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  1. Question Windows 7 upgrade to Windows 10 (Stuck on loading screen)

    Right now, trying to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10, but every step just simply fails. Windows 10 USB installation stuck on logo (Picture below) Windows 10 installation Freeze (Loading circle is not moving it's just two dots): BIOS settings: Things I have tested. USB drives (2x) with...
  2. K

    Question Windows 10 S Mode Disable

    How do you disable safe mode without the internet?
  3. HaXD

    Question 1070 Mini acting weirdly

    A little bit background: I purchased this 1070 mini as a second-handed, the warranty ended in 8/2020. I also pruchased a cheap Chinese monitor with no website or link whatsoever. The monitor require me to have both VGA and HDMI cable plugged in but due to the fact 1070 mini only have DP, HDMI...
  4. R

    Question Custom PC won't boot. Black screen, keyboard and mouse off

    Hey guys, I appreciate any help I can get on this. When I try to boot my PC, after the bios screen, the screen turns black and the keyboard and mouse turn off. I've tried reseating everything as well as changing the slot that the RAM is in (I made sure that was properly seated as well). I've...
  5. oddik

    Question I need to power-off my PC 3 times to work

    Hi all, if I normally power-on my PC, it reaches the Win10 login window. However, if I login with my user after some time loading the screen becomes black. In this state the mouse is visible and you can also open the Task Manager with key shortcuts. I have tested some solutions in the official...
  6. O

    Question PC crashing/freezing. What sounds like the cause of these issues to you?

    I built my PC about 5 years ago. About a year and a half ago, things started going haywire. No matter what I am doing, whether it's light browsing, or gaming, here are the issues that occur: Every once in a while when I power on my pc, my monitor won't display any video but my pc otherwise...
  7. L

    Question External hard drive does not recognize

    Hi, I have a 2T Fantom external hard drive used for a few years. It was good, but just can't be recognized today. The phenomenon is: My laptop's USB port all good for other USN key or hard driver; This HD can't be recognized by two of my laptops one Win7 and one Win10, but it is starting...
  8. V

    [SOLVED] Is it possible to change the user folder name without using registry editor?

    When creating my windows user account, I signed in with my microsoft account, so my user folder uses a shortened version of my real name. I want to record content on my desktop, but do not want this to be shown for privacy reasons and therefore I want to change it to an alias. The only solutions...
  9. JKon

    Question Windows freezes with buzzing sound from speakers only once per day

    Since last month, I'm having some odd behaviour on my Windows 10. It would freeze with an annoying buzz sound when I'm either gaming or, rarely, wathing videos on Youtube. After restarting the PC using the reset button, the PC will function normally even when I try to replicate the error. The...
  10. T

    Question PC will not boot and will not repair when troubleshooting.

    My PC hard froze so I turned it off and back on. It failed to boot and said "system 32\ntoskml.exe deleted or currupted." And "error 0xc0000001" I created a windows 10 media on a USB booted from it and when I tried to repair it said "could not be repaired. " is this a software or hardware...
  11. Nomihs

    Question Swapped SSD's, both old and new don't work now.

    Switched out one storage SSD for another on my PC, now neither of them work. I have one 250gb Samsung 860 SSD with my Win 10 OS that I use to boot my system, and another 2 other Samsung 125gb SSD that I use as storage, but only one hooked up at a time. Today I shut down my system, replaced one...
  12. DefaultCroat

    Question Installing M.2 SSD and 2.5" SSD on Acer Nitro 5 an515-42 ?

    Hello guys, I have a straight forward question... I can have either 2.5" SSD or M.2 SSD... Can I run both SSDs at once in my laptop, and if I can where should I have my Windows installed? Thank you in advance P.S.- If you have any advice just shoot
  13. C

    Question Win 10 immediately closes programs

    Hi all, i am having an issue with my Win 10, my pc works fine, however as soon as i do a win update every program i open immediately closes without any error, the only program that does not seem to auto close is Discord as well as the native Win stuff like CMD, Services.exe etc. I have looked...
  14. S

    Question BCOD & Crash in windows 10

    dump file need some help figuring out why my PC keeps crashing alot have this mini dump file attached
  15. S

