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  1. TechFailsz23

    [SOLVED] How to fix Automatic Repair Loop?

    My game, Garry's Mod, was acting funny, so I tried rebooting my PC. When it booted up, it took a lot longer than usual to load into Windows 10, none of my applications were there, except for Cortana on my taskbar. I unplugged the PSU and plugged it back in, and got the Automatic Repair screen...
  2. A

    Question freeze on win 10 logo dot

    hello, i want to ask a question about my laptop..first, sorry for my bad laptop os is windows 10, so recently, when i try to shut on my laptop, it freeze on the win 10 startup logo, the dot sometimes freeze or blank, and i keep on hard shut down it by pressing the power button...
  3. ChromaKira

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 install stuck on blue logo black background.

    I've been trying to download windows from my flash drive but every time i try and boot from it it just gets stuck on the logo screen, also from the boot options there is an option for san disk and san disk partition 1 I'm not sure if this means anything.
  4. Pijmzhchus

    [SOLVED] Installed Windows 10 as MBR... not GPT. Is this a problem?

    So I did a clean install of Windows 10. Seems to be running fine, but after some digging a found out that the OS is installed as BMR, not GPT. I have read that GPT is superior, but I really dont want to reinstall OS again. cant also boot in UEFI mode too, I think thats connected. Only thing I...
  5. B

    [SOLVED] BSOD will not auto restart

    Every time the Blue Screen of Death appears, which is too frequently for my taste, it becomes stuck at 100% and will refuse to restart. I uploaded a the minidump folder to google drive for that information. Thanks for any help!
  6. K

    [SOLVED] Win 10/Win7 Dual boot , dual sound card/driver conundrum.

    I have a Dual boot system I've used for years. Win7 - used exclusively for digital audio recording through a PCI card (infrasonic Quartet) and Win 10 for everything else. This worked well with Win 10 using the sound integrated in the motherboard. This last weekend my son installed some...
  7. B

    [SOLVED] SSD unable to be recognized in the boot manager of the BIOS to start Windows 10 from my preferred boot device

    I'm currently running into a seemingly known issue with my computer, but the exact issue I'm running into is difficult to find an answer online to fix my real problem (SSD unable to be recognized in the boot manager of the BIOS to start Windows 10 from my preferred boot device): I have an X470...
  8. H

    [SOLVED] Install vnc server on win10 pc with broken display

    Hey! Yesterday my vga monitor gave up on life and now I can't use the heavy software required for my online coding classes and I also have some unfinished projects that i didn't push yet. I don't really have the money to buy a new display right now so I thought about running a vnc server and...
  9. Jelena397

    Question High usage cpu/ram/disk

    Hello, Today i boot my pc like everyday , and first of all i enter chrome to see some news and chrome as windows freeze, and i wait like 5minutes to see what will happend and nothing still staying at same, so i restart my pc and at booting windows tell me there are some erros at C: and hi...
  10. F

    Question How to Disable "Found New Hardware/Device"

    Due to my work's demands i have multiple monitors connected to my main computer. One of the monitors is connected/shared with a second computer i use for different tasks while i am working. The issue : Every time i switch between those two computers (using a HDMI splitter) the main one loses...
  11. Pooltheboy

    Question USB LAN Card Issue

    Hey thanks for the time and any help given. I just upgraded to win 10 from win 7, and I haven’t been able to connect to the internet since upgrading. I use a totolink LAN card n150ua; 802.11n type. PC is a dell optiplex 990. I updated the drivers for the card and all my usb drivers are up to...
  12. S

    [SOLVED] How to factory reset from CMD or bios

    So recently I’ve been having GPU issues but progressively, things started to get worse. I used to be able to access safe mode but now I am unable to do so (I realized the GPU isn’t the only thing acting up). I removed my GPU from the system as I try to solve this new problem. I tried to do a...
  13. R

    [SOLVED] W10 refuses to shut down / restart on time

    Had a driver failure for the GPU yesterday while tinkering with an old game, restarted the PC as normal. Everything worked (and keeps working) fine except for the fact I can't open the Nvidia Control Panel anymore and Windows is refusing to shut down or restart the PC whenever I click on the...
  14. J

    [SOLVED] Speakers are not working

    My speakers are not working. About a year ago, I did a cheap sound upgrade from the built-in speakers on my ASUS monitor to a pair of $10 Amazon brand speakers. They were OK - I was statisfied with them. Shortly after, I moved my computer to another room, and due to extreme laziness, I left the...
  15. G

    Question Various BSODs and Google Chrome crashes

    Okay, so I bought a new motherboard and CPU in July and got a fresh install of windows 10. Ever since then it has constantly been crashing with BSODs. There have been crashes in Google Chrome and Firefox that require a refresh for the page to work again. Also, crashes in many games that result...
  16. K

    [SOLVED] windows 10, 1903 feature update not available yet

    hey guys... I have an Acer nitro V laptop with i5-8300H and having 8gb ram along with a GTX 1060. My friends having low specs than mine got windows 10, 1903 may 2019 feature update way too early while I'm still stuck in the previous version. I got a dialog box saying that my device isn't...
  17. M

    [SOLVED] NVMe SSD with Win10 (using PCIe adapter) not shown in BIOS, yet shown in Disk Manager

    Build: SSD added: M.2 to PCIe adapter: Issue: Installed SAMSUNG 970...
  18. X

    Question Boutta upgrade boys

    So I'm going to upgrade my PC very soon. Im replacing my motherboard, RAM and CPU. However, i want to keep my old files. So is it possible to move my old hdd into this system to boot into windows 10 and just use all my old files? If not What am i supposed to do?
  19. Pancake007

    Question Usb keyboard not working

    Hello, So my usb keyboard was working fine.I had a BSOD on laptop today but that's fixed. I have a USB mouse and a USB keyboard connected. Mouse works fine but the keyboard works only in BIOS and while booting but doesn't work in Windows. Info: Windows 10 64-bit system Device manager says...
  20. Link pt

    Question Can I change the audio output on a specific program?

