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    Question Black screen after windows logo

    Today i swapped my old mb, cpu and ram to r5 2600x asrock B450m steel legend and g skill aegis 3000mhz ram. After installing all of it i tried to boot pc but its only going to windows logo and then screen becomes black and nothing happens. Pw, rs buttons, keyboard and mouse doesnt works. I cant...
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    The Ghost in the Machine [I'm having a troubleshooting nightmare, wisdom is welcome]

    Hello there, I'm new here but have been around many times while tweaking and fixing machines for family and friends, or checking reviews on components and such, so I want to start by thanking to all the nice people sharing their experiences and wisdom here. ❤ I'm having a situation that keeps...
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    Question Why I am unabel to boot my windows 7

    I have a Dell Vostro 1540 running on the Windows 7 operating system. I am stuck on the logo screen of my laptop. Can i recover my windows 7 because i have important files installed on the C: drive.
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    Help! Sound card not being detected. Audio service not running.

    My board is a MSI B250 PC Mate. Issue began after installing new CPU fan but I am not sure how that could be related. No devices are showing installed on sound control panel. I have tried to restart my pc. I have tried updating drivers, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers. I am...
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    BF3 Strange texture glitch. Please watch included video

    As the title suggests I found a texture glitch last night. Any idea what caused it? Vid below
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    Can the HP photosmart c7100 all in one be used with lack ink only?

    I have an HP Photosmart C7100 all-in-one series printer and would like to use it by putting in only black ink as I need to print a lot of documents. Is this possible or do all colours have to be installed for the printer to work?
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    Need to find the name of a game. Please help!

    Hi! I need to know the name of a game I seen a trailer for a while ago but cant remember the name. The game involved or atleast the trailer was about a grandma talking to a little girl who she locked up to protect from monsters, at the end of the trailer the grandma died outside the locked...