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    [SOLVED] (Dual boot) adding Windows 10 on a new SSD to an existing Windows XP (seperate HDD)

    I know, it's one of those dual boot questions, but, weirdly, I can't find an answer to my specific situation. In my situation, I already have a fully, happilly working Win XP on its own HDD, which I will still need because of some old hardware and outdated driver issues. I want to install Win...
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    Question Fix boot linux partition dual boot win XP with PLOP

    Hello, this is the situation: I have an hd with win XP (native/preinstalled) and Antix linux (cloned partition) installed. The boot manager is PLOP because the Nettop has no CD, no drives and the bios doesn't support boot from USB (that's why I need PLOP). I cloned the linux partition from a...
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    Question Mouse And Keyboard doesnt work. (Only in bios)

    I started a project on a old pc, got it to booting up. (It already had all the files and win xp on cd drive) When the XP turned on, my mouse and keyboard stopped working. But it works perfectly in Bios. It doesnt work in any Safe mode. I think that it is maybe because of drivers, but how do I...
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    Do i have faulty ram?

    Hey guys, I have a question. For as long as i can remember, i havd had a crashing problem. I get BSOD Saying memory_management, DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_EQUAL, and games like counterstrike global offensive and gta 5 stop responding, and crash. Is this a sign of bad ram? I've tried memtest before and it...