    Hey Everyone, I was wondering, I have my PC connected to my LG tv(HDMI) and an LG monitor (DVI), I still have multiple audio jacks available and I recently learnt how to make Them output audio simultaneously, now my question is can I make Them output from different sources? Example...
  21. W

    [SOLVED] Error code 0x80070003

    I get this error code "0x80070003" while i was doing a clean new installation of windows 10 on my pc. Does this mean that my windows boot usb is broken/missing files and i got to buy a new one? Or can i fix it somehow. I got this problem after doing the partitions in the install section.
  22. W

    [SOLVED] How do i do a new clean win 10 install on old PC that has the same product key?

    So my computer that had win 10 installed, got compleatly destroyed after an unsuccessful disk defragmentation. So after that i desided to wipe all old information from my pc and do a clean new install. So do i just do a clean new install by putting the same usb stick that had my previous...
  23. W

    [SOLVED] How to transfer old pc files to new one? (Same computer, but new windows and clean install)

    So few days ago my pc totally crashed, and removed a tons of files (windows boot, few games, pictures, drivers and other system stuff) etc, and now i cant use it anymore. So i am considering reinstalling windows and starting the pc as a new (wipe away old information), but can i transfer games...
  24. C

    Question ntoskrnl.exe BSOD Issues

    Hi, I am looking for help diagnosing blue screens that I have been getting. Here is my setup followed by what I have tried so far and link to blue screen viewer files. AMD Ryzen 7 2700X ASRock Fatality x370 Gaming MB 32gb G.Skill Flare X (4x8) F4-3200C14D-16GFX Windows 10 EVGA GTX 1070 So I...
  25. U

    Question Lenovo Y50 frame "hickups" (with test videos) - failing graphic card?

    Hello, I recently completely formatted my old laptop and installed a clean new version of win10. Everything is faster and better now, expect that the gaming performance still stucks. I've tested many things, but the shocking result is that the frames I see vary frome the ones which are...
  26. rebstg

    Question How do I open a jar file with Java(TM) platform SE binary?

    I have tried to download the latest version of java and that doesn't seem to work. I have even tried to see if the program is located in the programs folder, but it is no where to be found. What should I do?
  27. Laeona


    I keep getting logts of BSODs with dpc watchdog violation as the stopcode and my laptop will also make a buzzing sound. If i have the charger plugged in, my computer will crash almost immediately after booting it up. It will run for longer if the charger is not plugged in, but it sometimes...
  28. Zdos123

    Question Reinstalled Windows 10, Now i can't access or delete windows apps files on other HDD

    Hello, I had to reinstall Windows 10 as the 1809 update broke my install and after the reinstall i was unable to access windowsapps folder on my other drives and i'm unable to delete them, so i can't free up or use FH4, FH3 or FM7 which are installed on both drives, and with them installed i...
  29. TunnelCatii

    Question Help Changing Launch and Activation Permissions to Fix Error 10016

    I've been getting good ol' error 10016 (The application-specific permission settings do not grant Local Activation permission for the COM Server application with CLSID...) on my Win 10 machine for a while now. The error itself isn't a problem, however if it happens while I'm playing a game it...
  30. E

    Question Can't install Windows 10 on any newly installed disks?

    Here's a little summary of what I did: Bought a Seagate Baracuda 1tb and a Samsung 860 Evo, because my PC's HDD (some 1tb Toshiba drive) is really slow and is almost out of space. After installing both drives and booting a usb stick with a Windows installer, I got an error saying that it can't...
  31. StupidComputers

    [SOLVED] 1090t hot idle, components toss up

    Hi, I'm throwing together a basic system for my mom, ms word, firefox, maybe some picture and very maybe some video editing. Right now the cpu and cooler are on the gigabyte motherboard using igpu and idling at 38c in bios, cpu fan 400-500 of 1300rpm max, which seems hot to me and the fans seem...
  32. R

    Question How often should ventilator work?

    Hi, I am quite new to the PC world, thus would really appreciate your advice and information. I recently switched to HP 840 G2 i7 5600 U with touchscreen with WIN 10 64 bit, SSD 480, 16 GB RAM. Previously I had used only PC's with either much less RAM or even HDD instead of SSD, this is the...
  33. R

    Question How can I Troubleshoot BSOD on Interactive Login?

    Recently my Win10 system started crashing to BSOD. I haven't made any hardware changes and I haven't installed any new software that I can think of. (Discounting auto-updated stuff like windows and Office apps.) At first, it was a crash every couple of weeks, perhaps. Now, it crashes just a few...
  34. Isaacslaughing

    Question Win10 comp not recognizing headphones - have checked other threads

    I was listening through my headphones a couple hours ago just fine. I unplugged them when I tried to go to sleep. Couldn't sleep so I plugged them back in to listen to videos, and my computer played the audio through the speakers. I ran the Win10 audio troubleshooter and it said the problem was...