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  1. Question What Happen to my Laptop ?

    I have Asus Tuf Fx505dd recently my laptop performance get really slow, even with dual-channel ram. 1.accessing folder and disk take long "working on it", also if I right-click the folder it gets a very long time to open 2.sometimes My laptop freeze in a couple of a second 3.suddenly My...
  2. R

    Question mouse misfunction

    i have been having this issue on and off for over a year. i use an MMO gaming mouse. and i hold down both left and right buttons to move. how ever periodically it was stop and start running while im holding down. i went through 3 roccat NYTH mice and now i have a razer naga trinity. and still...
  3. _fishp0cket

    Question Moving dual boot partitions safely?

    So my current storage situation is a bit of a problem. My current main boot drive was originally a storage drive, that at some point I installed a very slim Windows system to in a small partition (50GB) part way through the drive and between 2 storage partitions I resized to fit it between. Poor...
  4. A

    Question Connect to LG TV wirelessly

    I'm trying to connect my Win 10 laptop to smart LG TV screen but it won't connect due to a problem with my laptop. It supports Miracast though. I try to open the "Action pane" and then click on "Connect", the screen flicks for a second then it disappears as if I haven't clicked on anything I...
  5. Kryb98

    Question BSoD restart loop on Win10

    Hi! Few days ago I wanted to add some extra storage to my PC by adding a used laptop hard drive which had a Win10 installed on it but I had problems with it so the system needed to be reinstalled. So I wanted to format that laptop's drive via my PC, I connected it with SATA cables and...
  6. S

    Question Aux headset isn't being recognized

    Hello. I have a x99 g1 gaming wifi motherboard and for some reason it's not recognizing that i have a headset plugged in-neither front ports, nor the back ones are recognizing it. The pc is only recognizing my monitor as an output device and when i connect my headset to the monitor i can hear...
  7. S

    Question [Not fixed]Win 10 system freeze without BSOD but only when first starting the PC that day

    A few months ago, I started to have some freezes without BSOD but only when playing the game Path of Exile, it only happens 10-30 minutes when I start the PC that day, it never happens after I force reboot, I can play for 10+ hours without problem (or play other games for some time before...
  8. DutchBakery

    Question Enable CPU cores in CMD

    Cannot boot my Laptop since not all cores are enables. I get lots of errors like CRITICAL_SERVICE_FAILED etc. I can access CMD via BSOD. So how do I then go forward?
  9. J

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 installation canceled

    Hi guys. I wanted to install windows 10 on my ssd. But whenever the installation is almost complete, it suddenly stops and says that the installation was canceled. How do I fix this?
  10. S

    Question PC doesn't boot!

    Hi all. I've got problem. Few days ago I was playing game on my PC (Windows 10). And suddenly PC lagged hard and it showed yellow screen (not Window's yellow screen of death) with some artifacts on it. I pushed hard reset button on my PC, restarted, it went through first Windows's logo and then...
  11. SpectreVile

    Question Multiple problems reagarding windows.

    Hi, So I decided to upgrade my PC's CPU and motherboard a few weeks back. Ever since I've been having problems with my PC. I don't know if it's the new hardware or not but every test I do seems to say it's not about the hardware and that they're fine. I can't see any performance dips either...
  12. A

    Question OS location keeps changing

    Hi, after a random windows 10 update I noticed that my PC was really slow l, so i check my storages (1tb hdd and 500gb ssd) and the OS changed location from my ssd to my hdd. I selected the ssd as my boot drive in the bios and it seems to work, but afer turning off the pc and then turning it on...
  13. Sharv

    Question Windows 10 Setup - display stays in power saver

    I upgraded my PC today with a new mobo/cpu/vid card/memory. After doing so, it booted up fine. I wanted to do a fresh install of windows 10, though, so I ran windows setup, told it to save nothing, and hit install. It did the preparation count, then restarted the system - and since then, the...
  14. Fallbe4me

    Question Geting BSOD Win10! Is my GPU damaged?

    I have a laptop DELL VOSTTROL 3550, having use it for 10 years! Now, it shows some symtons: Suddenly, My laptop show a box say: Your hardware settings have changed. Please reboot your computer for these changes to take effect . and after that Win10 always go BSOD whenever I boot up with CODE...
  15. H

    Question How to check to which Microsoft account my Windows Product key has been linked

    I have recently started looking into upgrading my CPU/Mobo/RAM. And I understand that I will have to be certain when upgrading hardware to make sure I have a digitally linked Windows product key. Luckily I have upgraded from Windows 7, to 10 long ago and thus have a digitally linked Product key...
  16. TheAssasin002

    Question Jagged lines after installing Geforce gt 730 graphics driver

    I have recently installed gt 730 graphics driver but after installing the driver, fonts became jagged and the display looked to sharp. 1080p videos are looking like 480p or 360p video. I have tried changing the 3d settings in Nvidia control panel but nothing's working. Changing settings in...
  17. R

    Question Windows couldn't repair pc

    I played a game on my pc and the game crash, When I booted the PC up again I had two lines (green and pink) when I turn the pc back on the bios screen loads up and then goes to a black screen, every now and then I can get to windows repair but it just says "start-up repair couldn't repair your...
  18. L

    Question Windows 10 wont update

    Hello guys, i got problem with Windows updates, i just wont update. Everytime i tried install the updates the pc RESTART and start updating, then it crash in about 16% in. then the pc revert back to old version. I tryed using CMD comands to check disk with no problems found. Windows crash code...
  19. D

    Question My computer crashes but it never does it while gaming

    This is super odd, i just built a pc with win 10 as OS, and it havent do nothing than crash, but just when it doesnt do anything or when im doing low profile stuffs (i.e watching videos, checking stuffs on internet or checking configurations),but it never does it while im playing. It have 3...
  20. nzuzz

    Question random bsods

    Im having problems with my pc bsod randomly. did a lot of research online and tried to figure it out myself but no luck. last thing i tried was driver verifier. while using it, instead of a bsod my pc just froze, wich is why i dont have any dmp files created by driver verifier. after disabeling...