    [SOLVED] Gamma keeps resetting on display, Windows calibration doesn't seem to stick

    Hi folks, Ever since a month ago or so, I've noticed that the gamma on my computer is really high. I tried to go into display calibration, and I lowered it (though strangely, it was still on the higher end of things.. near the bottom was about the middleground for gamma), but it reverts back to...
  16. benik89

    Question Win10 doesn't detect Keyboard after Reset

    Hi, i did a reset on my Win10 PC, keeping all the files, but now neither keyboard nor mouse are being detected and im stuck on login screen. (Keyboard works fine in BIOS) I already did some troubleshooting since there are some posts about this topic, but so far nothing worked: -Disabled USB...
  17. F

    Question Power Plan Options are Not Changing Fan Speeds

    Hi Guys, I recently updated my Win 7 to Win 10 using the free digital upgrade. Everything has went smooth with the exception of the know setting issues that I was able to fix using cmd. The one issue that I can't seem fix is adjusting my fans. In Win 7, I use to change them in my power options...
  18. TechFailsz23

    Question How to fix Automatic Repair Loop?

    My game, Garry's Mod, was acting funny, so I tried rebooting my PC. When it booted up, it took a lot longer than usual to load into Windows 10, none of my applications were there, except for Cortana on my taskbar. I unplugged the PSU and plugged it back in, and got the Automatic Repair screen...
  19. ethan_music11

    Question Black Screen after login for Windows 10

    So this all started when i noticed a game I had downloaded to my PC already (specifically onto my SSD) said it was not installed. I figured this may be a bug on the application itself and decided to restart my computer. However when it booted back up to the login screen for windows 10, after...
  20. R

    Question PC slow perfomance, especially remarkable in web browser

    I got a PC a few months ago, at first everything was fine but about two weeks ago i started noticing that the perfomance of several browsers is slow, in the sense that when i scroll i noticed some kind of lag, like im scrolling down and the scroll stops for a second before continuning, o when i...
  21. S

    Question How to change which audio channels are output through onboard outputs ?

    I would like to be able to have only one program or a set of programs be output through the onboard audio outputs. (ex. having chrome and discord open but only chromes audio would come through my optical output from the mobo) Seeing as not all programs have the option to easily change their...
  22. panmetrix

    Question PC won't turn on with Case Power Switch

    I wonder if someone can help me with my query. System Spec – - i7-10700, 16GB RAM, RTX 2060 Super, 512HB SSD + 2TB HDD, MB – Asus Prime B460 PLUS It’s a fairly new system, I’ve only had it since Sept 2020. I am having trouble turning my PC on, it doesn’t turn on when I press the power button...
  23. Karen Cryer

    Question Installed Windows 10 on the wrong SSD!

    Hi! So I messed up when I built a computer for photography. I bought 2x 1TB SSDs, one was a Crucial MX500, and the other was the Samsung 970 EVO. I mistakenly loaded the bootdrive on the Crucial MX500, and partitioned it for recovery/EFI system....basically it's my C drive, and I wanted to use...
  24. O

    Question M.2 PCIe Drive appears on Disk Manager but can't be formated...

    Hi Guys, First question here... I Have a Dell Optiplex 7040, with a Intel I5 6600... I installed a new Crucial PCIe NVMe M.2 Drive...The Drive appears on Disk Manager but with the wrong size (is a 500 GB Disk) and I cannot format the Drive...Below image links: DISK MANAGER...
  25. Archieg120

    Question How to fix system wide micro stuttering ?

    Hi, I'm currently using a custom built pc that i built just under a year ago (system specifications at bottom) i recently got my motherboard repaired by gigabyte due to a bios problem, it has now been two days since i have rebuilt the system. Yesterday i noticed that my audio seemed to be...
  26. Arazim

    Question Help needed please! trying to install windows 10 but no drive is detected, can't install driver

    Hello guys, I'm stuck. I got a new laptop (Lenovo IdeaPad 5 15ITL05), trying to install windows 10, chose Custom installation but no drive is showing. while trying to manually select drivers (that I'm not even sure are the right ones) it says that it doesn't find any drivers. I've tried using...
  27. Z

