a turn on it automatically shut down and restart. It's kept happening. Sometimes it turns off after a few minutes when the PC is on. I replaced my...
  4. J

    Question Nervous to upgrade from win8.1Pro - win10

    Hey Folks, Been running a home built editing (video/audio) PC on Win8.1 Pro (using start8 to stop the gumby tile thing) for the past 6 years or so and it's just working so so nicely I'm loathe to upgrade it to Win10 but I'm starting to feel like a bit of a dinosaur and finding some software is...
  5. dg27

    Question Win 10 Build 2004: Slow green Explorer bar

    I updated from Win 10 Build 1909 to Build 2004 when I started experiencing strange behavior in Pro Tools. Ever since I moved to Build 2004, Windows Explorer takes up to two minutes to load (I had never even seen the green progress bar at the top; in the past it just opened in a flash). I think...
  6. B

    Question Mechanical SATA drive can't be initialised

    After swapping mobos and rebuilding PC, a SATA Western Digital 3Tb drive is no longer 'seen' by Win 10 and Aoemei Partition Manager says it needs Initialising. I tried both MBR & GPT but it failed "incorrect function". DMDE hund acessing the drive till I aborted. But once or twice over a...
  7. Question Computer totally locks up ?

    Hello guys and girls, I'm having an issue with well I don't really know anymore. My computer seems to freeze up and by freeze I mean I can still move my mouse around but the screen freezes and I can't alt tab or ctrl alt delete i just have to totally restart my pc to get it back to normal. This...
  8. A

    Question After a restart something is wrong with my ssd

    Hello. So, the issue that i am having is that after 3 years with my 850 evo ssd suddenly i cant boot from it. I tried unpplugging alla the usb, unpplugging my HDD etc . The only solution so far was to boot from the HDD but that is only possible if i completely disconnect my SSD, just disablening...
  9. S

    [SOLVED] BCOD & Crash in windows 10

    dump file need some help figuring out why my PC keeps crashing alot have this mini dump file attached
  10. I

    [SOLVED] How to install Windows 10 on unsupported chipset? Dell Precision T3500

    Hello community, I have a Dell Precision T3500 running Windows 7. I want to format it and install Windows 10. However, I am unsure about what to do with the drivers situation because my PC only supports Windows 7 drivers. Now the model of computer I have is really popular so on benchmark sites...
  11. A

    Question M.2 suddenly not booting

    Hello guys I have samsung evo 970 m. 2 drive I addition to 2x 2b sshd firecuda Every thing was fine and working perfectly One of my sshds died and i replaced it with newer one After removing dead sshd and connecting new sshd sys not booting Keep redirecting me to bios over and over...
  12. ChromaKira

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 install stuck on blue logo black background.

    I've been trying to download windows from my flash drive but every time i try and boot from it it just gets stuck on the logo screen, also from the boot options there is an option for san disk and san disk partition 1 I'm not sure if this means anything.
  13. Z

    [SOLVED] Slow PC with Semi Pro Config Issue

    I built a system with some parts from my OLD PC & some upgrades over time. I run design software (AI & PS) & chrome developer browser on Win10 Pro [redacted] My Issue - PC performs below average than what it is supposed to, with 3-4 tab and 1 YouTube tab slows it down and i can see lag &...
  14. G

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 activation

    I have a quick question for you guys. I own a lenovo ideapad 110-15ISK with windows 10 home 64bit pre installed. If i upgrade to windows 10 PRO via Microsoft Store, will i be able to retain my PRO licence when i change laptop in the future? Say if i buy a new laptop with windows 10 home, will i...
  15. Dumbo00

    Question Programs in Windows 10 constantly Not Responding and instantly recovering, video players freezing for minutes

    Hello, I have a problem with nearly all programs on my PC. While working in 3Ds Max and ZBrush they constantly go into Not-Responding and they instantly recover, it looks like refreshing a page in a browser. It's worse with ZBrush because it's always in full screen and it looks like it's...
  16. Fierce Melon

    [SOLVED] Is there a way to use a VM to boot up win 10 from a HDD

    So my grams Laptop recently broke and I need to somehow get onto the device to extract the Passwords and files off of it and also find out what she uses for her Microsoft account. I spoke to MS tech support but couldn't help. Can I boot the system up in a virtual environment on my computer? O r...
  17. Carter McGee

    [SOLVED] Every time I press the right arrow key it says "recording " and counts down from 3. How do I stop this?

    Every time I press the right arrow key it says "recording " and counts down from 3. How do I stop this?
  18. J

    Question CPU & GPU spikes after Win10 installation with i5-2500 CPU

    Hello everybody, What have I changed? Due to the discontinued support of Win7 I decided to rebuild my computer, replace the old 120 GB SSD disk (ADATA 2.5'' SATA 6GB/s 500 Series S510, 120 GB) and save Win10 (Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (64-Bit)) to a USB stick via the Windows 10 Update Assistant...
  19. M

    Question troubles installing apps

    Windows 10 pro. Suddenly I can't install any more programs. "Installation failed", "installation blocked", "generic error" etc. even if I try to install as administrator. Has there been any important news in the latest system updates (which I have set in "automatic" and therefore I don't...
  20. Tony_z420

    [SOLVED] Upgraded CPU with errors and wrong core detection.

    Hello everyone. My first post. I have an HP Z420 and it came with a XEON E5-1620v2 4 core 8 threads. I just upgraded with an E5-1580v2 8 core 16 threads and a hp liquid CPU cooler for the z420. When I boot I get code 513 front chassis fan not detected. I don't have one. After I boot. I go...
  21. M

    [SOLVED] BSOD Win 10 while playing COD Modern Warfare

    Everytime I play this game, I get blue screen with the error MEMORY_MANAGEMENT and sometimes IQRL_LESS_OR_EQUAL. I have tried all the troubleshooting that can be seen on the web and nothing works. This is a newly built PC. My drivers and OS are all updated. I already did a Memory Diagnostic...
  22. B

    [SOLVED] My Windows Keep Showing Blue Screen

    i recently installed windows 10(4 days ago), i have data in my hard disk that why i did not format whole hard disk. I only format my C drive and installed new windows. After doing this the blue screen was start popup. First it shows, 1.Memory_Management 2.Some WatchDog(not game) Issue 3.Page...
  23. D

    [SOLVED] My pc is doing things by himself

    Hi there, so my pc is doing weird things like pushing videos forward and if i click on something to drag he just starts to drag itself and dont stop Antivirus said its clear no threats, malwarebytes the same thing
  24. V

    Question bitlocker on home edition

    hi my asus fx505 comes with original win 10 home edition, yet i need to use bitlocker for my internal HDD (dont want it on ssd) ofc i can open the laptop and take out the HDD and connect it to my PC with enterprise edition of win 10 and encrypt it and then put it in laptop.... but i dont want...
  25. J

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 installation canceled

    Hi guys. I wanted to install windows 10 on my ssd. But whenever the installation is almost complete, it suddenly stops and says that the installation was canceled. How do I fix this?
  26. TheAssasin002

    [SOLVED] Jagged lines after installing Geforce gt 730 graphics driver

    I have recently installed gt 730 graphics driver but after installing the driver, fonts became jagged and the display looked to sharp. 1080p videos are looking like 480p or 360p video. I have tried changing the 3d settings in Nvidia control panel but nothing's working. Changing settings in...
  27. Viking20

    [SOLVED] Is There a Way to Delete Multiple Windows 10 System Files?

    So I've downloaded and installed Windows 10 on multiple hard drives, originally on an HDD then upgraded and moved it to an SSD and so on. So is there a way to get rid of duplicate files that are just sitting on my old hard drives to free up space and just get rid of them? If there's a...
  28. Aravind0121@

    [SOLVED] My Monitor Shows No Signal When Connected Yo Gpu, And Gpu isn't showing even in Device Manager.