    Question BSOD crash

  28. C

    [SOLVED] BSOD on Windows 10 even from USB drive - I'm at wit's end

    Hello everyone ! :) First time posting here and first time actually registering to an IT forum, I hope we'll get along ! This is going to be a doozy so please bare with me! First of all, here is my build : Motherboard : AsRock X570 Taichi CPU : AMD Ryzen 3800X CPU Cooler : be quiet! Dark...
  29. Question PC stuck at bios after Windows blue screen

    Hi everyone! I am looking for some advice/help/tips for an issue we currently have. Earlier one of our PCs ran into a blue screen right at boot: System Service Exception. We let the machine collect the error and restart. But instead of restarting and booting to windows or raising having an...
  30. Q

    Question I have a very strange network issue.

    It started the day before Christmas. I just came home from work, turned my laptop on only to find Steam wouldn´t connect. The broswer was working fine tho.Also no other app seemed to be able to connect. As time passed it got weirder and weirder,like the incognito tab on chrome also wouldn´t...
  31. M

    Question No 7.1 virtual surround option available for my new 7.1 surround headphones ??

    How can i enable the 7.1 on headphones exactly ? Windows recognizes it strictly as a stereo device which is just false, also no option for 7.1 under spatial sound menu Note - the headset is named "USB Audio device" : View:
  32. C

    Question Ethernet doesn't have valid IP config

    My friend's sister turned their internet off without his knowledge/approval. He got it back on and working but his PC's Ethernet doesn't work anymore. We have tried the basic fixes you see along google such as reinstalling the driver, clearing out caches, and changing the ipv4 IP manually. Also...
  33. A

    Question freeze on win 10 logo dot

    hello, i want to ask a question about my laptop..first, sorry for my bad laptop os is windows 10, so recently, when i try to shut on my laptop, it freeze on the win 10 startup logo, the dot sometimes freeze or blank, and i keep on hard shut down it by pressing the power button...
  34. J

    Question Laptop shutdowns automatically

    Hi, So I have this problem with my laptop where it shutdowns automatically when not in use. I've set the power settings (Both 'plugged in' and 'battery') to "Turn off display - 20min" and "Put the computer to sleep - Never". The display turns off after 20 min which is right, 8 minutes after...
  35. R

    Question PC crashing, Windows constant BSOD loop, wont boot in safe more or complete a system reset. Help

    Like the title says, 3 year old build that was working fine this morning. Turned it on to download a game and left it for a few hours, came back and display port wasnt detecting the PC. Reset the PC and now its in a constant BSOD loop. Cant try normal fixes as It wont run in safe mode. And will...
  36. A

    Question M.2 suddenly not booting

    Hello guys I have samsung evo 970 m. 2 drive I addition to 2x 2b sshd firecuda Every thing was fine and working perfectly One of my sshds died and i replaced it with newer one After removing dead sshd and connecting new sshd sys not booting Keep redirecting me to bios over and over...
  37. lon3wolf1ee5

    [SOLVED] Can i tranfer a Windows local account to a SSD with new windows and still access all the old drive files normally?

    So i plan to upgrade my friends rig with a ssd for his boot drive and wanted to know if i tranfered his windows local account to the new install of windows and install the old hard drive as a secondary will he be able to access all the files on the second drive normally?Another thing was will he...
  38. N

    Question Windows 10 BSoD - can I fix and reboot?

    Here is my situation with my windows 10/window 7 dual boot (two separate SSD's) Windows 10 stopped booting. It has been working for approx 1 year. I have tried multiple ways to get it to boot, nothing is working at present that I have tried. Windows 10 is partitioned on a 500 gig SSD...
  39. SitEnee

    Question How to set separate left/right sound channels for different applications?

    Hi. I want to watch film, and monitor other applications sound at the same time. I want to make it so that film is audible from only left side of headphones, and the application is audible only from right side of same pair of headphones. Is it possible to do it (including additional software)?
  40. M

    Question BSOD after a Windows update

    Hello everybody! Few months ago after my Windows 10 automatically updated I started getting weird BSODs while booting. They happen when I turn on my Xiaomi Notebook Pro with USB C monitor attached and turned on. This monitor also charges my laptop and has built in USB hub and Ethernet port...