    My Gpu is Acting like this since I Changed my Windows 10 to 7 . Then I started trying fix But, Everything was waste of Time Any Suggestions I Tried reseating, Cleaning stuff, changed ports to check if port is a problem. Please Help
  29. D

    [SOLVED] Wi-Fi channel selection.

    Hello. In our house, there are 2 routers with the same SSID. One router with channel 11 and the second one with channel 2. I have no access to them and I would like to join the second router. I know the password. Is there any solution? OS: Win 10 Thank you.
  30. lexore

    [SOLVED] Win 10 Volmgr 161

    Hello, I come here because I no longer have hopes of finding a solution with my PC. It's an Omen By HP, which I bought secondhand 1 year ago. When I play certain games, like the Guild war 2 genre, the PC crashes, I have a screen of different color, apart from white, with small pixel stripes...
  31. [SOLVED] Windows 10 stuck in Asus logo after first boot.

    Hi everyone. I just upgraded my PC to WIN 10 64-bit (yeah, a little too late :ROFLMAO:) but everytime I power up my computer, the screen stuck in Asus Logo. This is the sequence I have: - First, it shows me the Asus logo screen where I can press F2 o DEL to open the BIOS. - Then, it shows...
  32. D

    [SOLVED] Heating issues with Acer Predator Helios 300

    Hi everyone, for some time now I have noticed that my laptop was overheating! Yesterday I tried some googling and adjusting some settings to try and fix this and nothing helped. Let me get into details of my situation. My laptop is blowing out of the fans so loud it's crazy but it's not weird...
  33. S

    [SOLVED] Laptop Windows 10 crashes

    I have an HP laptop CS2082tx. whenever i lift my laptop or move it while holding it it suddenly crashes and an error comes IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL please help
  34. laptop-Tech


    PCPartPicker Part List: Well I'm building a new server any recommendations please consult the link above. ^_^
  35. W

    Question My pc is booting up to 3 hours

    When i make some changes to my windows 10 like settings or an update after my pc will boot from 30min up to 3hours same thing goes when i just restart my pc but if i dont do any changes or update and i just shutdown the pc from windows it will boot up normally any help? My specs: GPU: RTX...
  36. dg27

    [SOLVED] Win 7 to Win 10 License question

    I have a Win 7 Pro license key for the installation on my desktop. If I wipe that drive and do a clean install of Win 10 Pro, will that license key work? A friend who does install professionally said that I have to leave the Win 7 installation in place and proceed from there (either as an...
  37. Unhappyboi:(

    [SOLVED] Please help me, I get "TDR error, atikmdag.sys" +black screens after 10 mins of gaming on a New build.

    Type: Desktop GPU: No CPU: Ryzen 3 2200g with integrated Vega Graphics. Motherboard: MSI A320m pro vd/s v2 RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 2400mhz 4gb ×2 Operating System Version: Windows 10 Pro 1903. Hello, I get that notification in the notification center and I get a black/blue screen every...
  38. Dukesilver27-

    Question Nvidia driver uninstalled itself, can't re-install, GPU not showing in device manager

    ROG Strix G531GU, Win 10 Home ver 1909, i5-9300H 1660ti DDR4 16GB What happened before this problem occurred, put the laptop to sleep then went to work, came back to this problem. As the title mentioned, when I try to install the driver with GFE and standalone installer, it says the driver not...
  39. P

    [SOLVED] Win 10 freezes daily

    I'm having weird issues with my system. The windows freezes every day randomly under no load. Everything is stuck - mouse, keyboard, screen - when I unplug anything, it isn't recognized when I plug it back - even the screen stays black, the laser on the mouse is off. I have to hard reset every...
  40. P

    Question Xbox One controller not detected

    Hi, I recently bought this controller: and when I plug it into my PC it isn't detected at all. I have tried many different cables which I know work with other devices and tried different USB ports and nothing works. I've read that it might be that the...